I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch to the sky..

I almost had the most exciting day ever! But Mom ruined it. We were in the bathroom, Mom thought she should look like a lady again and as yesterday she got rid of her hair, she thought she should do something with her leg hair too. Thought and done. I was chilling on my changing mat which is on the washing machine and Mom was epilating her feet. I was on my belly, watching cars which drove by and then I got bored. How long can you watch those cars? I discovered that I can move backwards! Yes, not forward, but backwards. Whoaaaa! I must show that to Mom!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom looked at me and smiled. Okay, I thought, now is the best time to show her! Mom turned her head for a second, I started moving backwards and when she looked at me again after 1 second, she was screaming. Weird woman I have to say. I was showing her how I can get down the changing mat myself and she screams. I had already succeeded to get my feet and my bum over the edge of the washing machine, only the upper body was left when she grabbed me from the washing machine. I was hoping I can fly! It´s only like a meter until the stone floor arrives, but still, fly! I would have been like a bird. Or a plane. Plane is more awesome, plane it is. But no, she ruined everything!

And I don´t know what got into her, she wouldn´t put me down! All she does is hug me. I don´t understand her a bit. Maybe when Dad gets home she pours her something strong, so she would get over her weirdness or something. Clingy, yes, that´s the word! I don´t mind being hugged a little but that´s unnormal, lady. I want to play by myself! Put me down, you woman!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Other than that, the morning was fun. Got to play by myself, without being smothered and then we had a nice long walk in the park. I really like that the weather is warm. I can wear my favourite teddy sweater all the time which grandma gave me. I love that sweater. It´s the cutest!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When Dad gets home and I get rid of Mom, hopefully, then we´re going grocery shopping and must do some chores too. Tomorrow is the wine club and this time it happens at our place. Mom is thinking about doing something with ramson, but she hasn´t figured out what exactly. Maybe she´s clingy again tomorrow, then she can´t do anything. Then we order pizza and everyone is still happy! I like that plan actually. Wait, not the clingy part.

Oh well. Hope you had better day than I did! Kisses to my lovely people!


Tobias, the flyman


They have a saying – not all days are brothers

Being a baby isn´t an easy job. Like, yesterday was such a good day! I slept very nicely at night (4 hours straight!), was a little smiley baby in the morning, then had a good swimming lesson, chatted with Ella and then had a lovely time at the Klaus cafe with Mom, Ella and her mom. Everything was so chill!

And what today? Parents decision that I´m a big boy and I don´t need my probiotics anymore has had its effect. I slept, how to say, very badly at night. Constant gas pain. I swiggled like a little worm the entire night. Mom couldn´t sleep too because of that. In the morning, I was so tired of the night, and of course, the gas pain hadn´t gone anywhere. So now I am trying to sleep and waking up in every 5 minutes because the pain is so tough.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Mom is supposed to be cleaning and making the home pretty, we have guests coming over in the evening. She also has a migraine, which is not a good thing to have. Luckily the guests aren´t really guests, they are my dear neighbors. Sorry neighbours, but you know, that we´re like a little family and our evenings pass usually in home clothes and in a very relaxed mood, so you understand when Mom doesn´t have the energy to get all the things cleaned up. Actually, I´m quite waiting todays evening. Neighbours went to Porto, I wonder wether they brought me something nice. No pressure, no! Or maybe they just brought parents some wine. We´ll see!

Yesterday I also peed on all my outerwear. So today when we went outside with Mom, she had quite a struggle to find some clothes to put on me. I didn´t made it any easier for her, I showed very loudly how I felt about those outfits. Luckily something did fit me and I got fresh air and Mom got chocolate from the grocery store. Win-win!

Okay for now. I try to be a good boy for the rest of the day. I really-really try. So that Mom wouldn´t be all sad and mad at me at the same time. I´m even helping her to make dinner, we´re having some beef dish with baby asparagus, sounds njom! Mom also bought chips from the store, that´s how desperate she is!

I hope you have the bestest evening full of love and laughter!

The biggest kisses you can imagine! Yes, to you! From the sweetest Tobias!


Tobias, the gasman

We have seen better days…

This hasn´t happened for a long time. I made Mom cry. Yes, I did.

And the reason – I cried. Or I cry. Lately a lot. And Mom just didn´t know what to do and how to help me. And so we just cried, the two of us.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have to admit that besides all the fun stuff I do I still have my baby problems. Lately the gas thing is back. That jerk. Mom feels guilty, she tried to eat an apple yesterday. Think she´s not going to do that again in a while!

And my teeth still make a killer pain. I dribble like I have rabies or something. When I´m on my tummy, all the floor and the toys are wet. Oh, today they weren´t wet because of my dribbling. I had my naked time. Yes, sometimes I´m naked because my butt has a lovely diaper rash. And then I peed on my play mat. And on my toys. Hope they aren´t mad at me. Mom wasn´t. She laughed. And gave me a kiss! At least I wasn´t crying at that moment. She was happy.

As my sleeping patterns are changing, I can´t assure you that all my blogposts are going to be up in daytime. Maybe some of them are going to be up in the evenings. I hope you understand and still come to read how I´m doing. I like writing to you! You are all my virtual friends and I´m very grateful to you, that you are interested in how I´m doing!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

To make her mood better and my food richer Mom bought an ice-cream. That´s one more concern she has. That I don´t get enough food. Although I don´t think that´s the case. We tested today, I´m already 7440g. That´s enough I think! But I can let you still have that ice-cream, Mom. Sometimes stress eating makes the mood better. Teaser – in Selver the LaMuu salted caramel ice-cream and brownie ice-cream are on sale. So, off you go! To the store!

Hope to have a better evening than the day has been. And wish all to you a peaceful evening and go buy that ice-cream! Sending you big huggs!

Tobias, the peeman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

That was a nice afternoon. One of the best ones I have had!

Today was the day of my first swim. I wasn´t too keen on the idea in the morning though. Mom woke me up too early. It wasn´t even 9 o´clock, but then I remembered that I am going to see Ella there! Whooop! AND I was excited!16924153_10212541740887424_1494966437_n

After some morning stuff – eating, a lot of peeing, throwing up on Mom (three times) we were finally ready to go! I slept a little in the car to have as much energy as possible. When we arrived to Reval Sport (yes, they have baby swimming also and I am a baby as you all know), Ella and her Mom were already there. It was so good to see them. It had already been a week since the last time!

My Mom is slow. We were almost late to the swimming class but somehow we managed to get ready on time. I had my very fancy swimming diapers on. They have a picture of Nemo. Man, I looked cool! Luckily Mom didn´t put me in an embarrassing situation and I didn´t have to be naked in front of Ella (or actually I did, but I´ll tell about that later).

Swimming was so awesome! We did different kind of exercises and I also did a dive! Yes, a dive! We weren´t supposed to, but I wanted to impress Ella. I think she liked that! We were the only kids there, so it was like a personal training. Cool!

I think that the swim-thing is going to be a permanent hobby of mine. I feel so good in the water. Like a fish. As an upside – blokes at home don’t have to wash me so often! Haah, no. You still have to. Don´t get your hopes up!

When the long and tiring swim was over, we did a little wash-up in a huge bathroom. All the other people in there were women. I was the only boy. Luckily Mom kept my diapers on!

But then we arrived to the changing room, Mom took off my cute Nemo´s swimmers and then.. our locker´s door didn´t open. Mom and some other lady tried and tried but it didn´t open, so Mom went to call for help. She left me there on the baby thingy with Ella’s Mom! Naked! Totally naked! I was a bit overwhelmed, so I peed on myself. I think that Ella saw that. Not too shabby. Hope she forgets that soon!

Well, everything ended happily. Mom got our things from the locker, I got my milk and the best part – we didn´t come straight home! Mom wanted to eat. That meant that we could hang a bit more with Ella. We were both quite tired from the swim so we decided to chat another time and were just happy sleeping next to each other. That was a nice afternoon. One of the best ones I have had!16901446_10212541727327085_255253715_n

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday!! Yes, I am going to be three months old! I have quite a busy day planned. In the morning, I am going to have my doctor´s appointment. After that I am going for a walk with hopefully my new friend Evan. And in the evening I am going to visit a sweet friend of mine. I’ve seen her once. Hope to have a good night sleep to have energy to do all these things!

Don´t forget to wish me happy birthday tomorrow!

Have a happy Tuesday night and remember to watch Sherlock! It´s the second favorite show of mine. The first one is the Bold and the Beautiful (as you already know). Go Team Brooke! Give me a B, give me a R, give me a oh crap – I’m a boy. Forget it ever happened.





To the BOG!

The snow is here! Finally. I am so happy! My eyes have seen snow only.. like, 5 times? So, was about time. This means that maybe I can go cross-country skiing for the first time. Mom told me, that Dad is so skilled (he was a skier when he was younger) that he can put me into a bag that goes on his chest and then we can ski together. Fingers crossed! And I dare him to fall!

Weekend was quite nice. On Friday we had a sauna and pizza night. Those, who follow me on Instagram already know it. I slept mostly, so I didn´t make it to the sauna. And I missed the pizza. Damn. But my nieces were very sweet and they played with me a lot. Thanks, girls!16522766_10212386931017274_1824842978_n

I don´t know why but I have been so tired last few days. So I did not see most of the weekend. On Saturday I went with Mom, Dad and two other good friends out to get some breakfast. I failed to keep my promise and cry all the time. I slept. So actually all the other people had a good time and I couldn´t ruin that. We also went for a walk and to the city. Just chilled and had a good time.

This Sunday was the first time for me to go the bog. Mom laughs, that all the things we do are the „first“ for me. So she takes a lot of pictures. Like tooooo many. That is what Dad thinks. I like to pose. So I am okay with that. Maybe I will be a model when I grow up. My other uncle used to do some modelling when he was younger. Maybe I follow his steps. I’ve heard ha had long vawy hair. Would definitely like to see that. What do you think, uncle Heino?

But back to the bog. The forest was so-so beautiful, snow covered all the trees and fresh air was so nice.file-2

I am happy, that we live in Viimsi, not in the city, so most of the days when we go out with Mom I get FRESH air. But in the forest it was much nicer. Maybe we can go there more often, Mom? Dad? Yes? I would behave and smile all the time. Pinky promise!

After hiking in the woods Mom and Dad was thinking about going to Simple Session. They had tickets and they thought – why not? Luckily the common sense kicked in. The fact that a big bad flu is very active and I am still so little (I will be 10 weeks old tomorrow! Which is BIG!) was sufficient reason enough to not go there. Thank you for that, parents! I would like to not catch a cold before I am like.. 8 months old. Or even 9. Then maybe a little.

Oh my, what a long story. Sorry folks. Next time I´ll do shorter. Have a very snowy and active week! In the weekend there is Alutaguse Maraton, recommend! I can say I am going! There is a children´s race also! 😉

Thinking about you!





Eating your croissants, drinking your lattes

Yesterday I found a new friend. We met for the very first time (yes, like that song). I think that he looks a lot like me. Maybe I am a bit cuter. But he looks okey too. Do you want to see a picture from our first meet-cute? Sorry Dad, the mirror is not clean so it shows you in bad light.image

But let´s get to the point. Today is friday. Mom is lazy. I was already up at 8 o´clock, when Dad changed my diapers (high five, Dad!). But Mom. She woke up at 11.18!! Like, Mom. Come on. Again. How much can you sleep? I understand, that you have to wake at nights like 5 times to feed me. And maybe you have caught a cold. But still. You must entertain me. All day long. This time I forgive you. But you better watch out! Payback is a B*TCH.

Tonight is going to be so much fun! We are going to the sauna and have a pizza night at my uncle’s place. He and his wife have two sooooo cute little girls. I hope that they pay a lot attention to me. Not like you, Mom. You go to sleep again!

After the pizza night my good friends from Tartu are coming to visit me. I hope that they bring a lot of gifts. To me, of course! The best part, they are staying overnight. That means, that they can play with me, when Mom and Dad are sleeping and I want some attention. Unfortunately my favourite babysitter Chai (he is a dog, if you don´t already know) can´t come. But I’ll try to accept that. It´s hard, but I’ll try.

Mom told me that in the morning we are going out to eat. I am so excited! It is going to be the first time for me to eat out. I can make so much noise in there. Embarrass Mom and Dad and all you sleepy not-so-morning people are going to be mad at me. Eating your croissants, drinking your lattes and hear my beautiful singing voice. I like to be bad sometimes. But I am so cute that people forgive me quite fast.

That´s it for now. I hope that you all have a great Friday night and enjoy your weekend! XOXO, Tobias

(Dad really liked my last blog post. He is going to buy something realllly pretty for Mom so that she wouldn´t feel herself so bad. But that is not my fault, that Dad is so much cooler!)