I went to a vacation in Finland, learned some new stuff and now refuse to go to sleep.

Hi Guys!


I’m back from my vacation, discussed stuffs with parents and since everyone agreed, we’re gonna turn this thing to Estonian. Sest vlogid on meil niikuinii eesti keeles, on üsna nõme siia laduda inglise keelset sisu mis viitab eesti keelsele videole. No worries though, Instagram on still in English

While we’re getting back to our routine, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Tobias, thelearnallthenewstuffman.

Who’s a whiny baby? :P

Hi guys! You know what, my teeth actually started to intersect! How cool is that! I had a doctor´s appointment today, I needed to get some shots and then she discovered that it has happened. So it must have happened last night. Because yesterday there was nothing. Man, I´m officially big now. Must celebrate! Mom, where´s my strawberry milkshake that Dad bought yesterday?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I had my training session too. As parents went to the city together this morning, we had some extra time before training with Mom. So we just walked in the rain and I had a lovely refreshing little nap to have the energy to do all the exercises! Training was fun, did some push-ups and chased little balls. I also had a little stroke from Ella on my bum. I think she really likes me. To be honest, I really like her! Can´t wait for the summer vacation when we can spend 5 days together! This is going to be so awesome!!

Actually the life is quite good I have to say. A lot is happening and a lot to wait for. Summer, warm weather, nice long picnics, new skills, new home, vacation.. Oh, so good. Although today’s weather is a piece of crap. But yesterday was nice. And the day before too, when I had a playdate which I already told you about. The one with Dad´s workmates or their wives. Was nice to see the other babies and oh, there was one little baby who was almost 3 weeks old!! He was so tiny! Can´t imagine, that I used to be as small as he was.

After the playdate we had a spontaneous picnic with Ella and moms. It was my first time to touch grass. And mold. It was a funny feeling and the smell, the smell was extremely cool! I even tasted a bit. I´m not sure how I liked the taste, but I think I´m going to try it some other day again. Yesterday I had a picnic too. It was sadly only with Mom. We were supposed to go to the beach, but when we arrived there Mom discovered, that she´s not very skilled in pushing my pram on the sand. So we quit and went to the park instead. I liked the park too! I even got a little tan you know. I think I look way better when I have a tan on.

And today. Why is it, that it’s pouring rain? After the training lessons we were supposed to come home, all the three of us (Dad had an appointment with the kitchen guy in our new home), but the appointment moved to a bit later and so we had to walk with Mom. Outside. In the rain. She was so wet, she was dripping. Hope she didn´t catch a cold. She tried to be indoors, but I liked the fresh air much better, so I cried when we were in the store. Sorry Mom.06590C60-923E-4267-82AC-39D52A67F087

Hope tomorrow the weather will be nicer. Wait, tomorrow is already Friday! This week has gone by so fast. And I have only written you twice. Sorry. Lately, so much is happening, that I just can´t find the time. Hope you understand. It´s still summer and on summer it must be all relax to the max. No stress and taking maximum from the weather and from different opportunities. Oh, how philosophical I am.

Okay for now. I hope you are all well and I send you my warmest hugs!


Tobias, the teethingmoldmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset


I went on a date, to see a movie!

I know I have been bad. Bad bad boy! Not writing to you so long. Sorry. I have been busy. As I’m actually now too. This post is written in a cafe, I am a fancypancy baby you know. My conscience just didn’t let me pass one more day without writing to you.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I went to see a movie. It was my first time and I liked it. It was a baby-cinema. Although the movie we watched wasn’t a kids movie. But the event was meant for moms and babies. It was a very very sad story and Mom cried. Ella’s mom cried too. The film is called Mom’s list. We didn’t sleep much with Ella, everything was way more interesting than sleeping! All the lights and the big screen and other babies..

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the movie, we came to the city with Mom. We had a lovely lunch, even Dad joined us! Mom didn’t see a point in going back home because we have to be back in the city around 5 o’clock again. To give me to Dad. Yes, we’re going to have a boys night! So excited! I believe we’re going to have a great night. Doing grocery shopping, playing, eating porridge and everything!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

And I’m going to work with Dad, there are many many really awesome girls! Hope they are going to play with me a lot! (Update, they did!)

