Ducks are weird

Hi guys!

I actually wanted to put Ducks are D*cks as a headline but managed to avoid it.

Got my new vlog up and running – last week was all about moving and unbelievable wildlife.

Parents are actually discussing wether to turn the blog to Estonian. On one hand, the vlogs are in Estonian, but Instagram is and will stay in English. I can’t make up my mind. Help!! What do you think?

This week we are on a holiday in Finland! Hope to get some nice nature shots! 🙂

See you soon and biiiiigg huggs!

Tobias, the duckfanman

I’ve started training!

Hey you! I have to say that I have been quite bad in that blog thing recently. But I know you understand. As I´m busy doing all sort of fun stuff, so are you! You don´t actually have that time to read all my posts, so you are happy that I´m not writing that often. Yes, you are. Trust me.

Last time I wrote.. It was last week on Tuesday, right? Since then, I have had many long walks with Mom and I spent two, yes, two nights with Dad! First night Mom came home in a decent time, so it was all okay. The second time, Dad was a bit mad at me. I didn´t fall asleep. And Mom came home way too late. So that night wasn´t that fun for Dad. We were both so tired the next day. Think that we need to practice being alone, just the two of us, a bit more.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Weekend was chill. On Saturday we spent a good time at my uncle´s place. Made lamps with Dad and played with my cousins. They are way too sweet I have to say! Oh, Mom had too many strawberrys and I have an allergy! So awesome. She needs to buy Estonian strawberrys, maybe these are okay for me! If you follow me on Instagram then you have already seen lamps we made, but if you haven´t, then have a look! How cool are they! If you would like a lamp like that. Or something like that.. Maybe smaller, bigger, different color, then send me a message and we can make one for you too!

On Sunday, we had family time. Family cleaning time. Parents started throwing away stuff we don´t need and what we don´t take with us to our new place. It was like 4 big bags. And they just cleaned two little corners. Oh, on 15th July parents are going to a flea market in Telliskivi again! So you can come to visit me and buy all things parents are selling. There will be a lot of Mom´s clothes and different home stuff too. So, put that date on your calendar!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On the new home note. A month more and then, then I´ll have my own roooooom! I´m so excited and can´t wait for the time to pass faster. Luckily there are many different things that are coming in a month so hopefully the time flies by like a bee. Already in a few days, there will be Midsummers’ eve. We´re going to spend a few days in friends countryhouse and I´m sure, that I´m having the time of my life in there. Maybe even visit a smoke-sauna. Okay, maybe not. Too young? Oh, I´m going to be 7-months this week! Cool. Wonder if parents are buying me a present too. They better do that. Like a cake or XBOX or something. Mom´s name-day is also on that exact day. As a gift I´m going to be a good good boy.

And you know what. Mom put me on a potty today. She hoped that I´m going to pee in that. Haah, nope. She even put the water running and made some funny sounds herself too, but nothing happened. Pee just refused to come. Oh well, next time! I´m actually afraid that the next time is going to be tomorrow or something. She has a mission to potty train me. Until I master that. Good luck, Mom!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay for now. Hope you had a lovely weekend and I´ll send you all my love and biggest kisses!

Tobias, the pottytrainigman

I’m more than 6 now! Old enough for my own room.

I´m a big boy now! Yes, half a year and one day old. That´s a lot I have to say! I feel myself like.. like a grown man already. Even my hair has grown so much over the night.

Yesterday was my birthday, as you all already know. I had a lovely relaxed day with Mom, had a long walk, did some grocery shopping and even slept quite nicely after my midday nap. And then, suddenly, Dad came home! It was way too early for him to come home. And then, then we went out and there was my grandma. Like, what the heck, I thought. It turned out, that parents went to see our new home and I had a little walk with grandma.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When parents came back, they were a little overwhelmed. Our new home will soon be ready! My room even had its walls painted and everything.. Oh my, my own rooooom!! Can´t wait for that. So much room to play. Although I think I´m not going to sleep in there, at least at first, but I think when I´m a bit bigger (like a few months or so) then it will happen! When Mom can let me gooo! She´s a bit clingy you know.

Parents are actually in a difficult situation. They have no idea when our new home will be ready, no one tells them. But they have to say a month ahead to our apartments owner when we will move out. That could mean that they will tell him that we move out, like on 1th July, but actually we´re going to get our new home on 14th July. Then we will be homeless for a while! So everyone, who would like to spend time with me and give us a shelter, let me know!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay, enough with that exciting theme! Now about me! As you know I´m 6 months and 1 day old. I have little hair, 3 mm or so. Mom believes I will be a redhead. As my Dad is. No one believes her. But I do! I will be a redhead!

