A really busy weekend

Hello my lovely friends! A new week again, what a joy!

Unfortunately, I didn´t make it to the post on Friday. We had a city day with Mom. Dad had a part-time home office and Mom had a dentist appointment in lunch-time. After these, we all went to the city, Dad to work and we went shopping with Mom. Dad needed a few bits and we also needed to do some grocery shopping for Saturday´s Italian themed dinner date.

It was my first experience in these crazy things called Osturalli and Hullud Päevad. Was mad! So many people everywhere. But I survived. Was a bit afraid, but big boy as I am, I managed to handle all the crowd. When Dad was ready with his work we went to Ülemiste. Mom had ordered me a really cool dinnerware set from Zara Home. So, I now have my very own dining set. Like a mug, two spoons, a bowl, a plate. How cool! Soon I´ll have my own chair too and then it´s all settled with my eating things. So happy about that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the evening, we had a lovely time at home with parents. Dad made Mom a very jummy pasta dish and after some playing and a long bath it was time for me to go to bed. I was passed out.

And then, then it was Saturday! Long chill morning with cuddles and Mom let me wear my new hat all morning long. It has a Mickey Mouse on it. I´m a fan you know!

When breakfast was finally done, we had a little walk and then it was time to visit our friends. And you know what, we used public transport for that! My first! We drove with a bus, with a tram and with a train! I think I liked the train the most. Or the bus. It made me sleep so deeply. Certainly going to ride with bus again!

Finally, after some long tripping, we arrived to Ella´s parents place. Was so good to see Platon and Ella and her Mom again! It was the first time for me to meet Ella´s dad. Was a bit afraid at the beginning, still, maybe the future father in law. Hope I left a good impression! We had a very lovely evening, played with Ella and slept in Ella´s pram. It was nice. Like sleeping next to her! Oh, unfortunately I didn´t managed to fall into my night-sleep there, so I had quite a long evening and I was quite overtired when we finally started our way home. So, I cried all the way. Think the taxi driver was quite happy when we finally arrived to Viimsi. But blah, I´m a baby. Babies cry!

On Sunday, we slept quite long. I was so so tired! After a long breakfast and a little powernap we went to a walk with parents. And I fell asleep again. So deeply that I slept like 4 hours. I haven´t slept that long quite a long time. Parents didn´t want to wake me up and so they walked all the time. 19 389 steps to be accurate. That long walked also included two ice-creams, a little cheeseburger and 3 pies. Hungry parents.

Finally, when it was almost evening, I woke up, had a little play at home and then off to my uncle´s place. A little relaxing sauna night to end the long weekend. Played with my nieces and had so good time!

Today has been fun too. Played with Mom, had a long walk and then we took pictures of my old clothes. We don´t have enough room in the closet so Mom has to sell things which are too small for me. I hope they find a cool new baby, who enjoys wearing them as much as I did!

And now. Now I wish to you a fun new week! Mine is going to be full of swimming, doctor´s appointment, dinner-date with wine-club and then off to the countryside to see my grandparents!


Sending you my love!

Tobias, the restedmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset




The exhausted guy

Whoa, don´t know where to start! Last time I wrote on Monday, right? Yes, yes.

So, yesterday I had my swimming lessons, went quite okay. My mood wasn´t the bestest, so I didn´t enjoy it as much as I´m used to, but next time will be better! This time I had a swimming lesson with two of my friends! Marta was also swimming with her mom. Was good to see her, the last time was already like a month ago! We had a private lesson, the three of us – me, Ella and Marta. I like these kind of lessons, then the coach can teach us individually. So nice!

After the swim, Ella and her mom invited us over to their house, to have a little playdate and to go for a walk. I didn´t have to think twice, I agreed! The only downside was, I didn’t have time to write to you. But you understand, I know you do!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So, we spent our afternoon in Nõmme, walking in pinewoods and eating ice-cream. The weather was warm and the birds were singing and everything were very chill. After the walk, we had a little play with Ella and Platon (he is the most awesomest big dog I have seen!) and suddenly it was already time for me and Mom to leave.

Off to another party! As I mentioned, my cousin turned two on Sunday, so yesterday was the party. It took place in Laura´s Kitchen, it´s a cool partyplace in Kalamaja. If I´m older, then I´m going to have so much fun in these playrooms! This time I had to settle with just watching and cheering the others. Saw many of my relatives and spent a lovely time! The cake was also njom!

When we finally arrived home in the evening, I was so overwhelmed of the day that I just couldn´t fall asleep! So, I spent quite some time chatting with my bunnies before finally the sleep fairy came and put me to sleep. Mom was also very tired. We haven´t had that kind of a day before that we leave home at 9 am and will be back at 9 pm. Was tiring!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Our hopes that we can sleep the next morning nice and long weren´t meant to happen though. It was time for another playdate! And as funny as it is, again in Laura´s Kitchen! Mom laughed, that we should have stayed there for the night. Would have been less driving back and forth. This playdate was with Dad´s workmates and their children. Or with workmates wives and their children. Anyhow, saw a few already old friends and met many new ones. Had a lovely time!

And now, now we´re finally back at home. Mom said that she refuses to do anything today. The only thing we have to do is go grocery shopping. I think we´re going to do that when Dad is back at home from work. Until then we´re going to rest with Mom and play a little. But mostly, rest.

Oh, tired but happy! Have had two very good days! Mom told, that tomorrow is rest day and we´re going to have a nice long walk in the afternoon. And that´s the only thing we have planned. Other than that, having cuddles and laugh and play! Me likes that plan!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope you forgive me about yesterday! Just didn´t have the time!

Big big huggs to you all!


Tobias, the tiredman

A small bite for man, a giant leap for Tobias.

Ciao bellas! New week! New start! New experiences! Yes, yes. You know what? Today was a really special day for me. I tried real food for the very first time. It wasn´t milk. It had a texture, you know! It´s kind of a big deal for me, you know. YOU KNOW! Mom was so cool and filmed it. Have a look!

As you can see it was delicious! I really liked that. And now, let´s hope that my digestive system goes – yiiippee! And voila, all my tummy problems will disappear! Fingers crossed.

I hope that all of you went outdoors yesterday. It was so warm. The warmest weather my eyes have ever seen. Like spring! We had a lovely long walk with parents. Had my first outdoor eating experience too! Was quite nice not to be stuck in the car and trying to eat there.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope that the weather is going warmer and warmer each day. I reallly like that. I´m quite tired of that gray and sticky weather. Okay, today the weather is ugly too but it shall pass, I must hope! Then it´s so much nicer. Mom told, that we´re going to have longer walks and eat some ice-cream while we´re at it and do other fun stuff too that you can only do outside. Like sit on a bench. I haven´t done that! Okay, I´m not really good at sitting yet, but I’ll get to it. The skill I mean. Soon my bellas, soon! Ohh, then I can have outdoor play dates tooooo! Who wants to come to a playground with me?!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

BTW, yesterday I went out in my big-boys stroller and slept in it! It’s BLUE-ish! And damn, is it comfortable.


Saturday was fun too. We visited some thrift stores and furniture shops and parents found a new couch again. They have found 3 so far. Now they have to decide which one to choose. We´re going to IKEA too in the beginning of May, I´m quite sure that Mom finds some couches there too. Hope not! The main reason we´re going there is to buy me a feeding chair. And to have a fun day!

It´s going to be my first foreign country visit.

On that note, parents have to make me an ID card! Good that I´m writing about that, now Mom remembers to take a photo of me. Hope she dresses me nicely for the photo. Did you know that toddlers ID card lasts for 5 years? Like, how´s that logical? After 4 months, I look totally different. And when I´m 2 years old? No one could tell who that baby on that photo is! Whoa, it got me all excited and stuff! Must calm down.

Back to Saturday. We visited the Design Market. Mom saw her old friend, who is now designing some cool stuff, take a look – http://xaos-design.com/. I think these things are cool, if I´m older and have a girlfriend then I´m buying her something from this collection! Now all the baby girls are all freaked out and afraid to be friends with me? No? Hope not!

