Mom needs advice, baby advice

As today is my rest day then I´m going to make this one short. Mom needs help. Can anyone tell her why is it, that I´m incapable of sleeping more than 45 minutes in daytime? We go outside, everything is okay, when my first sleep-cycle is over I wake up. Sometimes I fall asleep again, but after 5 minutes I´m up. I´m capable of going from one sleep-cycle to another, but the sleep itself is so weak, that I wake up all the time. Mom doesn’t like that! And me neither, to be honest. I want to be a happy well rested baby! So, if anyone has some ideas, what could help, then it would be very nice of you to share your thoughts with me. Thank you!

That said, you already figured out that the long relaxing walk didn’t happen, right? No, it didn’t. But I´m okay with that, I like to play! Sleep can wait. Hope Mom forgives me that!

Dad was supposed to go to work with a bicycle again today. She woke up 12 minutes before he had to be at work. The result – no bicycle! Yes, the car! As my big boys’ stroller is in the car, we had to go outside with my old and big pram. Parents are thinking of putting the old one to a winter vacation and start using the little stroller. I´m not quite sure, how good idea is that, but we´ll see. Maybe soon. When the weather is constantly warm and the sun is shining every day.IMG_6607

I like the brand of my big boy stroller – Mamas and Papas. Maybe we’ll do a review of it someday. Or of other stuff we have. If anyone is interested.

You see, I´m still babbling, it was supposed to be a short post! So, let´s end it.

The wisdom of the day – if you have nothing smart to say, don´t say anything at all!

Oh, and Dad will write his next post any day now! Stay tuned!

Love ya all!

Tobias, the nosleepman

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A small bite for man, a giant leap for Tobias.

Ciao bellas! New week! New start! New experiences! Yes, yes. You know what? Today was a really special day for me. I tried real food for the very first time. It wasn´t milk. It had a texture, you know! It´s kind of a big deal for me, you know. YOU KNOW! Mom was so cool and filmed it. Have a look!

As you can see it was delicious! I really liked that. And now, let´s hope that my digestive system goes – yiiippee! And voila, all my tummy problems will disappear! Fingers crossed.

I hope that all of you went outdoors yesterday. It was so warm. The warmest weather my eyes have ever seen. Like spring! We had a lovely long walk with parents. Had my first outdoor eating experience too! Was quite nice not to be stuck in the car and trying to eat there.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope that the weather is going warmer and warmer each day. I reallly like that. I´m quite tired of that gray and sticky weather. Okay, today the weather is ugly too but it shall pass, I must hope! Then it´s so much nicer. Mom told, that we´re going to have longer walks and eat some ice-cream while we´re at it and do other fun stuff too that you can only do outside. Like sit on a bench. I haven´t done that! Okay, I´m not really good at sitting yet, but I’ll get to it. The skill I mean. Soon my bellas, soon! Ohh, then I can have outdoor play dates tooooo! Who wants to come to a playground with me?!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

BTW, yesterday I went out in my big-boys stroller and slept in it! It’s BLUE-ish! And damn, is it comfortable.


Saturday was fun too. We visited some thrift stores and furniture shops and parents found a new couch again. They have found 3 so far. Now they have to decide which one to choose. We´re going to IKEA too in the beginning of May, I´m quite sure that Mom finds some couches there too. Hope not! The main reason we´re going there is to buy me a feeding chair. And to have a fun day!

It´s going to be my first foreign country visit.

On that note, parents have to make me an ID card! Good that I´m writing about that, now Mom remembers to take a photo of me. Hope she dresses me nicely for the photo. Did you know that toddlers ID card lasts for 5 years? Like, how´s that logical? After 4 months, I look totally different. And when I´m 2 years old? No one could tell who that baby on that photo is! Whoa, it got me all excited and stuff! Must calm down.

Back to Saturday. We visited the Design Market. Mom saw her old friend, who is now designing some cool stuff, take a look – I think these things are cool, if I´m older and have a girlfriend then I´m buying her something from this collection! Now all the baby girls are all freaked out and afraid to be friends with me? No? Hope not!