My nails grow way too fast. Sometimes I like to scratch myself and Mom when I´m sleeping. Then we are both beautiful in the morning.

I´m quite heavy. How much exactly, I can tell you tomorrow, then is my doctor´s appointment. Dad thinks I´m about 10 kg. I don´t know.. Maybe! And the height, 72 maybe? Again, tomorrow the doctor lady will tell me!

I like to be on my tummy all the time. And I crawl a bit. But it only happens sometimes. I´m quite lazy you know. I also like doing frog jumps. It looks like that – I´m holding myself up from the floor, then I´ll put my knees down, bring my arms near the knees and then I jump! It´s funny, Mom told me. Mostly because I land on my nose.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

What else? I have many toys. But the most exciting ones are my play mat and Mom´s computer base. It´s made from wood and it´s so good to chew it. Oh, that reminds me! I still have no teeth. Dad told, that maybe I have as bad teeth as Mom, so they´re already broken inside the gum and there are no tooth left to come out. Don´t know. Maybe!

My best friend is Ella and I really like hanging out with her. I have many other friends too, who I really adore. I´m really happy that all parents friends are very fond of me and like to play with me. So I´m never bored! Although I actually quite fancy playing on my own too.

And my favourite food is rice porridge with a little banana! That reminds me.. I can have meat now! Mom, where´s my meat? Will I have a shoulder piece today?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

But okay, that´s too long already, that post. Hope you have a wonderful day and you know I love you!

Tobias, the illhavemyownroomman


I’m baaaaaaaack!

Ciao! I´m in an Italian mood, Mom made pizza yesterday! Her computer was broken, so what else to do than to bake! Unfortunately that meant that I couldn´t write my post. But I hope you understand! Luckily Dad managed to get that old piece of crap back to work, so my posts shall continueee!!

Today is supposed to be a good day, at least the weather is so nice and warm! It´s over 20 degrees here in Viimsi, it´s the warmest weather my eyes have seen and my skin has felt. Have to celebrate it. Maybe with some ice-cream.. have to think about it. Okay, thought and done. I think it´s a good plan. After the ice-cream and a little walk, we’re going to the east with parents! To visit my grandparents. And tomorrow we´re going to visit my great-grandmother, she has a birthday! She´s such a cool lady you know. I really fancy her!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On Sunday I invited some of my friends to a little hiking chill with me! As on Monday, it´s my 6th month birthday (yes, I can´t believe it, I´m already so old!!!!),  I thought I want to see my friends and do something with them. So we are going to hike in a bog and then grill sausages on the fire and drink lemonade! The weather is supposed to be all warm and sunny, so I think it´s going to be a good good day! Some of my friends can´t make it, but I know that they will make it up to me!

Mom is a bit confused how to dress me. The weather is warm, but the wind may still be cold.. Or isn´t it? She doesn’t want me to get ill, but she knows, that if I´m feeling hot, then I´ll whine and whine and won´t sleep. So she has to think carefully what to put on me. I´m a bit tetchy you know. She is also wondering how other moms protect their children´s eyes.. Do your babies wear sunglasses? Or you just won´t let the sun shine on their faces? That´s quite impossible? It´ so hard to be the first baby! Have to suffer from all the tests of which things work and which doesn´t. Ohhh. At least my baby brother will have a better life!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I’m actually waiting for the next weekend. Then my uncle turns 30 (old man already!), we’re going to celebrate that on 2 evenings in a row. Then, then my parents are celebrating their 1 year marriage anniversary, and then we’re going to a spaaaa! My last spa-trip was already like, 2 months ago or something. That´s too long. One third of my life! This time we´re going to GoSpa in Kuressaare. Parents told me, that it´s the bestest spa in Estonia where they have been. I hope they don´t lie to me! You better not. And I want a baby swimming lesson and a massage too, don´t forget that Mom!

So-so much fun is ahead! Oh, and yes, my birthday too. That´s in the beginning of the week, and then maybe some swimming and training lessons.. And on Wednesday my neighbours will maybe hold me. Parents want to go to a Red Bull party. Party animals, phh.. Nice parenting.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have such a hard life you know. But okay. I´ll end this babbling now! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sun and my warmest hugs!

