Everything has not been fine lately!

Hey, my fellas! I want to say, that I´m happily okay and back, but the truth is, that I´m a bit sick again. I haven´t written so long, that I don´t even know where to start. Midsummer was fun! Unfortunately didn´t see the lighting bugs. Maybe because we went looking them with Mom when it was 9 pm. So, way too early. But went to hot tub and spent a good time! Also ate my first strawberry. It was so good! I didn´t have any spots the next day, so I can say that I´m not allergic to strawberries, which is a really good thing. Now I can take maximum from the summer. If you can say that it´s summer whats happening outside. The weather is horrible. Like totally. All the rain and wind and.. That´s the reason I´m sick again.

About my sickness. It all started on Saturday´s night. Mom felt, that I´m a bit hot. Okay, she thought and turned back to sleep. Then in the morning she discovered, that I have a fever. 39,2C. No fun. I have to say, that I felt myself quite good. Played and laughed, the only thing, I was so tired and wanted to sleep a lot.

But it got worse. The next night I once had a fever of 41,1C. It was horrible. I was piping hot and parents almost called 911. Luckily the paracetamol worked and fever went down. They were oh so worried. The first time I had a decent fever. Unfortunately the next night it all repeated. At least the fever wasn´t that high. Only 40,3C. Woohooo. Not. It was still bad. Mom was in contact with our family doctor all the time, so everything was under control. Luckily the fever went down and on Tuesday I had a normal body temperature again.

But what happened then. It turned out, that I have a new tooth coming. Paracetamol took away that pain. But as the fever went down and parents didn´t give me paracetamol anymore, the tooth pain kicked in. Like, I screamed the whole night. Nothing worked. Until it was almost morning and Dad couldn´t take it anymore. He put me in my safety crib and put that in their bed. And so I finally fell asleep. It was quite fun to watch. Me in my safety crib in parents bed, between them.

I was so so tired, and parents too, that they both slept in. We had a doctor´s appointment the next morning. Luckily Ella´s mom wrote to my Mom in messenger and that woke Mom up. It took only 13 minutes to get from our home to the doctor´s place. By that time my fever was totally gone and doctor lady couldn´t tell, what was wrong with me.

When we got back home, then Mom discovered that I was covered with dots. And then she knew, I had a 3 day fever. All symptoms were there. At least some knowledge what was wrong with me. As my teeth were still hurting then I got a bit paracetamol and everything turned okay again.

And then. Then I caught cold. I have a runny nose and I don´t have a normal voice. You can say, that I don´t have a voice. Mom thinks it´s cute. The sounds I make. Oh well, it shall pass and I have a mission to be totally back to health the next week! Because, to be honest, I don´t have the energy to be sick anymore. Parents are tired too.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I really hope, that you aren´t too mad for me for not writing too long. I try to be well now and be more active!

I wish you a really cozy weekend. Don´t go outside, sit near the fireplace and drink hot tea. Because it´s like autumn. Not summer.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Btw, I learned how to kiss! I put my tongue into Mom´s mouth. She told me, that it´s not the right way to give a kiss, but at least I try! Someday I can control my tongue and give a proper kiss toooo!

Sending you my wet kisses!

Tobias, the sickman




Guys, I have an announcement. Parents are out of control and selling my perfectly good wheels.

So yes, they are selling BOTH of them, to buy a new one, yes ONE instead of two since we are travelling to too many different locations that need different wheels all the time. I haven’t had the chance to test all their abilities and parts yet. But if you are interested, contact us wherever and whenever.


A solid pram in navy blue.

We wanted a decent pram that wouldn’t be afraid of any weather – snow, rain, hail, etc.

The Emmaljunga covered it all. It is sturdy, really easy to use and straightforward. Ours doesn’t have a double bottom or turning front wheels, but we knew from start that we don’t want these things. For winter we used sheepskin in it anyway for warmth.

Which we knew we want was an Emmaljunga that has a metal basket underneath so the stuff doesn’t drag along on the muddy sidewalks (+EJ-s with these frames are also narrower for maneuverability, which comes really handy in grocery store isles, car boots and they are not so heavy to lift). We didn’t get to use the pushchair part though, this is still waiting in the basement. But now it’s time to sell it.

The EJ has reflectors, a raincover, tube-tires and a mosquito net. So if anyone is interested, it is for sale for 390€! The pushchair part is not on the pictures, sorry!