Unfortunately, this time we bought nothing. Even not for me! Although there was some cool stuff besides xaos design. Some cool clothes and toys.

No, I´m lying. Mom bought ice-cream. No surprise! LaMuu has a special collection ice-creams for Tallinn Music week. Tasted nice! Better than the salted caramel one they have. It has too big caramel chunks in there. Mom almost broke her teeth!

Tomorrow is the swimming day again and in the evening, we´re going to a B-day. My lovely cousin turned two yesterday. Happy B-Day Susanna! Tomorrow I´ll give you a big big hug!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Now I´m going to take my nap and then have a massive playdate with Mom. Because she is so awesome and I know, that she doesn´t want to do anything more than to play with me! You don´t have to do the dishes or clean the house or epilate your feet or something. No, you don´t. I told Dad in the morning that today is a play day and not „I´m a good wife day”.

I hope that Mom doesn´t read this before the evening but Dad also told me in the morning that he´s going to bring some flowers to Mom today! Just because she´s there for me and Dad. And because she´s the bestest too!

Have a happy week my bellas!

Tobias, the realfoodman

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Help me out here, please!

Tobias is back! Did you like yesterday´s post? I thought it was so cool of Dad to write this. It was a total surprise to me! Hope he´s going to continue writing some posts in the future as well. Probably next week. I need my days off and I think it´s fun for you also to read some other topics also than my daily life.

If we´re already talking about this post thing. What kind of posts would you like me to write? Or my Mom or Dad? It can be anything, our daily life, making some lists about baby stuff, doing even vlogs about our goings and doings.. just name it! Think it would be fun to have some other content too than just me and my babling every day! So, bring it on, can´t wait for your suggestions!

Yesterday was actually a good day for me. To make it up to Mom (the day before – crying) I was a happy baby! I laughed and played happily and cried only a tiny bit. I didn´t fall asleep in the evening as I´m used to (when Mom feeds me), but I was totally okay to play with my bunny like half an hour and not cry. Parents were quite surprised! I´m learning how to entertain myself, I think it´s an important skill to master. Mom doesn´t have to be a clown all the time. I´m a big boy you know, I can play alone too! Some day even with Xbox!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today has been also quite nice. Did a bit of cleaning and grocery shopping with Mom. As Dad is away in the evening I think we´re going to have something really good for dinner. Like candy. Oh!! Yesterday was the pizza day and we forgot! How could we. Damnit. So, no candies, it´s pizza evening today!

Tomorrow we´re going to a Design Market and visit some drift stores, hoping to find some cool stuff for our future home. Were supposed to see Ella also tomorrow, but unfortunately that plan was cancelled. Next time!

On Sunday parents are thinking going to a bog again. As Viru bog is a bit bad for the pram we ditched the idea of going there. So, my lovely people, do you know a bog or a nice hiking trail near Tallinn where it´s comfortable with a pram? I´m very thankful to you if you share your cool spots with me!

So, pretty please, share your thoughts about the posts thing and also about bog/hiking trails. If you do, then I promise I´ll be the bestest baby to parents this weekend! So now you have to do it, you don´t want parents to be sad. Do you? Okay? Okay!

You know I love you!

XOXO, Tobias, the b(l)ogman

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Rock ‘n’ rollover

I fulfilled my promise! I told last Thursday to Mom that I will start turning myself in a week. I did it! My first turn was on Sunday, after a VERY long trying period. I tried all day long, it made me so mad but finally I managed to turn myself. Yesterday I rested, didn´t want to ruin the good memory. But then, today, when we arrived back home from swimming. I did it again and again! It just happened. I don´t know. I think that swimming mitigated the stiffness in my muscles or something. Anyhow, Mom, I promised it and I did it! Will I get my Xbox now?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

For parents, it isn´t very good news though. Now they can´t put me on the washing machine to change my diapers and do some other stuff on the same time. Like pee. Or wash their teeth. Or hang clothes to dry. But I don´t care! I´m quite satisfied you know.

