That’s one sticky MF outside. Go away, please.

What the heck is happening outside? Where´s the sun? Where are all the butterflies? Whyyyy??? My little baby brain can´t take it!

Hope the weather is getting better and all the snow will melt and the sun will come out. Because, it´s a long weekend and parents have planned so much fun things! All these things are supposed to happen outside and with a nice sunny weather. So, dear snow, please go away. Now!

Even our home was cold when we woke up with Mom in the morning. I´m used to waking up and it´s warm and sun is shining. Today was the blah outside and Mom had to even put trousers on me. Like, trousers, you understand me right? Mom refused to take off her bathrobe and put other clothes on, so we´re chilling and playing like total losers, with pants and bathrobe. A total home chill.

When Dad gets home we´re going to pack our stuff and head to the east to see my grandparents. Hope they have prepared – bought me a lot of presents and will be energized, they have to play with me all the time! If tomorrow the weather is nice, then we´re going to Narva. I have never been there! I´m a bit afraid, but Mom told that it´s cool. So, maybe we´ll come back alive!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Yesterday was our wine-club dinner-date. We had so nice time! The place we went looked a bit of.. not so cozy, is maybe the best explanation, but the food was really great! The pizzas were huge! Like, huge!! Look!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Although parents aren´t fans of fat bottom pizzas, this one was so delicious! If any of you would like to have these massive and njommy pizzas, then head over to Taverna del Gallo Nero! It´s located in Kadriorg, next to the park. So, why not to order a pizza and then head over to the park? It´s actually a very good idea. Have to share that with Ella, maybe sometime after the swimming lesson we can do that (when the blah goes away outside)!

Was good to see my uncle and other friends too, I´m almost as big as Liisu! We had a little catch up and maybe, just maybe, we´re going to see each other in the weekend again. I really hope so!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I think that tomorrow there will be no new post. As in Estonia (and in other countries too I believe?) is a national holiday. It´s a free day and I´m going to take my day off too! The next time I´ll write, will be on Monday. A little teaser too – next week there will the first Mom post! Yes, yes, it will happen!

I now try to sleep a little. Soon Dad will be home and then off we go!

I wish you happy Easter and lots of colorful eggs!


Tobias, the eggman

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Got my tactical combat measurements today

Vauchywau! I think Dad should write this blog instead of me. Yesterday was the record number of readers. Think he´s a star, not me. Or still, I am! Yes. Sorry Dad. But you just aren´t so cool and cute as I am!

Today I had my doctor´s appointment. She told that I´m not too fat. I´m normal! Haa, I don´t want to be normal, I´m special! My uncle asked Dad if I´m in Guinness book of world records, because I have the biggest eyes. Think I should be in there. Parents have to report me or something.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

My other measurements were okay too. 7750 kg and 66 cm. Big boy (or heavy boy)! Even the head wasn´t that big – 44cm. Or is that big? I don’t know, how big my head is supposed to be? I got a shot too, I didn´t cry at all! I only made a pretty ugly face and then smiled, the doctor lady was very pleased with me. I´m too to be honest!

Yesterday´s swimming lessons was the bestest so far! We did some different exercises that we´re used to and it was so much fun! I tried my best and I was so tired after the swimming that I slept on the way home and then 2 hours at home. I rarely do that! Mom was very pleased with me.

She is a bit tired herself too. So she was a bit of a b*tch yesterday with Dad. But Dad is the most awesomest and wasn´t even a bit mad at her! Thank god, I have such a cool Dad. She made Mom dinner (fried macarons with moose sausage – total comfort food!) and let her rest.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I think that it´s the spring tireness or something. Today´s doctor appointment was 11.30, we woke up with Mom 11.00. Hope we both had enough sleep to be cheerful and happy tonight, becaaaaause – we have a wine-club dinner-date! This time we are going outside, to an Italian restaurant. I´m so looking forward seeing Liisu, it has been so long since the last time. She´s such an awesome little girl, I like her so much!

Mom even succeeded already in selling some clothes of mine. I was a bit sad, but then she ordered me very coolio 6-pack of tank tops. They are pastel colored and I´m going to look like a total cuteness in these! Dad wants me to look like a man, but Mom still likes me to be her little teddy bear with cuteness overload! Haa, a side note – I pooped like a real man today! Look, wasn´t that pretty!?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I think it was. Mom thought it wasn´t. She was all covered with my poo. I had poo even on my head. And because I had an injection Mom couldn´t wash me properly so it was quite funny to watch her struggle getting me clean. Highlights of the day!