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Mamas and Papas Armadillo XT

This Stroller seemed a really good option for us. It is easy to use, light(ish), has an enormous sunroof. It folds as a sandwich with fabric inside(so it wouldn’t get dirty) and you can do it with one hand. It (the XT model) has quite big wheels and turning(lockable) front ones. The baby part is really big and covered with soft foam. It is really nice to be in. It has a peeking hole with magnetic closure and the stroller is even okay to carry around by its handle. The baby will not boil to death since you can open an air vent. The pushchair has countless number of reclines up to full flat (so you can start using it as soon as you want). Oh, the baby is strapped with a 5-point harness, so it’s safe and has comfy soft seatbelt padding.

Additions we have bought and will come with the stroller (all original M&P):

  • Maxi Cosi adapters
  • Footmuff
  • Raincover
  • Safety bar
  • Mosquito net

This beautiful thing will be yours for 420€! And is still basically brand new, if you have read my blog, you know I just started using it.

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Yours truly,

Tobias, the nowheelsman

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch to the sky..

I almost had the most exciting day ever! But Mom ruined it. We were in the bathroom, Mom thought she should look like a lady again and as yesterday she got rid of her hair, she thought she should do something with her leg hair too. Thought and done. I was chilling on my changing mat which is on the washing machine and Mom was epilating her feet. I was on my belly, watching cars which drove by and then I got bored. How long can you watch those cars? I discovered that I can move backwards! Yes, not forward, but backwards. Whoaaaa! I must show that to Mom!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom looked at me and smiled. Okay, I thought, now is the best time to show her! Mom turned her head for a second, I started moving backwards and when she looked at me again after 1 second, she was screaming. Weird woman I have to say. I was showing her how I can get down the changing mat myself and she screams. I had already succeeded to get my feet and my bum over the edge of the washing machine, only the upper body was left when she grabbed me from the washing machine. I was hoping I can fly! It´s only like a meter until the stone floor arrives, but still, fly! I would have been like a bird. Or a plane. Plane is more awesome, plane it is. But no, she ruined everything!

And I don´t know what got into her, she wouldn´t put me down! All she does is hug me. I don´t understand her a bit. Maybe when Dad gets home she pours her something strong, so she would get over her weirdness or something. Clingy, yes, that´s the word! I don´t mind being hugged a little but that´s unnormal, lady. I want to play by myself! Put me down, you woman!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Other than that, the morning was fun. Got to play by myself, without being smothered and then we had a nice long walk in the park. I really like that the weather is warm. I can wear my favourite teddy sweater all the time which grandma gave me. I love that sweater. It´s the cutest!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When Dad gets home and I get rid of Mom, hopefully, then we´re going grocery shopping and must do some chores too. Tomorrow is the wine club and this time it happens at our place. Mom is thinking about doing something with ramson, but she hasn´t figured out what exactly. Maybe she´s clingy again tomorrow, then she can´t do anything. Then we order pizza and everyone is still happy! I like that plan actually. Wait, not the clingy part.

Oh well. Hope you had better day than I did! Kisses to my lovely people!


Tobias, the flyman

I have NOT seen that much sun, ever! And you can give my blog a vote on bloggers awards!

You know what? Finally, finally the weather is warm and sun is out! I wish all the weekend would have been like this. But no. The first two days of the weekend were crappy. Like a lot of crap from the sky and the temperature was.. not acceptable, I must say.

A few things I had planned for the weekend didn´t happen. Like, parents refused to go out on Saturday. I missed the basketball game I was so excited about. Luckily the friends from Tartu didn´t get lost on the way, in the storm, and I saw them! No presents this time, but I understand.

On Saturday, the weather was a bit better but still crappy. So our little trip with Ella and her parents got cancelled. I was so-so sad about that! Next time, they promised! Parents decided to still have a bit of outside time, so we went to the Kakerdaja bog. When we drove there, the weather was nice, sun and everything. When we arrived, there was a massive rain. It lasted like 5 minutes and the sun came out again. We went outside and after 5 minutes, some small icecubes came down the sky. First I thought they were frozen meatballs, but Dad told me that was hail. Okay then. Hail, then hail. Packed ourselves back together and out of the terrible weather.

Luckily, in Pedaspea, where we spent our night, the weather was nice. Cold and windy, but at least we saw a little sun. We had a lovely evening, barbeque and some of the guys went to the sauna. Had a few beers and enjoyed the night. I didn´t have a single beer, but I had fun! At midnight we discovered that Hunger games are on TV, watched that and everything.