Today´s swimming was fun, did some diving and other cool exercises. Had a long chat with Ella about what we both have been up to recently. Two weeks with no communication, takes time to talk all the talks! She is more skilled than I am. She can turn to her tummy and back tooo! Hope I master that other skill soon. Then we can have a turning competition or something! Can´t wait for that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the swim, as usual, we went out to eat. As Mom is still a bit ill she ordered a smoothie bowl which included po*loads of healthy stuff, so she´s supposed to be back to her health tomorrow! I don´t like when she´s ill, then she´s all dizzy and forgets stuffs. And to maximize getting well she´s making ramson pesto-pasta tonight. I believe that ramsons will do the trick!

Tonight we´re going to change the cars tires with Dad. I´m so excited for that! I´m still a man and very interested in all the things which relate to cars. And other machines. Think it´s going to be fun. Can´t wait for the first time when I can change a tire myself too. This sounds so awesome! Think it´s going to take a few years though. Like two or eighteen or something.

Now I´m having a little rest and then start that turning thingy again! Giving Mom a chance to relax a bit. And then, we roll!


Tobias, the rolloverman

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I have some news!

I woke up early today, well rested and ready to start the day. And parents, what did they do? They slept. It was way passed 7 a.m., I don´t understand them! I try to be an early bird, to have time for all the important baby things! To play and eat and poo and play and poo and eat and sleep. And poo.

Today was a busy day. Parents finally woke up, Dad hurried to work and Mom did all the usual morning stuff. I knew that today was going to be the swimming day so I had mercy on Mom. I didn´t cry a lot, didn´t poop on her, didn´t threw up on her and even let her have a warm cup of coffee! I behaved like an angel (which I actually am, parents don´t realize it just yet).

Swimming wasn´t that good today. We did all sort of new stuff which I´m not good at and then I cried a lot. All the other babies cried too, so it´s not my fault. I´m not the only whiny baby. Even Ella cried! Mom and Dad thought that it may be a bit too early for me and Ella to start dating. I discussed that with Ella and we decided that we are just best friends! Let the life make its corrections and we´ll see what happens in the future!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the swim, the moms were hungry again. As usual. How come you two can eat all the time? Today we visited cafe Nop in Kadriorg. I liked that place. Like a lot! Mom said, that someday we´ll go there in the weekend and take Dad with us. And some more friends. And have a lovely long brunch! If you would like to join me and my parents, then let me know in the comments. Or you can just tell Mom or Dad. I´m okay with that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we started the ride home, it turned out that we´re not going home. We drove to Dad´s work instead! What a surprise! I already hoped that all the cool office girls can play with me, but instead of that, we picked up Dad and drove home. Why, I thought?

It turned out that we went to see our new home!!! Yes, parents bought a new apartment. I´m going to get my own room! I am so exciteeeeed! I already started to visualize how everything would look like and where I´m going to put my toys and how I´m going to play with all my new friends, who live in the same house! I cannnnot wait!!

Parents are quite happy. They have some big decisions to make. Like what kind of sofa to buy and what kind of kitchen they want and when to buy me the Xbox and so on and on and on. The only downside is that they don´t have the money. Buckwheat, remember? I told them, that they can use my monthly support to make at least my room pretty-pretty!

But yes, now you know! Soon there will be some moving happening. Or not that soon, the house where we move will be ready in the end of summer. So, half a year to go? Maybe parents will win a lottery by this time! Holding my little chubby thumbs!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On that bombshell I´m calling it a night. Having a little walk with Dad to do some grocery shopping and then watch Mom peel potatoes. What fun! Huggg!!

Tobias the ihavesoonmyownroomman!

Playdates and fleamarket

Hello my lovely people! Tobias has survived the weekend! Was quite a good one, I have to admit.

