We have a trip tomorrow!

I´m such a sweetiepie! Yesterday I ate my first sweet stuff. It was a pear. I had no idea, that something can taste so good! It had a real taste and everything. The only bad thing about that was the fact it gave me massive gas. And it hurt like hell. Parents had after a long time again a bit more difficult night. Me crying and everything. But at least it made my digestive system moving, crapped the bed like a big boy!

Yesterday was wine-club. I had to settle with my pear, but others had fun. Liisu had grown so much since the last time we saw, she looked different, let´s put it that way. Like a big girl already! Soon I´m going to be as big as she is. And it´s so soon. Time flies, I must say!

Today I´m going to a Food Fair with parents. Because Mom likes to eat. And there´s free food. Need I say more? Actually she just likes everything that includes food and she´s curious to see, what is going on there. In the evening, we´re going to Liisu´s 10-month mini-birthday! Her mom told yesterday, that there is going to be a huuuuge cake! Can´t wait, like cakes.

I have to remind parents, that tomorrow is our Finland trip. That means we have to be home early to pack everything we need. As the ferry leaves early in the morning and knowing how „not morning“ people my parents are then we need to put everything together in the evening. I hope that they don´t forgot to take my bunny with us. And my ID-card! That´s the most important stuff. We also need to take Mom´s Viking Line clubcard and Dad´s IKEA card. I´m putting it everything in writing, so they wouldn´t forgot.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. We leave from home around 7 am and we get back home around midnight. Whoa, that is long. But at least I´m going to have my first IKEA trip and I´m going to get a feeding chair! Can´t wait to eat in there. Sounds comfy! Parents need to figure out something else to do in Finland. IKEA takes about 5 hours, but the other 6 hours need to be filled with some activity. Mom´s plan is to chill somewhere in the park and eat ice cream. Hope the weather is nice, so maybe we can even do that!

On Sunday, parents are thinking about going to Red Bull´s run. It happens somewhere in the beach and everyone can participate. Come and run with us! If you don´t fancy running then you can walk too. Maybe we´re walking, I´m not quite sure yet. You can read more about it here – https://www.facebook.com/events/661989390655693/.

Okay then. I´m now going to watch Mom drink her morning coffee. I haven´t figured out if I´m going to disturb her or not. Maybe, because I´m such a good boy I won´t do it today. But we´ll see.

Hope you have a beautiful beautiful day and even better weekend!!



Tobias, the peargasmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


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