I went on a date, to see a movie!

I know I have been bad. Bad bad boy! Not writing to you so long. Sorry. I have been busy. As I’m actually now too. This post is written in a cafe, I am a fancypancy baby you know. My conscience just didn’t let me pass one more day without writing to you.

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Today I went to see a movie. It was my first time and I liked it. It was a baby-cinema. Although the movie we watched wasn’t a kids movie. But the event was meant for moms and babies. It was a very very sad story and Mom cried. Ella’s mom cried too. The film is called Mom’s list. We didn’t sleep much with Ella, everything was way more interesting than sleeping! All the lights and the big screen and other babies..

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After the movie, we came to the city with Mom. We had a lovely lunch, even Dad joined us! Mom didn’t see a point in going back home because we have to be back in the city around 5 o’clock again. To give me to Dad. Yes, we’re going to have a boys night! So excited! I believe we’re going to have a great night. Doing grocery shopping, playing, eating porridge and everything!

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And I’m going to work with Dad, there are many many really awesome girls! Hope they are going to play with me a lot! (Update, they did!)

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Mom is having a little girls time out again. She’s actually going to a Fashion House opening with a friend. Maybe the fashion house sells some baby stuff too and Mom buys me something nice! Fingers crossed.

Yesterday.. what did I do yesterday.. I went to a cafe, yes! Mom had a lunch date with two of her girlfriends. They needed to discuss some important stuff. After that we had a long stroll in the city. It was quite nice. I slept like a baby the whole time!

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Mom is quite into this vlogging stuff so you’ll see all my doings in a video too. I think this weeks vlog is going up on Sunday night or on Monday.

I have to tell you, that I have a new fun skill. Blowing bubbles and whistling. It’s so much fun! I like to do these things especially when I’m eating. Then the the porridge flies everywhere! Yes, I’m a big boy and I eat porridge now. It ‘s just a bit, but still! This happens before my night sleep. As you all know then in next Monday I’m already half a year old and then I’m going to start eating some meat tooooo! Can’t wait for that to happen! Still a man you know. Give me my meat.

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But okay for now. Tomorrow I have a free day from different stuff and I’ll write to you again!


Tobias, the movieman


2 thoughts on “I went on a date, to see a movie!

    1. Kindlat plaani meil ei ole 🙂 Perearsti lahkel soovitusel hakkasime talle 4 ja poole kuuselt erinevaid maitseid tutvustama (enne lõunaund erinevad püreed). Perearst mainis ka, et 6 kuuseks saades võiks ühe toidukorra täiesti päristoiduga asendada. Kuna see aeg on kohe käes ja Tobiasele süüa meeldib, siis nii oleme hakanud natukene õhtuti ka putru andma (1 lusikatäis pudruhelbeid segatuna 50ml veega). Pudrule oleme lisanud ka u 1cm jupi jagu püreestatud banaani. Aga putru on ta alles 3 õhtut saanud, niiet selles vallas veel algaja 😀 Liha hakkab saama järgmisest nädalast koos lõunase püreega. Aga eks me katsetame ja vaatame, mis talle meeldib ja mis vaevusi ei tekita 🙂


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