And then, then the Monday and a free day and the first of May happened, with a sun! With a warm weather! It was like a dream. I have to say that it was the warmest weather my eyes have ever seen. So we had a 5 hour long chillax time on the terrace. We ate breakfast outside, with short clothes and everything. Nice, I have to say. Mom also discovered, that she hasn´t bought me a sunscreen. As I´m still a baby and I have a very soft skin (believe me, it´s the softest, come and see!), I need to have a correct sun protection. Not to mention, that my skin hasn´t seen sun before. So we need to have a little shopping trip. Again. Bhhhh.

Oh well. Think I can manage one more shopping day.

Today I had a very good day again! As I was ill last week then the last time I went swimming was like ages ago. But that fact didn´t stop me diving many many times! It was so much fun! A few times I pulled a bit water to my throat but I must say, that the skill is becoming quite good. Saw Ella after a long time. She´s still the sweetest! This time we even went to sauna together. It was a bit hot, but I tried to act cool and not show.

After the swimming lesson moms wanted to eat, as usual. This time we ate in Trühvel and it was the first time we ate outside! Or, some of us ate and some of us slept. We did the second thing with Ella. I must say that sleeping outside is way better than inside. I even dreamt about summer and our vacation together with Ella. Maybe we can sleep in the same bed. Man, that would be awesome!

When moms were full of ice cream, we drove back home. Unfortunately, just me and Mom. Ella and her Mom went to their home. But since the weather was so nice, Mom wanted to go outside for a walk. As we were supposed to go back to the city in the evening anyhow, she decided that we go for a walk there. So, after being at home for an hour, we headed back to the car and off to the city, to Kalamaja. We had a lovely walk and Mom showed me where they used to live with Dad. She told, that she´s so happy that we don´t live in that apartment anymore. I am too. When Mom is happy, I am happy!

When we had walked for a while we headed to Dad´s office. And then, then we went to see a hairdresser. At first I thought that the lovely lady is going to cut my hair. But no. My haircut is the prettiest! Mom was the one whose hair got chopped. I think she looked so nice after the cut! A bit strange, but still nice! Sad thing is, that now she has less hair I can pull and play with, but I hope I can survive.

Finally, around 8 o´clock we got back at home. So good. Got to play with my toys and cuddle with Dad. I love Dad.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I hope you had a lovely long weekend and you enjoyed the sun as much as I did!

And I love you tooooo! Yes, you, my lovely reader! XO!

By the way, my blog is on the Estonian Bloggers Awards, give your vote – eba.marimell.eu


Tobias, the sunman


Yeap, I’m definitely developing.

You know what? I went to sleep yesterday you know. And then the sleep went away. And what did I do? I chilled just by myself! I made some circles in the bed and talked with myself and with my bunny and I DID NOT cry at all. So proud of myself!

Then finally, after having a big laugh, parents decided to join me. We had such a nice midnight cuddle and then, then they put me to sleep in my own bed. Oaaah, I know! And yes, you guessed it. I instantly fell asleep. In my own bed, did you hear me??? So cool. I like that.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Of course, when it was time to eat, Mom put me into their bed and she instantly fell asleep the second I was glued to her breast. But I understand. She´s used to sleeping while feeding me, so she didn´t manage to put me back to my bed. But okay, she´ll get better with this new arrangement, I know. Needs some time to get used to the new thing.

But still. I´m proud. And I hope that today´s evening is going to be as good and easy!

Today, some crap is falling down the sky. Yes, you heard me. I´m not going to make it look any prettier. The weather is nasty. Prrrr. When I´m done with my nap, then we´re going to pick up my brand new ID-card.

Then, then we´re going to Ülemiste with Mom. She NEEDS new pants. The ones she has worn like a year has holes in them. Yes, she has one pair of pants she actually likes. What a lady. And then. Then we´re going to pick up Dad and go to Oot-Oot studio. That´s an awesome brand who´s going to make us a couch! Parents want to see some fabrics and discuss some stuff. And then. Then to Rocca al Mare! Still haven´t get Mom’s watch back. Maybe this time we´ll manage to get it. Really hope!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

And by the time we get back home, it’s already my sleeping time. I know. I have experience with parents and their shopping. Oh well. What can you do.

Tomorrow I´m going to see my grandma and my uncle´s soon to be wife. Hopefully! Then parents have a reason to clean home again. You should all come to visit me. Then our home would all the time be pretty and clean! And maybe less spiders. Mom, yes, go and clean!

Maybe I´m letting you see my pretty pretty photo on the ID card tomorrow. Depends how pretty I look. If I´m way too handsome then I´ll pass. But we´ll see.

Hope you survive the crappy weather and still have a fabulous day!

My love to you!


Tobias, the sleepman

Sorry for the delay, saw a doctor.

I had an extraordinary doctor´s visit today! Don´t worry, I´m all okay. I just had a bad cough this night and Mom&Dad wanted to make sure that I´m all right, so Mom managed to get me a doctor´s appointment for today´s afternoon. The doctor lady was very sweet and told Mom that they have done everything right – used the inhaler and put the goose grease ointment on my chest and under my foot soles. My lunges are clean and the doctor lady told, that a few more days and then I should be healthy as a horse! Wohooo!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So today I have been outside quite a lot, and slept quite a lot. We woke up around 10 o´clock, then had a little playtime with Mom, had breakfast, some of us watched the Bold and the Beautiful and then we headed out for my midday nap. I slept until 14.20, then had a little bite, Mom changed my diapers, and then out again. Tooooo much fresh air! And too little chance to move myself. I was a bit moody and tried to throw my bunny outside the pram, I almost succeeded!

After the doctor´s visit we did a little grocery shopping. Parents are eating so much yoghurt, that they should do a maxi order from some retailer. I counted, they eat 13 yoghurts in a week. That´s a lot! Should change the morning yoghurt for a porridge. So much cheaper. Parents, where is your economical thinking!?

Oh, them. So, when we headed back home, the fresh air kicked in again, and yeees, I fell asleep. So today is all about sleep. Hope the evening is going to be better and actually have a chance to play! I received a lot of new toys on Sunday, they miss me and want me to play with them. Soon, darlings, soon!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Parents made me an ID card. It is ready, finally! Okay, it took like a week or so. Now we can actually go to Finland! I don´t know yet how pretty I look on it, but Mom was supposed to go and get it tomorrow, then we´ll see. I think I look the awesomest. There´s no other chance.

And now, now I hugggg you with my cutest chubby arms and wish you a nice evening! Ciaociao!

Tobias, the I´malmostwellmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

I’m sick, everybody!

Hey guys! What a long and tireing weekend I had! Long, but nice. Hope yours was good too!

Unfortunately, despite having a good time I managed to get sick. I´m coughing quite badly and my nose is running like, like a lot. Luckily I don´t have a fever, thank god. If I would have that then Mom would definitely go crazy! It´s my first time to be actually sick (more than a runny nose) and parents are a bit overwhelmed. Mom is. I think Dad is too, but he´s not showing it. A tough guy, you know. But I like that, Mom cuddles me and holds me all the time and doesn´t want to put on the floor to play. I actually understand her, the apartment where we live in is in an old house and the walls have holes in them. Basically, yes.

There’s one more „nice“ thing about living in an old house. Spiders. Yep, HUGE ONEs. This morning, in the sink, one tried to attack Mom. It was so horrible. Mom´s heart stopped when she saw it. She tried to flush it down the sink, but the massive thing resisted badly. Mom had nothing else to do than just kill it. Yes. A murderer. And what´s even better! He wasn´t alone, the bastard, there was two!!! Can´t wait to get our new home!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On the new home note. Mom went to the Design thing on Friday. She found a couch which suits parents demands and looks totally awesome!! Whooop! They are quite happy. I´m too, Mom told it´s very comfy and that I´m going to like playing on it! Even if I´m getting a baby brother or sister one day, we can both fit in there. So nice!

Weekend was fun, saw both my grandparents and many friends whom I haven´t seen a long time. I also had a birthday on Saturday! Yes, I´m 5 now. 5 months! So big already. I also received many gifts! One grandmother gave me a soft toy – a monkey, the other gave me a book and a friend gave me a set of three green frogs. I liked all my presents very very much! Thank you, my sweeties! Oh, I also got a cake! We stayed in the Alutaguse Sports Center and there is a little cafe, and they surprised me with a birthday cake. So sweet of them!

Unfortunately, Dad had to work all weekend so I saw him like a few hours, but I understand. I had a lot of girl time with Mom and girlfriends. I actually liked that. They all love me and want to hold me and it makes me feel cute!

I didn´t get to participate on the Marathon myself. Dad didn´t let me. He told, that I´m too little and that´s too dangerous. I don´t know. I really wanted to get another medal. But okay, I try to understand that bicycle is one thing and skiing that Dad has done his whole life is different and bicycles have to wait until I´m even bigger than I´m now. In the summer maybe? Dad?

