A quick change of plans.

Today was such a rebel day. Yes, we were suppoed to go swimming. But we went shopping in Ülemiste instead! Just like that.

Okay, actually it wasn´t just like that. At 8.45 when Mom woke up and discovered, that the clock is already so much, we hurried to get to swimming for the right time. When we arrived at Reval Sport (that´s the place where we go swimming) Mom couldn´t open the gate with her wristband. It´s supposed to open when you put your wristband near the sensor. But it just didn´t open! Okay, so we parked our car on the street where you´re not supposed to park and went inside to check out, what´s the reason. It turned out, that our 10-time swimming card was instead 8-time swimming card. We had no access because our package was over!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As Ella and her Mom ran a little late, then moms decided, that they’ll ditch the swimming and go shopping instead! Such a good plan! I like shopping and Ella was also quite happy about that decision, so we spent a few hours in Ülemiste instead. Shopping is also a sport you know! We ate in Blender and had such a fab time!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Last night Dad discovered that his ID card´s validity period is over. He´s supposed to go for a little trip this weekend, so there was an opportunity that we have to drive to Dad´s parents house this evening. His passport is there. Luckily my uncle is in east, so he can take Dad´s passport with him when he comes back to the city and we don´t have to take up that trip. It would have been of course good to see my grandparents, but the drive would have been quite pointless. We can watch Eurovison instead!

Oh, Dad ordered me new walkie-talkies! Or they are the real thing, I´m not sure. Anyhow, they just arrived and now, when parents put me to sleep outside or something like that, they can even hear me when I wake up and when I´m crying! The old ones we had, IKEA ones, they are broken. Mom threw one of them on the floor. Maybe that´s the reason they don´t work. No, she wasn´t mad at me. It just happened. Or maybe she was mad.. noo.. I don´t think so. Mom is not that kind of a person who does such things. Although she should release more of her tensions. It´s good for you, so have I heard. Like me. When something is wrong then I cry. Easy-peasy! All the tension disappears!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Did you know that this Sunday is Mother´s Day? It´s the first for me and Mom both! I have such a cool day planned, I´m already so excited! I´m a bit sad, that Dad arrives back from the trip in the afternoon, but at least he comes back! I hope I manage making the coffee and bringing the croissants to Mom´s bed without him. Maybe I struggle a little, but hopefully not much!

Now the washing machine is done and we´re going to put the clothes to dry with Mom. I promised to help her. So she wouldn´t do all the stuff herself!

Btw, I also ate carrot puree for the first time, it was delicious! Maybe the fact that Dad made it for me made it taste so good, don´t know, but good it was. And have to praise Dad for boiling carrots for his son at 11 o´clock in the evening! He is the bestest!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Don´t forget to watch Eurovision this evening! What´s your favorite song? To be honest, I have no idea which songs are on this year, but I´ll see it this evening!

Love you!

Tobias, the shoppingman





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