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom is having a little girls time out again. She’s actually going to a Fashion House opening with a friend. Maybe the fashion house sells some baby stuff too and Mom buys me something nice! Fingers crossed.

Yesterday.. what did I do yesterday.. I went to a cafe, yes! Mom had a lunch date with two of her girlfriends. They needed to discuss some important stuff. After that we had a long stroll in the city. It was quite nice. I slept like a baby the whole time!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom is quite into this vlogging stuff so you’ll see all my doings in a video too. I think this weeks vlog is going up on Sunday night or on Monday.

I have to tell you, that I have a new fun skill. Blowing bubbles and whistling. It’s so much fun! I like to do these things especially when I’m eating. Then the the porridge flies everywhere! Yes, I’m a big boy and I eat porridge now. It ‘s just a bit, but still! This happens before my night sleep. As you all know then in next Monday I’m already half a year old and then I’m going to start eating some meat tooooo! Can’t wait for that to happen! Still a man you know. Give me my meat.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

But okay for now. Tomorrow I have a free day from different stuff and I’ll write to you again!


Tobias, the movieman

Dad is leaving..

I have to admit, I have found the magic in pacifier. Yes, it finally happened! I don´t know why, but I started to like that. Parents are hoping that I fall asleep now without being glued on Mom´s breast. Yesterday it didn´t happen. This morning it happened! This midday it didn´t happen. I thought that I can´t be too good all the time, so I let Mom to suffer a bit more.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After my nap, we´re going to the city with Mom. She has to run some errands. We´re going to pick up some pictures she ordered and then we´re going to visit my granddad. Dad´s suitcase and my pram´s sitting part is his hands, need to take these with us. Then we´re going to pick up Dad and in the evening, we have a dinner date with our neighbours! Today´s menu is fresh springrolls. One of the neighbours (the male one) told, that he´s too fat and he´s on a diet. Wondering how many bears they are drinking with Dad tonight. Need to balance the fresh eating, you know!

Have to remind parents, that we can´t be too long in neighbours place. Dad needs to pack his luggage and then he needs to play with me. A lot. He is going to be away 4 days!! 4 days!!!! That´s too long. We haven´t been a day apart and now, 4 days. Ohhh. Think I´m going to make Mom mad. Luckily, she has organized us many activities, so maybe she won´t go crazy. I know, many moms have to be alone all the time, but this is the first time for us.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow Ella with her Mom are visiting us. Wait, before that, we have a gymnastics lessons. It´s the first time! I´m already so excited, it sounds so fun! But we´ll see tomorrow. Then, after the gymnastics, they are visiting us. We´re planning to walk a lot and eat ice cream a lot. I like that plan! I´m going to show Ella all my toys and we´re going to have a fabulous time!

Then, on Friday, Mom´s classmates are going to visit us. We´re going to make pizzas and play a lot. And then play a bit more. Haven´t seen them for so long, last time was Viimsi´s flea market. It was 2 months ago. About time! Wondering which gifts they are bringing me..

And then, on Saturday. Then my grandma is going to see us! She´s going to stay overnight. Oh, so much fun! Haven´t totally decided what we´re going to do on Saturday, but grandma wanted to go to Vintage Tallinn (it´s like a flea market kinda thing). Hope the weather is nice too, then we can be outside a lot and enjoy the fresh air.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So, a lot is happening this week. Hope I have energy to be happy and bubbly all the time! Maybe if I sleep nicely, I can survive. I´m not sure if I have time to write to you tomorrow and the day after, but I’ll try. If I can´t make it, then don´t be sad. Mom promised me to vlog our doings and seeings, so you´ll at least see me some day, when the vlog goes up.

Until then, I hope you have a nice week, today is Wednesday, so the weekend is coming soon!

Sending you my warmest hugs and prettiest smiles!


Tobias, the pacifierman

A quick change of plans.

Today was such a rebel day. Yes, we were suppoed to go swimming. But we went shopping in Ülemiste instead! Just like that.