Unfortunately, this time we bought nothing. Even not for me! Although there was some cool stuff besides xaos design. Some cool clothes and toys.

No, I´m lying. Mom bought ice-cream. No surprise! LaMuu has a special collection ice-creams for Tallinn Music week. Tasted nice! Better than the salted caramel one they have. It has too big caramel chunks in there. Mom almost broke her teeth!

Tomorrow is the swimming day again and in the evening, we´re going to a B-day. My lovely cousin turned two yesterday. Happy B-Day Susanna! Tomorrow I´ll give you a big big hug!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Now I´m going to take my nap and then have a massive playdate with Mom. Because she is so awesome and I know, that she doesn´t want to do anything more than to play with me! You don´t have to do the dishes or clean the house or epilate your feet or something. No, you don´t. I told Dad in the morning that today is a play day and not „I´m a good wife day”.

I hope that Mom doesn´t read this before the evening but Dad also told me in the morning that he´s going to bring some flowers to Mom today! Just because she´s there for me and Dad. And because she´s the bestest too!

Have a happy week my bellas!

Tobias, the realfoodman

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We have seen better days…

This hasn´t happened for a long time. I made Mom cry. Yes, I did.

And the reason – I cried. Or I cry. Lately a lot. And Mom just didn´t know what to do and how to help me. And so we just cried, the two of us.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have to admit that besides all the fun stuff I do I still have my baby problems. Lately the gas thing is back. That jerk. Mom feels guilty, she tried to eat an apple yesterday. Think she´s not going to do that again in a while!

And my teeth still make a killer pain. I dribble like I have rabies or something. When I´m on my tummy, all the floor and the toys are wet. Oh, today they weren´t wet because of my dribbling. I had my naked time. Yes, sometimes I´m naked because my butt has a lovely diaper rash. And then I peed on my play mat. And on my toys. Hope they aren´t mad at me. Mom wasn´t. She laughed. And gave me a kiss! At least I wasn´t crying at that moment. She was happy.

As my sleeping patterns are changing, I can´t assure you that all my blogposts are going to be up in daytime. Maybe some of them are going to be up in the evenings. I hope you understand and still come to read how I´m doing. I like writing to you! You are all my virtual friends and I´m very grateful to you, that you are interested in how I´m doing!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

To make her mood better and my food richer Mom bought an ice-cream. That´s one more concern she has. That I don´t get enough food. Although I don´t think that´s the case. We tested today, I´m already 7440g. That´s enough I think! But I can let you still have that ice-cream, Mom. Sometimes stress eating makes the mood better. Teaser – in Selver the LaMuu salted caramel ice-cream and brownie ice-cream are on sale. So, off you go! To the store!

Hope to have a better evening than the day has been. And wish all to you a peaceful evening and go buy that ice-cream! Sending you big huggs!

Tobias, the peeman

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Rock ‘n’ rollover

I fulfilled my promise! I told last Thursday to Mom that I will start turning myself in a week. I did it! My first turn was on Sunday, after a VERY long trying period. I tried all day long, it made me so mad but finally I managed to turn myself. Yesterday I rested, didn´t want to ruin the good memory. But then, today, when we arrived back home from swimming. I did it again and again! It just happened. I don´t know. I think that swimming mitigated the stiffness in my muscles or something. Anyhow, Mom, I promised it and I did it! Will I get my Xbox now?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

For parents, it isn´t very good news though. Now they can´t put me on the washing machine to change my diapers and do some other stuff on the same time. Like pee. Or wash their teeth. Or hang clothes to dry. But I don´t care! I´m quite satisfied you know.

