I’m more than 6 now! Old enough for my own room.

I´m a big boy now! Yes, half a year and one day old. That´s a lot I have to say! I feel myself like.. like a grown man already. Even my hair has grown so much over the night.

Yesterday was my birthday, as you all already know. I had a lovely relaxed day with Mom, had a long walk, did some grocery shopping and even slept quite nicely after my midday nap. And then, suddenly, Dad came home! It was way too early for him to come home. And then, then we went out and there was my grandma. Like, what the heck, I thought. It turned out, that parents went to see our new home and I had a little walk with grandma.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When parents came back, they were a little overwhelmed. Our new home will soon be ready! My room even had its walls painted and everything.. Oh my, my own rooooom!! Can´t wait for that. So much room to play. Although I think I´m not going to sleep in there, at least at first, but I think when I´m a bit bigger (like a few months or so) then it will happen! When Mom can let me gooo! She´s a bit clingy you know.

Parents are actually in a difficult situation. They have no idea when our new home will be ready, no one tells them. But they have to say a month ahead to our apartments owner when we will move out. That could mean that they will tell him that we move out, like on 1th July, but actually we´re going to get our new home on 14th July. Then we will be homeless for a while! So everyone, who would like to spend time with me and give us a shelter, let me know!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay, enough with that exciting theme! Now about me! As you know I´m 6 months and 1 day old. I have little hair, 3 mm or so. Mom believes I will be a redhead. As my Dad is. No one believes her. But I do! I will be a redhead!

My nails grow way too fast. Sometimes I like to scratch myself and Mom when I´m sleeping. Then we are both beautiful in the morning.

I´m quite heavy. How much exactly, I can tell you tomorrow, then is my doctor´s appointment. Dad thinks I´m about 10 kg. I don´t know.. Maybe! And the height, 72 maybe? Again, tomorrow the doctor lady will tell me!

I like to be on my tummy all the time. And I crawl a bit. But it only happens sometimes. I´m quite lazy you know. I also like doing frog jumps. It looks like that – I´m holding myself up from the floor, then I´ll put my knees down, bring my arms near the knees and then I jump! It´s funny, Mom told me. Mostly because I land on my nose.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

What else? I have many toys. But the most exciting ones are my play mat and Mom´s computer base. It´s made from wood and it´s so good to chew it. Oh, that reminds me! I still have no teeth. Dad told, that maybe I have as bad teeth as Mom, so they´re already broken inside the gum and there are no tooth left to come out. Don´t know. Maybe!

My best friend is Ella and I really like hanging out with her. I have many other friends too, who I really adore. I´m really happy that all parents friends are very fond of me and like to play with me. So I´m never bored! Although I actually quite fancy playing on my own too.

And my favourite food is rice porridge with a little banana! That reminds me.. I can have meat now! Mom, where´s my meat? Will I have a shoulder piece today?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

But okay, that´s too long already, that post. Hope you have a wonderful day and you know I love you!

Tobias, the illhavemyownroomman



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