I had a playdate with Ella and Aron and their Moms on Friday. It was so fun! We all behaved very nicely, cried only a little and no one except me fell asleep! I had a little powernap which lasted like 5 minutes, so it actually doesn´t count as a sleep. Ella´s Mom was holding me and it was just so nice to be in her lap that I didn´t even notice when I passed out. But as I said, I pulled myself together and woke up quickly! So, I´m very proud of all of us. We held hands, looked into each other eyes and yes, put our fingers into these beautiful eyes too. We have to discover everything you know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

At first I was a bit sad, that Ella had her eyes only for Aron. I felt myself so abandoned! Like a little puppy. Luckily, that passed and I hope I didn´t lose my girlfriend! Oh, is she my girlfriend? I don´t know! I haven´t asked, if she´s okay with that. I think that tomorrow when we´re going swimming, I´ll man up and ask her. Hope she says yes! Then it´s official. Whoa, I´m excited now! But when she says no? What I´m going to do then? My life would be over. Totes. Have to discuss with Mom and Dad.

Next week, I´m going to see Aron again, can´t wait! Her Mom has to give some beauty stuff for my Mom, hope we can go for a walk together. His Mom is so cute and I like her and their company! On next week is my mini-mini birthday too, don´t you all forget that!

On Saturday, it was my first flea market. That went quite well. Mom didn´t sell me. I´m happy about that! I have finally grown on Mom and I like to spend time with her as much as she does with me. So, Mom, I dare you to try this again!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Flea market itself was quiet. I saw many of my friends and even 2 readers came to see meeeee! No, 3, they had their baby also with them. I was so happy that someone actually wanted to meet me. Made my day so much nicer! They were so cool that we decided to have a playdate this week. So much fun!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The fact that some of my friends came to visit us meant that Mom actually earned a bit money. Most of the stuff she sold, was bought by my friends, so, you have to thank me, Mom! And maybe buy me some new toys? Oooooor, Xbox? I haven´t forgotten that!

Rest of the weekend was chillax to the max. Had a few long walks with parents, went for a run with Dad and pooped on Mom. To punish her for trying to sell me. I liked that weekend. Soon we´re going to have more this kind of weekends when we can just chill and rest. Parents are almost done with their Estoloppet season, finally!IMG_2995

Hope you had a nice weekend too! Sending you my fanciest smile!!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tobias the poopman!


Hi-hi my bunnies! Hope you had a nice evening yesterday! I sure did! The duck Mom made wasn´t the best, but that fact didn´t put my mood down. I played all evening and it was so much fun that I didn´t want to go to bed at all. Don´t know why parents made me! To please them, I finally fell asleep. But in parent’s bed and when Mom finally joined me. Thanks Mom, I love you!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
TB to wine-club

Mom is a bit moody today. She was stupid and counted on assets she would receive, but it´s not going to happen. Luckily, I get my food from Mom´s breasts, so the fact she doesn´t have money doesn´t affect me. I can still eat! It´s so good to be a baby! Parents will be eating potatoes and buckwheat the whole month. Maybe I will have a little less gas, when Mom doesn´t eat all sorts of fatty food. And sweets. Sweets are the worst! They make your teeth shatter into millions of pieces.

Tomorrow on the other hand is going to be a fun-fun day! Or at least I believe it is! Ella and Aron are going to visit me, playdate to the max! I´m so excited, I don´t even know how can I fall asleep at night. Thinking about which games we are going to play (crying and holding our heads and sticking our fingers in each other’s eyes) and worrying if Mom cleans the house, so I wouldn´t be embarrassed! Mom promised to bake something too, hope it´s going to be yummy!

After tomorrow´s playdate parents have to sort quite a lot of clothes. Mom and I are going to a flea market on Saturday. It takes place in Viimsi hobby center. It would be so nice if you would also come and visit me! Want to meet all my lovely readers! I know that 3 of my friends promised to come, hope they don´t let me down.

Dad was supposed to come also, but turned out that on Satuday is the last marathon thingy and Dad has to be there. He´s the one who brings in the money you know! At least someone works!

As I have a busy day planned for tomorrow I´m not sure if I have the time to write to you. If I don´t, then have a fun weekend and relax! The weather was supposed to be nice, at least in Viimsi, it will be sunny the whole weekend. Go outdoors and chill! On Sunday I´m maybe going hiking somewhere near Tallinn, if you would like to join me and my parents then let me know!

Tobias the chillmax babyboy

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Me and ladies

Today I wish all the ladies a lovely women´s day!

Our morning started with flowers, coffee and pancakes in bed. Mom loved it! Dad was so happy, that I gave him that idea! Okay, I´m not taking the credit, it was all Dad. I think he is such a good husband to Mom! He had planned that I would give the flowers to Mom, but I was glued to her breast when Dad had to run out.

I did my best not to let Mom go back to sleep after Dad went to work, I succeeded! So, we have had a lovely long day. Went for a walk and did a bit of grocery shopping. Today we´re going to eat duck. A big big duckling. It looks so cool! I can´t wait to taste it! First Mom has to make it, but then, then I can taste it. I wonder if that´s one of the ducks that we saw with Mom a few weeks ago swimming in our local park´s pond? Maybe. Just maybe.

Yesterday I had my usual swimming lesson with Ella and in the evening, we had the wine club. Was a fun day full of good friends and love and laughter!

Today I´m going to make it short and show you some pictures. Of me and some lovely lady friends of mine! Maybe you´re on some of them!?

Here is many-many pictures of me with different girls.


Me and great-grandma!


Me and one grandma.


And with my other grandma!













Processed with VSCO with nc preset











If your picture isn’t here, it’s time to meet again and take it!

Big warm hugs to you all!

Tobias the ladies man

Bun intended.

Happy bunday to you all! I’m full of buns, how many have you had? Teaser – the BEST BUNS ever are in cafe Ristikheina! My Mom and Ella’s mom ordered like.. 7 buns! Yes, they like to eat. Okay, maybe some of them were meant to our dads, but still. These were so good!

Yesterday the lovely massage lady visited me. She told that I have strained muscles. Don´t know why! Mom has to rub me now. I like massage so I´m happy about that! Otherwise, my body is quite okay, I´m almost ready to cringe! Can´t wait. I have so big plans for the time I can move myself properly!

I´m not a jealous boy and I can share info about my masseuse. Her name is Marion and you can find information about her in here.

(To be clear – this is not an ad, I just like her!)IMG_0499.JPG

Today was a weird day. Dad didn´t go to work again! He´s sick or something. So he´s in a home office. I think that I want to work also in a home office someday. This sounds nice. Wake up, drink coffee, work, eat, work.. Sounds like a perfect plan! Mom told that I´m going to be a chef, but I like my plan much better! Home officer. Or I can be a chef at home office? Home office chef dude. Bake buns whenever I want! Coolio!

Oh, dreams!

Today I saw Ella again! Tuesdays are our swimming days. So many other babies were with us this time! Like 8 or something. They were all so cute! There was so much chatting in the changing room, you gossip girls! We were both quite tired with Ella after the long training so yes, we fell asleep again. It’s like a curse. Every time we see, we sleep, which means we basically don’t see! One day we will pull ourselves together and actually play.img_0442

And we are going to have a movie date! I don´t know exactly when, but Mom said soon! So much fun!

After the swim thing we went to Ristikheina cafe as I mentioned earlier. It was so funny. All the people who entered the cafe wanted to buy some buns. But the buns were sold out. And people were so sad. We were also sad at first, but then the next patch of buns arrived and we got ours! Like really, if you haven´t had yours already, then go straight to Ristikheina! Your evening will be so much nicer, trust me!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Dad was also very thankful for the lovely buns we brought. I can not get over the bun thing as you can see. Bunbunbun! It’s bunny. Buntastic! Bunjour! If I was a super hero’s I’d belong to the Buntastic four! Or If a bun bit me, I’d become a sbunderman.

Our home store in Viimsi, Violia, sells also quite good buns. Mom is thinking about buying a few more. Just in case. There can never be too many buns, right?

On the side note – I have a doctors visit on Friday. I have trouble with digesting stuffs.

I´ll end this post now, or I´m going to tell you more about buns. Do you like your buns with or without jam? My favorites are with jam. A lot of jam! Other ones are so… blah! Like fake buns. Who likes fake buns? Phhhh.

Have a lovely evening with lots of buns my little and big friends!

Bun you later!

Tobias the Bunman