Tobias, the sunman

The exhausted guy

Whoa, don´t know where to start! Last time I wrote on Monday, right? Yes, yes.

So, yesterday I had my swimming lessons, went quite okay. My mood wasn´t the bestest, so I didn´t enjoy it as much as I´m used to, but next time will be better! This time I had a swimming lesson with two of my friends! Marta was also swimming with her mom. Was good to see her, the last time was already like a month ago! We had a private lesson, the three of us – me, Ella and Marta. I like these kind of lessons, then the coach can teach us individually. So nice!

After the swim, Ella and her mom invited us over to their house, to have a little playdate and to go for a walk. I didn´t have to think twice, I agreed! The only downside was, I didn’t have time to write to you. But you understand, I know you do!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So, we spent our afternoon in Nõmme, walking in pinewoods and eating ice-cream. The weather was warm and the birds were singing and everything were very chill. After the walk, we had a little play with Ella and Platon (he is the most awesomest big dog I have seen!) and suddenly it was already time for me and Mom to leave.

Off to another party! As I mentioned, my cousin turned two on Sunday, so yesterday was the party. It took place in Laura´s Kitchen, it´s a cool partyplace in Kalamaja. If I´m older, then I´m going to have so much fun in these playrooms! This time I had to settle with just watching and cheering the others. Saw many of my relatives and spent a lovely time! The cake was also njom!

When we finally arrived home in the evening, I was so overwhelmed of the day that I just couldn´t fall asleep! So, I spent quite some time chatting with my bunnies before finally the sleep fairy came and put me to sleep. Mom was also very tired. We haven´t had that kind of a day before that we leave home at 9 am and will be back at 9 pm. Was tiring!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Our hopes that we can sleep the next morning nice and long weren´t meant to happen though. It was time for another playdate! And as funny as it is, again in Laura´s Kitchen! Mom laughed, that we should have stayed there for the night. Would have been less driving back and forth. This playdate was with Dad´s workmates and their children. Or with workmates wives and their children. Anyhow, saw a few already old friends and met many new ones. Had a lovely time!

And now, now we´re finally back at home. Mom said that she refuses to do anything today. The only thing we have to do is go grocery shopping. I think we´re going to do that when Dad is back at home from work. Until then we´re going to rest with Mom and play a little. But mostly, rest.

Oh, tired but happy! Have had two very good days! Mom told, that tomorrow is rest day and we´re going to have a nice long walk in the afternoon. And that´s the only thing we have planned. Other than that, having cuddles and laugh and play! Me likes that plan!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope you forgive me about yesterday! Just didn´t have the time!

Big big huggs to you all!


Tobias, the tiredman

Today is going to be awesome!

It´s so sunny! And I slept til noon! It´s good to be a baby sometimes. You can sleep as much as you want. My tummy was also very full. Had so much good stuff yesterday.

As the swimming lessons did not happen this week, I´ll call it a cheat week. I’ll eat everything I want! And as much as I want. Who is with me?!

Since we are already talking about food, then good news to all to you who live in Viimsi – Wolt is in Viimsi now! Mom has waited that for quite a long time. And now it finally happened!

Yesterday´s evening was so nice. My uncle visited us, since it was my mini-birthday, and made dinner for us. Chicken and blue cheese pasta. Was so nomnomnom! He should visit us more often. Sometimes I even forget how grey his hair is.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Before the dinner, we did grocery shopping with Dad and uncle. Had a little men time. It´s good to be without Mom sometimes. Quite of tired of her already! Every morning the same face looking and smiling at me. Okay, just kidding, I love her and the smiling part is my favorite. The exercises she makes me do are not so fun.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I was supposed to go to a board game evening with Dad and his workmates. But it´s not going to happen. The event was cancelled. I´m so sad. Wanted to see all of them and have fun! Now I have to be at home with Dad. Just the two of us. For the very first time (Britney, I know). Mom is having her dinner date with Ella´s mom if you don´t remember. I believe Dad can handle me. I try to be a good boy and not cry very much. And to fall asleep nicely. Hope I succeed!

I´m very excited about the evening. I´m sure Dad has planned us many interesting and new games which I haven´t played before! Or maybe we´re going running together? We used to do that and I quite liked it. Will have to wait and see!

Hope you have a lovely sunny day! Kisses!

Tobias, the foodman