Okay, actually it wasn´t just like that. At 8.45 when Mom woke up and discovered, that the clock is already so much, we hurried to get to swimming for the right time. When we arrived at Reval Sport (that´s the place where we go swimming) Mom couldn´t open the gate with her wristband. It´s supposed to open when you put your wristband near the sensor. But it just didn´t open! Okay, so we parked our car on the street where you´re not supposed to park and went inside to check out, what´s the reason. It turned out, that our 10-time swimming card was instead 8-time swimming card. We had no access because our package was over!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As Ella and her Mom ran a little late, then moms decided, that they’ll ditch the swimming and go shopping instead! Such a good plan! I like shopping and Ella was also quite happy about that decision, so we spent a few hours in Ülemiste instead. Shopping is also a sport you know! We ate in Blender and had such a fab time!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Last night Dad discovered that his ID card´s validity period is over. He´s supposed to go for a little trip this weekend, so there was an opportunity that we have to drive to Dad´s parents house this evening. His passport is there. Luckily my uncle is in east, so he can take Dad´s passport with him when he comes back to the city and we don´t have to take up that trip. It would have been of course good to see my grandparents, but the drive would have been quite pointless. We can watch Eurovison instead!

Oh, Dad ordered me new walkie-talkies! Or they are the real thing, I´m not sure. Anyhow, they just arrived and now, when parents put me to sleep outside or something like that, they can even hear me when I wake up and when I´m crying! The old ones we had, IKEA ones, they are broken. Mom threw one of them on the floor. Maybe that´s the reason they don´t work. No, she wasn´t mad at me. It just happened. Or maybe she was mad.. noo.. I don´t think so. Mom is not that kind of a person who does such things. Although she should release more of her tensions. It´s good for you, so have I heard. Like me. When something is wrong then I cry. Easy-peasy! All the tension disappears!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Did you know that this Sunday is Mother´s Day? It´s the first for me and Mom both! I have such a cool day planned, I´m already so excited! I´m a bit sad, that Dad arrives back from the trip in the afternoon, but at least he comes back! I hope I manage making the coffee and bringing the croissants to Mom´s bed without him. Maybe I struggle a little, but hopefully not much!

Now the washing machine is done and we´re going to put the clothes to dry with Mom. I promised to help her. So she wouldn´t do all the stuff herself!

Btw, I also ate carrot puree for the first time, it was delicious! Maybe the fact that Dad made it for me made it taste so good, don´t know, but good it was. And have to praise Dad for boiling carrots for his son at 11 o´clock in the evening! He is the bestest!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Don´t forget to watch Eurovision this evening! What´s your favorite song? To be honest, I have no idea which songs are on this year, but I´ll see it this evening!

Love you!

Tobias, the shoppingman




We have a trip tomorrow!

I´m such a sweetiepie! Yesterday I ate my first sweet stuff. It was a pear. I had no idea, that something can taste so good! It had a real taste and everything. The only bad thing about that was the fact it gave me massive gas. And it hurt like hell. Parents had after a long time again a bit more difficult night. Me crying and everything. But at least it made my digestive system moving, crapped the bed like a big boy!

Yesterday was wine-club. I had to settle with my pear, but others had fun. Liisu had grown so much since the last time we saw, she looked different, let´s put it that way. Like a big girl already! Soon I´m going to be as big as she is. And it´s so soon. Time flies, I must say!

Today I´m going to a Food Fair with parents. Because Mom likes to eat. And there´s free food. Need I say more? Actually she just likes everything that includes food and she´s curious to see, what is going on there. In the evening, we´re going to Liisu´s 10-month mini-birthday! Her mom told yesterday, that there is going to be a huuuuge cake! Can´t wait, like cakes.

I have to remind parents, that tomorrow is our Finland trip. That means we have to be home early to pack everything we need. As the ferry leaves early in the morning and knowing how „not morning“ people my parents are then we need to put everything together in the evening. I hope that they don´t forgot to take my bunny with us. And my ID-card! That´s the most important stuff. We also need to take Mom´s Viking Line clubcard and Dad´s IKEA card. I´m putting it everything in writing, so they wouldn´t forgot.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. We leave from home around 7 am and we get back home around midnight. Whoa, that is long. But at least I´m going to have my first IKEA trip and I´m going to get a feeding chair! Can´t wait to eat in there. Sounds comfy! Parents need to figure out something else to do in Finland. IKEA takes about 5 hours, but the other 6 hours need to be filled with some activity. Mom´s plan is to chill somewhere in the park and eat ice cream. Hope the weather is nice, so maybe we can even do that!