Today´s swimming was fun, did some diving and other cool exercises. Had a long chat with Ella about what we both have been up to recently. Two weeks with no communication, takes time to talk all the talks! She is more skilled than I am. She can turn to her tummy and back tooo! Hope I master that other skill soon. Then we can have a turning competition or something! Can´t wait for that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the swim, as usual, we went out to eat. As Mom is still a bit ill she ordered a smoothie bowl which included po*loads of healthy stuff, so she´s supposed to be back to her health tomorrow! I don´t like when she´s ill, then she´s all dizzy and forgets stuffs. And to maximize getting well she´s making ramson pesto-pasta tonight. I believe that ramsons will do the trick!

Tonight we´re going to change the cars tires with Dad. I´m so excited for that! I´m still a man and very interested in all the things which relate to cars. And other machines. Think it´s going to be fun. Can´t wait for the first time when I can change a tire myself too. This sounds so awesome! Think it´s going to take a few years though. Like two or eighteen or something.

Now I´m having a little rest and then start that turning thingy again! Giving Mom a chance to relax a bit. And then, we roll!


Tobias, the rolloverman

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I like big couches and I cannot lie!

Again, a new week and I´m getting bigger and bigger every day! Parents are too, they are eating way too much sweets. At least Dad does some sports, not like Mom. Okay, she´s a bit ill, so apology accepted. She´s going to run Maijooks with Ella´s mom, so she actually needs to start training. Or it would be very funny to watch her running, all tired and everything. I want her to take me also with her to run. But I don´t know if it´s allowed. Have to look that up somewhere. Yesterday, we already started training with Dad. Had a long refreshing run. Felt myself so good after that!

My weekend was quite chill. On Saturday we went to the flea market. Parents made like 60 euros, which is quite good I think. They also gave away lots of stuff to charity. So proud of them! Now we have a bit more room too at home, which is good. I also saw my uncle, his soon to be wife and few friends. Thanks guys for visiting us! And for buying a few things!IMG_5182.JPG

After the flea market, we visited some furniture shops. Parents wanted to see and try different couches. They found a few which could suit our new home, but nothing isn´t sure yet. Hope they´ll buy a realllly big couch, where I have a lot of space to play! And watch cartoons. And play Xbox!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we arrived back home, it was already time to go see our neighbours. We had a lovely evening, ate some noodles and donuts. Njom! Donuts! They were so-so good! Hope that Mom is going to make donuts at home too. She would have liked donuts on Friday. When she woke up on Friday after the night out with Ella´s Mom her first words to Dad where – I want to eat only fat today. So yes, these would have been nice.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Unfortunately, a bit whiny me took over at our neighbours place (as happens way too much lately) and so we had to come home sooner than parents hoped for. Sad. But that meant, that Dad could do some laundry! 10 o´clock on Saturday night is okay to do laundry. Family life, you know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

A fun fact – Mom told me this morning, that a year ago, she had already known two days that I´m going to exist! Couldn´t imagine my parents life without me. I think that I´m the best thing that´s ever happened to them! Yes-yes, I am. Mom confirmed!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Btw, parents have a 10th month wedding anniversary toooo! Have to make a party or something. So important day!IMG_4928

Hope that Mom is feeling herself better tomorrow, because tomorrow is the swimmmmming day!! Haven´t seen Ella for two weeks! That is way too long. So, Mom, get your s*it together, drink more tea and rest, I want to go swimming tomorrow! Okay, I want to see Ella tomorrow!

Wishing you a sunny week and sending you my cutest smile!

Tobias, the donutman

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Come visit me tomorrow!

I survived! The evening with Dad I mean. It was quite fun to be honest. We didn´t go running, we cried a little and he sang to me like an hour or so. I even fell asleep nicely. Even though it didn´t last very long. Dad tried to calm me down, but I was missing Mom so much, that it didn´t work. Sorry Dad.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

By the time Mom got home a new day had already started. But I didn´t care! She was back at home, that was important! After she had held me for like 5 seconds I fell asleep. It was so good that she was back. I could sleep like a peaceful baby again.