As I´m sick then tomorrow´s swimming lesson isn´t going to happen. Trying to get back to health as soon as possible. For today I have also no special plans. After a little nap, I´m going to make carrot and beet purees with Mom. So tomorrow I have new things to eat! Btw, in the weekend was my first time to eat a cucumber! It was good. As it was a bit cold then it was so good to scratch my gums with it. Oooh, cucumber, want it now!

Aand we had a long chase for an inhaler. It took three cities but now I have my brand new my own inhaler! It has toys on it – a smiling bear and a happy bunny!

I wish you all a lovely week and don´t get sick yourself too! Sending you my love!

Tobias, the sickbutsweetashellmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset



I’m tired of the old taste, new ones are waiting

Well hello there! Today is so warm! I was so surprised, when we went out with Mom. Like it´s spring again. I was very happy about that. So happy, that I almost immediately fell asleep. A good baby, I know, I am! My night was so-so, still haven´t totally got over my gas thing, but it´s getting better!

Yesterday was such a good night.

When Dad got home, I got to clean the house! This was SO awesome. I hope I get to clean the house with Dad again and when I’m older, i’m going to clean it all myself!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As you know then we had a dinner date with our neighbours. Unfortunately, they brought me nothing, but Mom got an oven glove. I didn´t even knew that she collects those! When she visits a foreign country, she buys an oven glove which is characteristic to that place. I think it´s cool. Now she has a Porto one too!

Neighbours brought port wine too. I didn´t get to taste that. Yes, still baby. But parents thought it was very good. I think that neighbours like me. They played with me all night. It´s good when someone wants to play with you and you don´t have to play on your playmat alone! Yes, Mom, looking at you!

Today we have a cake night. Mom bought a big big carrot cake, she tries not to eat it all before Dad gets home. Dad has to visit neighbours too on his way home. They are so kind and are giving Mom some beet and carrot, which they have storaged in the freezer. So Mom can make me some other purees too beside the pumpkin one I´m having. To be honest, I really don´t like that anymore. Need some change! Can’t wait for the new stuff. Hope the new stuff is better than the pumpkin one!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow is already Friday and we´re going east again. Parents have to do some work. On Sunday, there is Alutaguse Bicycle Marathon https://www.rattamaratonid.ee/et/etapid?competition_id=24 and they are helping to organize it. That means I can see my grandparents again! Whooop! Don´t know if the bicycle marathon has children´s race too. If it is, then I want to participate! Think parents are okay with that.

As Mom wants to visit Design Trade Fair tomorrow afternoon then I´m not sure if I have the time to write a post. I hope I can find the time, but I´m not promising. As at 6 o´clock we have to be in Alutaguse Sports Centre for an important meeting, then I´m not sure. But we´ll see! Everything is possible. Maybe I can talk parents into vloging our little trip, have to discuss it with them. Think that Mom agrees but Dad is a bit against it, he´s the one who has to edit all the material.

Anyhow, hope you have a nice day and enjoy it!



Tobias, the pureemanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

They have a saying – not all days are brothers

Being a baby isn´t an easy job. Like, yesterday was such a good day! I slept very nicely at night (4 hours straight!), was a little smiley baby in the morning, then had a good swimming lesson, chatted with Ella and then had a lovely time at the Klaus cafe with Mom, Ella and her mom. Everything was so chill!

And what today? Parents decision that I´m a big boy and I don´t need my probiotics anymore has had its effect. I slept, how to say, very badly at night. Constant gas pain. I swiggled like a little worm the entire night. Mom couldn´t sleep too because of that. In the morning, I was so tired of the night, and of course, the gas pain hadn´t gone anywhere. So now I am trying to sleep and waking up in every 5 minutes because the pain is so tough.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom is supposed to be cleaning and making the home pretty, we have guests coming over in the evening. She also has a migraine, which is not a good thing to have. Luckily the guests aren´t really guests, they are my dear neighbors. Sorry neighbours, but you know, that we´re like a little family and our evenings pass usually in home clothes and in a very relaxed mood, so you understand when Mom doesn´t have the energy to get all the things cleaned up. Actually, I´m quite waiting todays evening. Neighbours went to Porto, I wonder wether they brought me something nice. No pressure, no! Or maybe they just brought parents some wine. We´ll see!

Yesterday I also peed on all my outerwear. So today when we went outside with Mom, she had quite a struggle to find some clothes to put on me. I didn´t made it any easier for her, I showed very loudly how I felt about those outfits. Luckily something did fit me and I got fresh air and Mom got chocolate from the grocery store. Win-win!

Okay for now. I try to be a good boy for the rest of the day. I really-really try. So that Mom wouldn´t be all sad and mad at me at the same time. I´m even helping her to make dinner, we´re having some beef dish with baby asparagus, sounds njom! Mom also bought chips from the store, that´s how desperate she is!

I hope you have the bestest evening full of love and laughter!

The biggest kisses you can imagine! Yes, to you! From the sweetest Tobias!


Tobias, the gasman

That was a long one.

Knock-knock! Who´s there? Tobiaaaas, the bunnyman! Or eggman. Or I started cringeing man! Yes, I did! I decided it´s too boring to be on the same exact place all the time, thought and done. I haven´t mastered the skill totally, but in parents bed, I can move quite freely. Yes, if you ask, I am very proud of myself!

My long weekend was very fun. On Wednesday, we stayed at my Dad´s parents. My uncle was there too with his family. I played with grandparents and Sofia and Susanna and Porgand, the cat. Porgand is actually my parents cat. Or he was. Now he lives with my grandparents. Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On Friday, we went to Narva. There was a tour to the Kreenholm factory and the rapids, that exist only when the Russians open their water gates to lower the water in Narva catchment. It was so cool! Although I slept most of the time. Okay, all the time. But Mom showed me pictures afterwards! After that, we went shopping to Narva Prisma. It had a children’s playhouse inside the shop. How come other Prisma´s don´t have that? I like Prisma, every time we go there I get a free fruit. This time I got a banana. Banana. Bananaaaa! Minions in my head, yours too?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the long shopping trip, we went to my Mom´s parents house. We stayed there for two nights. Grandma bought me a lottery ticket, my first. And guess what, I won!!! Yes! Two euros! I can get 7 diapers for that money. Okay, I´m not going to spend it. Mom told, that they are going to buy me a piggy bank, where I´m going to put all my money. So, when I´m big-big boy I can buy myself something beautiful. Or useful. Or food. Don´t know yet. We´ll see.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Got also two new books and a bunny. If you follow me on Instagram then you already have seen the bunny. I think that I´m going to call it bunny number two. I think the bunny number two likes that name!

In the evening, great-grandad visited us, was good to see him too! He hasn´t got older a day since the last time. Still grey and funny! My other uncle and his girlfriend were also at home, I´m seeing them so rarely. Think they don´t like me. Maybe I stink.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Saturday was a quiet day. Dad had to work and I chilled with Mom and grandparents. We did a grocery shopping and had a lovely long walk. When Dad got back home, we dyed some eggs. Again, my first! My egg was the prettiest. It was green. Like Shrek. I´m so skilled. Others did some fancy-pancy cut and glue thing with their eggs, don´t know why bother! Mine was still the prettiest!

On Sunday, the other grandma brought me an Easter gift – a little chicken (unfortunately not a real one) and many chocolates. Parents, the hungry people, had to eat my chocolates of course, was a bit sad that they did so. But I try to forgive them.

We had planned coming back home in the middle of the day, when my naptime is, so I wouldn´t cry and could sleep in the car. Haaah. How stupid are they. Parents I mean. Yes, I slept the first 45 minutes, but then, then the sleep went away! Just went. I don´t know how or where. I cried a bit. And then a bit more. And then parents decided to turn off the highway and we drove on the shore. There was the road more bumpier and it had many holes in it. Parents are clever, I have to say. The sleep came back and I managed to sleep until we arrived home. Rested baby!

Then a little grocery shopping and a quiet evening at home.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the night, I had a massive gas pain. I don´t know where it came from. Parents had quite a bad night. Sorry. I try to be better tonight! Mom hasn´t had decent sleep in four nights, have to give her an opportunity to rest, so she would have the energy to play and cuddle with me. Go team Mom!

Today parents are hoping to get Mom´s watch back from watchmaker. The battery died or something. If this happens then we´re going to visit my auntie and her family too. Fingers crossed! Haven´t seen them quite a long time and they have a really cool beagle. The dog I mean. Her name is Donna and she is so cute!

Okay for now. Hope you all had a great long weekend and you are full of energy to handle this new one! Fortunately, there will be a long weekend again soon!

Big kisses to you!

Tobias, the eggman