On Sunday, parents are thinking about going to Red Bull´s run. It happens somewhere in the beach and everyone can participate. Come and run with us! If you don´t fancy running then you can walk too. Maybe we´re walking, I´m not quite sure yet. You can read more about it here – https://www.facebook.com/events/661989390655693/.

Okay then. I´m now going to watch Mom drink her morning coffee. I haven´t figured out if I´m going to disturb her or not. Maybe, because I´m such a good boy I won´t do it today. But we´ll see.

Hope you have a beautiful beautiful day and even better weekend!!



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I have NOT seen that much sun, ever! And you can give my blog a vote on bloggers awards!

You know what? Finally, finally the weather is warm and sun is out! I wish all the weekend would have been like this. But no. The first two days of the weekend were crappy. Like a lot of crap from the sky and the temperature was.. not acceptable, I must say.

A few things I had planned for the weekend didn´t happen. Like, parents refused to go out on Saturday. I missed the basketball game I was so excited about. Luckily the friends from Tartu didn´t get lost on the way, in the storm, and I saw them! No presents this time, but I understand.

On Saturday, the weather was a bit better but still crappy. So our little trip with Ella and her parents got cancelled. I was so-so sad about that! Next time, they promised! Parents decided to still have a bit of outside time, so we went to the Kakerdaja bog. When we drove there, the weather was nice, sun and everything. When we arrived, there was a massive rain. It lasted like 5 minutes and the sun came out again. We went outside and after 5 minutes, some small icecubes came down the sky. First I thought they were frozen meatballs, but Dad told me that was hail. Okay then. Hail, then hail. Packed ourselves back together and out of the terrible weather.

Luckily, in Pedaspea, where we spent our night, the weather was nice. Cold and windy, but at least we saw a little sun. We had a lovely evening, barbeque and some of the guys went to the sauna. Had a few beers and enjoyed the night. I didn´t have a single beer, but I had fun! At midnight we discovered that Hunger games are on TV, watched that and everything.

And then, then the Monday and a free day and the first of May happened, with a sun! With a warm weather! It was like a dream. I have to say that it was the warmest weather my eyes have ever seen. So we had a 5 hour long chillax time on the terrace. We ate breakfast outside, with short clothes and everything. Nice, I have to say. Mom also discovered, that she hasn´t bought me a sunscreen. As I´m still a baby and I have a very soft skin (believe me, it´s the softest, come and see!), I need to have a correct sun protection. Not to mention, that my skin hasn´t seen sun before. So we need to have a little shopping trip. Again. Bhhhh.

Oh well. Think I can manage one more shopping day.

Today I had a very good day again! As I was ill last week then the last time I went swimming was like ages ago. But that fact didn´t stop me diving many many times! It was so much fun! A few times I pulled a bit water to my throat but I must say, that the skill is becoming quite good. Saw Ella after a long time. She´s still the sweetest! This time we even went to sauna together. It was a bit hot, but I tried to act cool and not show.

After the swimming lesson moms wanted to eat, as usual. This time we ate in Trühvel and it was the first time we ate outside! Or, some of us ate and some of us slept. We did the second thing with Ella. I must say that sleeping outside is way better than inside. I even dreamt about summer and our vacation together with Ella. Maybe we can sleep in the same bed. Man, that would be awesome!

When moms were full of ice cream, we drove back home. Unfortunately, just me and Mom. Ella and her Mom went to their home. But since the weather was so nice, Mom wanted to go outside for a walk. As we were supposed to go back to the city in the evening anyhow, she decided that we go for a walk there. So, after being at home for an hour, we headed back to the car and off to the city, to Kalamaja. We had a lovely walk and Mom showed me where they used to live with Dad. She told, that she´s so happy that we don´t live in that apartment anymore. I am too. When Mom is happy, I am happy!

