Dad is leaving..

I have to admit, I have found the magic in pacifier. Yes, it finally happened! I don´t know why, but I started to like that. Parents are hoping that I fall asleep now without being glued on Mom´s breast. Yesterday it didn´t happen. This morning it happened! This midday it didn´t happen. I thought that I can´t be too good all the time, so I let Mom to suffer a bit more.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After my nap, we´re going to the city with Mom. She has to run some errands. We´re going to pick up some pictures she ordered and then we´re going to visit my granddad. Dad´s suitcase and my pram´s sitting part is his hands, need to take these with us. Then we´re going to pick up Dad and in the evening, we have a dinner date with our neighbours! Today´s menu is fresh springrolls. One of the neighbours (the male one) told, that he´s too fat and he´s on a diet. Wondering how many bears they are drinking with Dad tonight. Need to balance the fresh eating, you know!

Have to remind parents, that we can´t be too long in neighbours place. Dad needs to pack his luggage and then he needs to play with me. A lot. He is going to be away 4 days!! 4 days!!!! That´s too long. We haven´t been a day apart and now, 4 days. Ohhh. Think I´m going to make Mom mad. Luckily, she has organized us many activities, so maybe she won´t go crazy. I know, many moms have to be alone all the time, but this is the first time for us.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow Ella with her Mom are visiting us. Wait, before that, we have a gymnastics lessons. It´s the first time! I´m already so excited, it sounds so fun! But we´ll see tomorrow. Then, after the gymnastics, they are visiting us. We´re planning to walk a lot and eat ice cream a lot. I like that plan! I´m going to show Ella all my toys and we´re going to have a fabulous time!

Then, on Friday, Mom´s classmates are going to visit us. We´re going to make pizzas and play a lot. And then play a bit more. Haven´t seen them for so long, last time was Viimsi´s flea market. It was 2 months ago. About time! Wondering which gifts they are bringing me..

And then, on Saturday. Then my grandma is going to see us! She´s going to stay overnight. Oh, so much fun! Haven´t totally decided what we´re going to do on Saturday, but grandma wanted to go to Vintage Tallinn (it´s like a flea market kinda thing). Hope the weather is nice too, then we can be outside a lot and enjoy the fresh air.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So, a lot is happening this week. Hope I have energy to be happy and bubbly all the time! Maybe if I sleep nicely, I can survive. I´m not sure if I have time to write to you tomorrow and the day after, but I’ll try. If I can´t make it, then don´t be sad. Mom promised me to vlog our doings and seeings, so you´ll at least see me some day, when the vlog goes up.

Until then, I hope you have a nice week, today is Wednesday, so the weekend is coming soon!

Sending you my warmest hugs and prettiest smiles!


Tobias, the pacifierman


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