Now I´m going to sleep, have to be rested for tonight´s dinner date!

Wish you a nice evening and sending you my biggest and warmest hugs!


Tobias, the pooman

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Dad tales 2 – the birth

On November 21, before lunch, I got the alarming phone call – it’s time.


I have absolutely no idea what went through my mind at this exact moment. I was at work and started to tie together loose ends as quickly as possible. Told my boss and quietly faded away, so not too many people would notice. They noticed. Took the bus home, still shivering and dizzy.

When I finally arrived, the soon-to-be-Mom was looking awkward. I was looking awkward. We had absolutely no idea what to do next. When the first anxiety was gone, we were actually quite relaxed and started waiting for what the future brings.

Of course I wasn’t calm. Far from it, but I think I managed to look calm. We packed our stuff, watched TV, ate, the water broke, watched TV, packed, the water broke again, changed the towels under her, watched TV, packed. Both looking calm with thunderstorms inside. At least for me.  We knew that we shouldn’t go to the hospital too soon, otherwise we will have to sit on a bench and stare the ceiling. But soon the time came – the pains were starting. With shivering hands, I carried all the stuff to the car – the stuff that I had not yet had to carry – a crib, some blankets etc. So it was looking quite serious. Baby serious. The time was close to 18.00.

Since the pains were not too serious yet, we got some food from the gas station, to not starve and drove to the hospital (good choice and croissants were a must for the future Mom). When we arrived and got the paperwork done it was time to go to the final destination – the labor room, in which we spent hours. We knew that the family rooms in Tallinn’s hospitals are hard to get, so we mentioned it to everyone we could (again, a good choice).

When we got into the hospital room, we changed to shorts, since the rooms are hot as hell, and started to wait. Put some nice music on from Spotify and got comfortable. Ate as much as we could while we still could. We were both in good enough condition to joke around and get familiar with all the equipment. Laughing and not worried at all.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The hours went and the pain started. As a side note – for whatever reason I had only slept about two hours the night before (not a good choice). Of course we were not too familiar with the birth tips and tricks, but to be honest – there was enough time for us to try everything to relieve the pain.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I think it was around 10 pm when decent pains kicked in and I was already praying for it to be over before midnight. It wasn’t. I held her head, told her to sleep whenever she could, tried everything. Brought enormous amounts of drinking water. Tried even to throw in a couple of perfect jokes – not a good idea.

By 2 am the pains were so tough that we had to try something different. We went to the shower – she was in pain and I was pouring water over her. With that big belly, it really was like watering a washed up . . fish. Only she was in pain and ready to pass out. I have to say that on that moment I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. The kid had to be born.

Nope. Not even close. She was not able to stand on her feet or kneel or lay down. And there was absolutely nothing for me to do except calm her and tell her to shut her eyes and sleep in between the pains.

At I don’t remember what time, I went to ask the doc for an injection. It was clearly visible that the situation is out of control. The pushes were not starting and most of the second shift working this night in the entire hospital had visited us.

The most difficult time for me came. Anaesthesiologist came with paperwork, that I had to fill, and I had to go out of the room. I couldn’t get back in for I think half an hour. I was walking back and forth in the hall, worrying sick. I think my footprints should still be visible there.

These were honestly THE SLOWEST minutes of my life.

But when I got back in, she was starting to look good again, it relieved enough. Even though since she had been in labour for more than 14 hours, they couldn’t give her the full bang. So, after an hour or so, the pains kicked in again. It seemed to go on forever. I was getting so tired. When the pain faded, I told her to sleep and fell asleep myself. Every time. For just a bit until the next one kicked in.

The THIRD shift came – also the nicest – a nurse with experience and compassion. She also brought someone, I don’t know who but they made it look easier. And the kid to start moving.

It didn’t look more painful than it did before. But when the nurse started to dress up with gloves and moving the equipment closer to her, the sleep was gone. I knew it was time for business. A few (actually a lot more than a few) pushes and the baby was in her hands. A small tiny creature with absolutely no idea of what he had wrapped himself into. I didn’t know how to react but I was immediately in business. Cut the cord, which I thought I couldn’t do. Helped the nurse mark the time and put the kid to Moms lap. Oh, the look on her face. It was a tired and confused but so cute look.

To be honest, my first question to the nurse was – when will his head turn back to normal. He was looking like a traffic cone. A pinkish-blue traffic cone.