When we had walked for a while we headed to Dad´s office. And then, then we went to see a hairdresser. At first I thought that the lovely lady is going to cut my hair. But no. My haircut is the prettiest! Mom was the one whose hair got chopped. I think she looked so nice after the cut! A bit strange, but still nice! Sad thing is, that now she has less hair I can pull and play with, but I hope I can survive.

Finally, around 8 o´clock we got back at home. So good. Got to play with my toys and cuddle with Dad. I love Dad.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I hope you had a lovely long weekend and you enjoyed the sun as much as I did!

And I love you tooooo! Yes, you, my lovely reader! XO!

By the way, my blog is on the Estonian Bloggers Awards, give your vote – eba.marimell.eu


Tobias, the sunman


It’s gonna be one hell of a weekend

I had a day off yesterday! Just like that. And not even feeling guilty about that. A posh baby, you know.

I got my ID-card, I´m so sweeeet on the photo! Just look! Handsome little fella. Mom also got some new pants and her watch back. Repairing the clock costed almost as much as a new watch. Phh. At least she doesn´t wear Dad´s watch anymore.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Yesterday I had quite a bad sleep in the daytime. Maybe that´s the reason I slept so long today. I woke up before 6 o´clock in the morning. Then Mom played with me like half an hour and then we fell back asleep. The next time I woke up was 11.54. Like whaaat? Where did the time go? At least now I´m rested and ready to play!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The weekend is going to be a long one again. Monday is a free day! Free day – yeey day! Dad can be at home toooo! I like having him around. He´s one cool guy, I have to say. He makes so funny faces when he plays with me and he´s way more interesting than Mom. Like, he has so long arm-hair, which I like to pull. And her cheeks are way chubbier and more grabable. And his voice doesn´t make my ears hurt. So yes, he´s my favourite!

Tomorrow is going to be the first time for me to go to a basketball game. How awesome is that! Friends from Tartu are visiting us this weekend and one of them has to play tomorrow. Of course I´m going to cheer him! He´s gonna win, I know. Not his team, bu he. He´s just that awesome. In the evening, we´re going to make.. I don´t even know what! We haven´t made any strict plans. Mom is a bit overwhelmed by that fact, but I hope she survives. She always has to have a plan.

On Sunday when the weather is nice then we´re going to a roadtrip with Ella, Platon and their parents. Think it´s going to be a good good day! We´re going to have a picnic and everything, that´s also a first for me! Haven´t seen Ella already.. way too long! Can´t even count how many days. So the weather better be nice on Sunday!

As Sunday is also a holiday, then in the evening we´re going to my uncles soon to be wife´s parents summerhouse. We´re going to make a little fire (grilling does count as a fire, no?) and just have a fabulous time! Haven´t chilled with them so long. Hope they are going to cuddle me all night and the next day also. Yes, we´re going to stay overnight. Parents have their own couch at the summer house, how cool is that! Maybe I´m even going to eat some yummy meat, we´ll see!

So, to sum up – my weekend is going to be great! So many friends and so many fun things. Hope you have a good time too and I´ll see you again on Tuesday!

Until then – the biggest and cutest smiles from me to you!

Tobias, the friendman

That’s one sticky MF outside. Go away, please.

What the heck is happening outside? Where´s the sun? Where are all the butterflies? Whyyyy??? My little baby brain can´t take it!

Hope the weather is getting better and all the snow will melt and the sun will come out. Because, it´s a long weekend and parents have planned so much fun things! All these things are supposed to happen outside and with a nice sunny weather. So, dear snow, please go away. Now!

Even our home was cold when we woke up with Mom in the morning. I´m used to waking up and it´s warm and sun is shining. Today was the blah outside and Mom had to even put trousers on me. Like, trousers, you understand me right? Mom refused to take off her bathrobe and put other clothes on, so we´re chilling and playing like total losers, with pants and bathrobe. A total home chill.