Mom told me in the morning that she had a very good evening and I have to accept, that being alone with Dad is also cool and I don´t have to miss her. She always comes back. So, I think that I let her go out some time again. Like in 3 months or something. Or maybe a little sooner. We´ll see.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow we´re going to a flea market again. I´m already like an old fish in that flea market thing. This time it´s going to happen in Telliskivi Loomelinnak. You can find more information about that event in here –

I really hope, that you come to visit me! I´ll put my best clothes on and be pretty for you. I let you play with me and you can also buy some stuff parents are selling. As we will be moving soon, then they try to get rid of some stuff we don´t need anymore. I´m sure you´ll find something you have wanted your whole life!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I´m a bit whiny again. Okay, a lot. We were supposed to visit my friend in the evening, but Mom thought that it would be better for me to have a little time off from different activities. Just to be at home and rest a little. Yesterday was stressful for me and tomorrow is also going to be a busy day. So today is rest day.

As Mom was away yesterday, our pizza – Thursday didn´t happen. We´re going to have pizza – Thursday today instead. I like the idea. Pizza is always a good idea!

On that note, I´ll say good bye!

Hope you have a fun Friday night and I´ll see you tomorrow in the flea market! Yes, you´re coming. Counting on you!


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Today is going to be awesome!

It´s so sunny! And I slept til noon! It´s good to be a baby sometimes. You can sleep as much as you want. My tummy was also very full. Had so much good stuff yesterday.

As the swimming lessons did not happen this week, I´ll call it a cheat week. I’ll eat everything I want! And as much as I want. Who is with me?!

Since we are already talking about food, then good news to all to you who live in Viimsi – Wolt is in Viimsi now! Mom has waited that for quite a long time. And now it finally happened!

Yesterday´s evening was so nice. My uncle visited us, since it was my mini-birthday, and made dinner for us. Chicken and blue cheese pasta. Was so nomnomnom! He should visit us more often. Sometimes I even forget how grey his hair is.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Before the dinner, we did grocery shopping with Dad and uncle. Had a little men time. It´s good to be without Mom sometimes. Quite of tired of her already! Every morning the same face looking and smiling at me. Okay, just kidding, I love her and the smiling part is my favorite. The exercises she makes me do are not so fun.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I was supposed to go to a board game evening with Dad and his workmates. But it´s not going to happen. The event was cancelled. I´m so sad. Wanted to see all of them and have fun! Now I have to be at home with Dad. Just the two of us. For the very first time (Britney, I know). Mom is having her dinner date with Ella´s mom if you don´t remember. I believe Dad can handle me. I try to be a good boy and not cry very much. And to fall asleep nicely. Hope I succeed!

I´m very excited about the evening. I´m sure Dad has planned us many interesting and new games which I haven´t played before! Or maybe we´re going running together? We used to do that and I quite liked it. Will have to wait and see!

Hope you have a lovely sunny day! Kisses!

Tobias, the foodman


Guess what day it is!

Happy B-Day to meee!! I´m 4 months old now! How the time flies, it was just like yesterday when I was with Mom and Dad in the hospital and I was tiny as a little pug. Now my head is almost as big as Mom´s. So, yes, I´m big! Officially!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Dad figured out what´s wrong with me. I have my fourth month sleep regression and/or growth spurt. If you´re interested what it is and if you´re in the same age than me then maybe you can find that helpful to read –

After reading this Mom and Dad understood that they are not doing anything wrong. It´s all me! I´m just growing and developing. A baby, you know! Hopefully it passes as fast as it started.

Yesterday we went to my uncle´s birthday. Saw many relatives and there was also a little boy, just two weeks older than me. He had already mastered turning himself. And he started crawling yesterday. Like, yes. Crawling! Babies start to crawl when they are 7 months old or something. He is so skilled! And I just layed there on the floor on my back like a jellyfish. No hurry, no worry.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay, I promised Mom that I start to turn myself in a week. She feels herself a bit bad, that I haven´t mastered that skill yet. Like it´s her fault. Although she knows that it isn´t.

Mom, relax, I´ll start doing all the things when I´m ready for them! I just need a bit more time. Or my head is just that big that I´m never going to turn myself. That´s one opportunity too!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Birthday itself was fun, my little cousin is very fond of me. She likes to hold me and play with me all the time when we visit them. I like her too very much! She also gave me my first rubber duck. Thank you, Sofia! You´re so sweet. In the future, when we both are older (she´s 5 now) she´s going to be my babysitter. For sure. She´s so good at taking care of me already.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we arrived back home I fell asleep deeply. I have had almost a sleepless day so I was very very tired. So, I slept 12 hours straight. Okay, Mom feed me a few times and I cried a few times (poo troubles you know), but other than that, just sleep! Mom was happy that she could rest a little bit longer in the morning too. It was my gift to her!

In the evening, I´m hoping to get my birthday presents. Although Mom told, that the sneakers I got yesterday were my birthday present. And Dad bought me a teeth-toy the day before that. So maybe I ´m happy with these things. Have to think about that. Or maybe Dad will give something to Mom for my birthday? Wink-wink! Or otherwise? Mom? Oooooor, my uncle is coming to visit us, yes, he is going to bring gifts for all of us! Yes, figured that out. It´s a plan!

Now I´m trying to have a nice nap, have to be well rested for the evening! Oh, I almost forgot! Got cake yesterday. It was curdcheese cake, tasted noms! Wonder which cake we´re having today for my birthday? Hope something good!

Sending you my luuuuv!


Tobias, the birthdaymanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

It turns out I like lunches.

Today didn´t go as planned. I woke up ready to go swimming, laughed and full of energy! Even Mom was up quite early, and Dad. Maybe the fact that I wet the bed was one reason. But anyhow. Mom checked the sports club home page and what she saw – the swimming lesson was cancelled!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I was so sad. I was already used to see Ella and her mom every Tuesday. And swimming is my only workout, so that means I have to watch what I eat this week! How horrrrible! So I felt myself a bit down.

Mom, the clever lady, thought that we can still have a fun day! So she arranged a lunch with my uncle. And Dad. They work in the same place so Dad would have been a bit sad, if we had gone to lunch without him. And I love him and want to spend time with him too! Although sometimes he irritates me. But that almost never happens.

My neighbor who is also a very good friend of mine works in the city. She has to be at work at 11 o´clock. So we were good with Mom and took her with us too. She hurt her knee when she was skiing so it was good that we did so. She was happy! I like when I can make people happy. Do something good every day is going to be a moto of mine! Hope that I don´t forget that tomorrow.

My other uncle has a birthday today. So, first we did a little bit of shopping with Mom. She went a little crazy and bought a thing or two too much. At least I got new sneakers. Thanks, Mom! Dad got some bits too. Hope he likes them! And maybe he isn´t mad at Mom because of all the shopping. Fingers crossed!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After shopping we went to Dad´s work. Saw all the fun people Dad works with and after some chit-chat, went for lunch with Dad and uncle. I think that my uncle likes me. He told, that he´s going to visit us tomorrow evening. That means he wants to play with me right? And hug me? And kiss me? Yes? Yes yes!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Now we´re back home with Mom. I refuse to take my nap and so we´re playing. Mom is a bit stressed and invents all sorts of new stuff, what we should do. I don´t like most of these things and I cry. Sorry Mom! But it´s your fault, be more interesting! Luckily for Mom she´s going to have a mom´s night out with Ella´s mom on Thursday. So she can relax a little. And maybe she can come up with better activities after that! Okay, I´m a bit needy, I admit it.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the evening we´re going to my uncle´s birthday. Hope there´s cake. Or two! Cake! Cake! Want some cake! Go and buy a cake too! And then tell me what kind of cake did you buy. Or if you´re too lazy to go to the shop then tell me what´s your favorite cake! Mine is napoleon! For sure!


Sweet sweet kisses to you all!

Tobias, the cakeman

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