And suddenly everything was done. We could rest. The three of us. I have to say it was the craziest, scariest night of my life. But the best. THE BEST.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The labor itself lasted for more than 20 hours, I did not see almost any blood or anything gross that would keep me up at night. Only the birth of an awesome kid and the happiest and the strongest woman in the world. With the happiest Dad in the world.

Several hours later – we got to our family room and some solid hospital food. Which tasted like heaven. I would give it a 10 out of 10 even though it was boiled potatos(boiled blue) with sausage sauce. We both agreed.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hereby I would like to thank the people in ITK – brilliant work and we felt like home. Thank you.

We stayed there for several nights more. And asked a lot of stupid questions, starting from witch way to put the diaper on to does the way the kid sits in the crib look normal or did we mess up, type of questions. Yeah, it was awesome. I recommend.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As a suggestion, if you will be in the same situation – don’t worry, no pregnant lady has stayed pregnant forever. The baby will be born. A few long hours of hard work but with the best outcome you can imagine. Just don’t use Spotify. You will not change the playlists often enough. There are still some songs, that take us back to the hospital room.


Will continue the next time!


The DadProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset



Mom needs advice, baby advice

As today is my rest day then I´m going to make this one short. Mom needs help. Can anyone tell her why is it, that I´m incapable of sleeping more than 45 minutes in daytime? We go outside, everything is okay, when my first sleep-cycle is over I wake up. Sometimes I fall asleep again, but after 5 minutes I´m up. I´m capable of going from one sleep-cycle to another, but the sleep itself is so weak, that I wake up all the time. Mom doesn’t like that! And me neither, to be honest. I want to be a happy well rested baby! So, if anyone has some ideas, what could help, then it would be very nice of you to share your thoughts with me. Thank you!

That said, you already figured out that the long relaxing walk didn’t happen, right? No, it didn’t. But I´m okay with that, I like to play! Sleep can wait. Hope Mom forgives me that!

Dad was supposed to go to work with a bicycle again today. She woke up 12 minutes before he had to be at work. The result – no bicycle! Yes, the car! As my big boys’ stroller is in the car, we had to go outside with my old and big pram. Parents are thinking of putting the old one to a winter vacation and start using the little stroller. I´m not quite sure, how good idea is that, but we´ll see. Maybe soon. When the weather is constantly warm and the sun is shining every day.IMG_6607

I like the brand of my big boy stroller – Mamas and Papas. Maybe we’ll do a review of it someday. Or of other stuff we have. If anyone is interested.

You see, I´m still babbling, it was supposed to be a short post! So, let´s end it.

The wisdom of the day – if you have nothing smart to say, don´t say anything at all!

Oh, and Dad will write his next post any day now! Stay tuned!

Love ya all!

Tobias, the nosleepman

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We have seen better days…

This hasn´t happened for a long time. I made Mom cry. Yes, I did.

And the reason – I cried. Or I cry. Lately a lot. And Mom just didn´t know what to do and how to help me. And so we just cried, the two of us.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have to admit that besides all the fun stuff I do I still have my baby problems. Lately the gas thing is back. That jerk. Mom feels guilty, she tried to eat an apple yesterday. Think she´s not going to do that again in a while!

And my teeth still make a killer pain. I dribble like I have rabies or something. When I´m on my tummy, all the floor and the toys are wet. Oh, today they weren´t wet because of my dribbling. I had my naked time. Yes, sometimes I´m naked because my butt has a lovely diaper rash. And then I peed on my play mat. And on my toys. Hope they aren´t mad at me. Mom wasn´t. She laughed. And gave me a kiss! At least I wasn´t crying at that moment. She was happy.

As my sleeping patterns are changing, I can´t assure you that all my blogposts are going to be up in daytime. Maybe some of them are going to be up in the evenings. I hope you understand and still come to read how I´m doing. I like writing to you! You are all my virtual friends and I´m very grateful to you, that you are interested in how I´m doing!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

To make her mood better and my food richer Mom bought an ice-cream. That´s one more concern she has. That I don´t get enough food. Although I don´t think that´s the case. We tested today, I´m already 7440g. That´s enough I think! But I can let you still have that ice-cream, Mom. Sometimes stress eating makes the mood better. Teaser – in Selver the LaMuu salted caramel ice-cream and brownie ice-cream are on sale. So, off you go! To the store!

Hope to have a better evening than the day has been. And wish all to you a peaceful evening and go buy that ice-cream! Sending you big huggs!

Tobias, the peeman

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Playdates and fleamarket

Hello my lovely people! Tobias has survived the weekend! Was quite a good one, I have to admit.

I had a playdate with Ella and Aron and their Moms on Friday. It was so fun! We all behaved very nicely, cried only a little and no one except me fell asleep! I had a little powernap which lasted like 5 minutes, so it actually doesn´t count as a sleep. Ella´s Mom was holding me and it was just so nice to be in her lap that I didn´t even notice when I passed out. But as I said, I pulled myself together and woke up quickly! So, I´m very proud of all of us. We held hands, looked into each other eyes and yes, put our fingers into these beautiful eyes too. We have to discover everything you know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

At first I was a bit sad, that Ella had her eyes only for Aron. I felt myself so abandoned! Like a little puppy. Luckily, that passed and I hope I didn´t lose my girlfriend! Oh, is she my girlfriend? I don´t know! I haven´t asked, if she´s okay with that. I think that tomorrow when we´re going swimming, I´ll man up and ask her. Hope she says yes! Then it´s official. Whoa, I´m excited now! But when she says no? What I´m going to do then? My life would be over. Totes. Have to discuss with Mom and Dad.

Next week, I´m going to see Aron again, can´t wait! Her Mom has to give some beauty stuff for my Mom, hope we can go for a walk together. His Mom is so cute and I like her and their company! On next week is my mini-mini birthday too, don´t you all forget that!

On Saturday, it was my first flea market. That went quite well. Mom didn´t sell me. I´m happy about that! I have finally grown on Mom and I like to spend time with her as much as she does with me. So, Mom, I dare you to try this again!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Flea market itself was quiet. I saw many of my friends and even 2 readers came to see meeeee! No, 3, they had their baby also with them. I was so happy that someone actually wanted to meet me. Made my day so much nicer! They were so cool that we decided to have a playdate this week. So much fun!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The fact that some of my friends came to visit us meant that Mom actually earned a bit money. Most of the stuff she sold, was bought by my friends, so, you have to thank me, Mom! And maybe buy me some new toys? Oooooor, Xbox? I haven´t forgotten that!

Rest of the weekend was chillax to the max. Had a few long walks with parents, went for a run with Dad and pooped on Mom. To punish her for trying to sell me. I liked that weekend. Soon we´re going to have more this kind of weekends when we can just chill and rest. Parents are almost done with their Estoloppet season, finally!IMG_2995

Hope you had a nice weekend too! Sending you my fanciest smile!!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tobias the poopman!

Good one Dad, hope she falls for it!

Today is my mini-mini birthday! The real birthday will be when I turn 1 year old. Mini birthday is when I turn 3 months old. But today. Today I am 10 weeks old! As a birthday present for Mom my afternoon nap was four and a half hours. I am a perfect kid. I know. But them. The parents. They didn´t get me anything! Like, anything! At least they forgot to buy the cake for themselves too.

So-so disappointed. Future parents – this is a lesson from which you should learn.

Instead they make me drink an awful tea which should help me with my stomach. Take a dump in other words. It better work. The taste is horrible. DO NOT RECOMMEND. I hope you all little babies are reading this.

Oh by the way, Ben & Jerry´s have a new ice cream which should increase the amount of milk in breasts. I hope my food taste also like that ice cream. I would even let the fact that they didn´t get me anything for my mini-mini birthday slide!

Today has been a lazy day. All I have done is sleep-eat-play and I have to admit that I even watched TV a little. Don´t tell Mom. She put me to the play mat to clean the house a little. So I used the opportunity and peeked a little. Sometimes we watch TV together (when the Bold and the Beautiful is coming), but Mom doesn´t like me to watch TV too much. Dad is much cooler. He has been convincing Mom that we should get an Xbox. He told her that we need it for listening to children´s CD-s, because no other electronics can fit a CD nowadays. Maybe Dad can convince Mom to buy the Xbox for my 6th month birthday. Or 11 week birthday. This week would be nice.

Now I am getting back to sleep. When I have a mini-nap in the evenings then my night-sleep is so much better. And meanwhile Mom and Dad can enjoy NOT having a cake to eat! Karma’s a b*tch!


Good night all you lovely readers!


Today was a good day.

I had a good night sleep until i wet myself. Yes, hard to admit, but it happens. 10 times a day. I am a baby you know. But this time my diaper was already so full that it leaked. The bed was wet and uncomfy. Dad had already gone to work and Mom was sleeping. Nobody was there to help. I had nothing else to do than cry, cry and cry some more. Eventually Mom woke up, looked at me and said: Continue reading “Today was a good day.”