When Dad gets home we´re going to pack our stuff and head to the east to see my grandparents. Hope they have prepared – bought me a lot of presents and will be energized, they have to play with me all the time! If tomorrow the weather is nice, then we´re going to Narva. I have never been there! I´m a bit afraid, but Mom told that it´s cool. So, maybe we´ll come back alive!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Yesterday was our wine-club dinner-date. We had so nice time! The place we went looked a bit of.. not so cozy, is maybe the best explanation, but the food was really great! The pizzas were huge! Like, huge!! Look!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Although parents aren´t fans of fat bottom pizzas, this one was so delicious! If any of you would like to have these massive and njommy pizzas, then head over to Taverna del Gallo Nero! It´s located in Kadriorg, next to the park. So, why not to order a pizza and then head over to the park? It´s actually a very good idea. Have to share that with Ella, maybe sometime after the swimming lesson we can do that (when the blah goes away outside)!

Was good to see my uncle and other friends too, I´m almost as big as Liisu! We had a little catch up and maybe, just maybe, we´re going to see each other in the weekend again. I really hope so!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I think that tomorrow there will be no new post. As in Estonia (and in other countries too I believe?) is a national holiday. It´s a free day and I´m going to take my day off too! The next time I´ll write, will be on Monday. A little teaser too – next week there will the first Mom post! Yes, yes, it will happen!

I now try to sleep a little. Soon Dad will be home and then off we go!

I wish you happy Easter and lots of colorful eggs!


Tobias, the eggman

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A really busy weekend

Hello my lovely friends! A new week again, what a joy!

Unfortunately, I didn´t make it to the post on Friday. We had a city day with Mom. Dad had a part-time home office and Mom had a dentist appointment in lunch-time. After these, we all went to the city, Dad to work and we went shopping with Mom. Dad needed a few bits and we also needed to do some grocery shopping for Saturday´s Italian themed dinner date.

It was my first experience in these crazy things called Osturalli and Hullud Päevad. Was mad! So many people everywhere. But I survived. Was a bit afraid, but big boy as I am, I managed to handle all the crowd. When Dad was ready with his work we went to Ülemiste. Mom had ordered me a really cool dinnerware set from Zara Home. So, I now have my very own dining set. Like a mug, two spoons, a bowl, a plate. How cool! Soon I´ll have my own chair too and then it´s all settled with my eating things. So happy about that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the evening, we had a lovely time at home with parents. Dad made Mom a very jummy pasta dish and after some playing and a long bath it was time for me to go to bed. I was passed out.

And then, then it was Saturday! Long chill morning with cuddles and Mom let me wear my new hat all morning long. It has a Mickey Mouse on it. I´m a fan you know!

When breakfast was finally done, we had a little walk and then it was time to visit our friends. And you know what, we used public transport for that! My first! We drove with a bus, with a tram and with a train! I think I liked the train the most. Or the bus. It made me sleep so deeply. Certainly going to ride with bus again!

Finally, after some long tripping, we arrived to Ella´s parents place. Was so good to see Platon and Ella and her Mom again! It was the first time for me to meet Ella´s dad. Was a bit afraid at the beginning, still, maybe the future father in law. Hope I left a good impression! We had a very lovely evening, played with Ella and slept in Ella´s pram. It was nice. Like sleeping next to her! Oh, unfortunately I didn´t managed to fall into my night-sleep there, so I had quite a long evening and I was quite overtired when we finally started our way home. So, I cried all the way. Think the taxi driver was quite happy when we finally arrived to Viimsi. But blah, I´m a baby. Babies cry!

On Sunday, we slept quite long. I was so so tired! After a long breakfast and a little powernap we went to a walk with parents. And I fell asleep again. So deeply that I slept like 4 hours. I haven´t slept that long quite a long time. Parents didn´t want to wake me up and so they walked all the time. 19 389 steps to be accurate. That long walked also included two ice-creams, a little cheeseburger and 3 pies. Hungry parents.

Finally, when it was almost evening, I woke up, had a little play at home and then off to my uncle´s place. A little relaxing sauna night to end the long weekend. Played with my nieces and had so good time!

Today has been fun too. Played with Mom, had a long walk and then we took pictures of my old clothes. We don´t have enough room in the closet so Mom has to sell things which are too small for me. I hope they find a cool new baby, who enjoys wearing them as much as I did!

And now. Now I wish to you a fun new week! Mine is going to be full of swimming, doctor´s appointment, dinner-date with wine-club and then off to the countryside to see my grandparents!


Sending you my love!

Tobias, the restedmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset