I went to a vacation in Finland, learned some new stuff and now refuse to go to sleep.

Hi Guys!


I’m back from my vacation, discussed stuffs with parents and since everyone agreed, we’re gonna turn this thing to Estonian. Sest vlogid on meil niikuinii eesti keeles, on üsna nõme siia laduda inglise keelset sisu mis viitab eesti keelsele videole. No worries though, Instagram on still in English

While we’re getting back to our routine, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Tobias, thelearnallthenewstuffman.


I’m baaaack!

Hi guys! I´m back! Yes – yes, I had a very nice and relaxing vacation, thank you for asking! Parents made a vacation vlog too, but, as yesterday evening when we got back home they refused to come out of the vacation mode so they ditched the “letsputthevlogtogether” part and went out for dinner with friends instead. Dinner turned into – oh, let´s go that place where you can get those extra good jalapenos! And so we got back home after 10 p.m. So, the vlog will come, but it happens late tonight!

I´m not going to write about my vacation, you´ll see bits of it from the vlog, but I´ll show you at least some pictures!

As Dad is back at work, we´re back in our daily routine with Mom. Or actually not. This lunchtime we´re going to see the kitchen guy again and sign the contract! So we will have a kitchen soon! So nice. It was about time too. Last time when we drove by our new home, the cleaning lady was already washing the windows. So, it will happen soon!!!! Probably! Our new home, I mean.

Oh, I have a new skill too! Or actually a few. I learned how to sit. Yes, I was on my belly and then suddenly I sat. Just like that. I think it happened by accident, but ever since, I try to do it again. And I´m eating now in my own chair too. My core muscles are quite strong already (no six-pack though), so parents decided that I´m ready for my own chair. It makes me feel so good. I´m not that little baby anymore!

A fun fact! When I poo, then I make awesome noise. Like an old man – Mom told me. And since I started eating meat my poo smells. Like yes. It SMELLS. And not like a flower. Want more poo talk? The color. You can tell from the color if I had blueberrys or broccoly the previous day, let´s say it that way. And the poo comes out way better now! Oh, poo. I could talk about you forever.

Oh, one thing more. I copy my parents. It´s so fun how they react to that! I like to say things they say. I know that I don´t know what I´m saying and I don´t do that on purpose, but it makes parents so so happy! Yesterday evening when we got back home and I woke up, we spent half an hour saying “good night” and I told it back! Really, I did. In my own baby way. If you could see parents faces, they were so in love with me.

Okay, no more fun facts about my development. Tomorrow I have a date. With many many babies! It´s with Dad´s workmates wives and their kids. Going to see Freya too, she´s such a cutiepie! Think I´m going to have a good time and a lot of playing! I’m already bored of playing with myself or with adults. Although I really fancy when someones plays with me! Attention is nice you know.

And now. Now I´m going to have my daily meat and then, off to bed! As it´s pouring outside then we´re trying to sleep inside today. I promise you Mom, that I can sleep inside too. I will at least try!

Wish you a really nice week ahead and I´m sending you my love!

Tobias, the talkman

I have an announcement!

Didn´t have the time to write a post yesterday. I was sleeping. A lot. But now I´m rested and full of life! Had the doctor´s appointment yesterday too. I weigh so little. I´m so disappointed. So.. what do you think? Am I over 10kg? No! I´m not. I´m only 8690g and 68cm. Quite little I have to say. Can eat as much as I want, no weight watching! Summer, here I come!

Now I´m eating meat too. I like it! I think. It had a weird texture, but I´m getting used to it. Mom made me a beef puree with carrots. The doctor lady told yesterday, that rabbit is also a good meat to eat. So hoping, that parents buy that too. Haaaa. Eating my little bunnies! Life is cruel I have to say. But baby needs its food. Sorry bunnies!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As we´re going to SPA on Sunday then Mom bought some store food for me to eat. So far I have only eaten a plum puree which was from the store. That was quite bitter, but I tried to eat it. Now Mom bought beef and vegetable puree and a porridge with blueberries. Hope they taste nice! Mom has a thing, she doesn´t buy HIPP products, don´t know why. Salvest and Ella´s Kitchen sounds more.. Clean? Although they might not be. Oh, who knows! I don´t. For me it´s important that it tastes nice. And fills my little chubby tummy!

Yesterday we had a little grill evening with my grandparents at my uncles place. They are babysitting my nieces. Unfortunately my sleeptime is so early that we came home with Mom. Dad came a bit later. He had some important stuff to do. Maybe someday I´ll tell you about it! Hint – it’s awesome!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I had my training session. And you know what, this time I went to the big boys class! Yes, I did! It was way more fun, although all the exercises were so hard. I´m still a few days older than 6 months you know. After that, I was so so tired. I slept all the way home and then we went for a walk with Mom and I slept like 2 hours or so more. And now, I have to say that I have been up for 45 minutes and I´m sleepy again. How come, I don´t know!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow we´re going to a kitchen salon with parents. To discuss some important stuff about our new kitchen. It sounds really fun and I can´t wait to see all the different colors and materials..

After that, you know what, my other grandparents are coming to visit me! As my other uncle turns 30 tomorrow, he´s celebrating his birthday in a winebar and as I´m a baby, I´m not invited. Someone has to babysit me. So my grandparents are doing that. It is the first time, when someone else is going to babysit me. I try to be a realllly good boy, but I can´t promise I won´t cry. Maybe I´m going to miss parents, don´t know. We´ll see it tomorrow, but finger´s crossed!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As tomorrow is quite a busy day then I´m not sure, that I have time to write to you. And it gets even worse. As starting tomorrow Dad has a vacation and we´re doing all sort of fun things next week, then I´m taking a week off. Yes, I´m sorrrry. A week off from bloging, but not vloging! Mom promised me to vlog all our fun things, so next Sunday hopefully my vacation vlog will be up! This week Mom has vloged too a bit, so maybe I´ll make you happy and put this weeks vlog up this Sunday too. Hope that in Saaremaa there is decent Internet. Should be, right? Oh, Mom, book me a massage, don´t forget!! Who goes to a SPA and doesn´t get a massage? Not me! I´m going to be one spoiled little brat someday, I know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

If I´m not going to write to you sooner then I hope you have a lovely weekend, a nice week and that you will be happy as a puppy! I know I am! Can´t imagine, a WHOLE week with Mom and Dad!! That sounds so awesoooome! Oh.. sounds too good to be true!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay now, kisses kisses kisses!

I heart you!

Tobias, the weekoffman









I’m baaaaaaaack!

Ciao! I´m in an Italian mood, Mom made pizza yesterday! Her computer was broken, so what else to do than to bake! Unfortunately that meant that I couldn´t write my post. But I hope you understand! Luckily Dad managed to get that old piece of crap back to work, so my posts shall continueee!!

Today is supposed to be a good day, at least the weather is so nice and warm! It´s over 20 degrees here in Viimsi, it´s the warmest weather my eyes have seen and my skin has felt. Have to celebrate it. Maybe with some ice-cream.. have to think about it. Okay, thought and done. I think it´s a good plan. After the ice-cream and a little walk, we’re going to the east with parents! To visit my grandparents. And tomorrow we´re going to visit my great-grandmother, she has a birthday! She´s such a cool lady you know. I really fancy her!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On Sunday I invited some of my friends to a little hiking chill with me! As on Monday, it´s my 6th month birthday (yes, I can´t believe it, I´m already so old!!!!),  I thought I want to see my friends and do something with them. So we are going to hike in a bog and then grill sausages on the fire and drink lemonade! The weather is supposed to be all warm and sunny, so I think it´s going to be a good good day! Some of my friends can´t make it, but I know that they will make it up to me!

Mom is a bit confused how to dress me. The weather is warm, but the wind may still be cold.. Or isn´t it? She doesn’t want me to get ill, but she knows, that if I´m feeling hot, then I´ll whine and whine and won´t sleep. So she has to think carefully what to put on me. I´m a bit tetchy you know. She is also wondering how other moms protect their children´s eyes.. Do your babies wear sunglasses? Or you just won´t let the sun shine on their faces? That´s quite impossible? It´ so hard to be the first baby! Have to suffer from all the tests of which things work and which doesn´t. Ohhh. At least my baby brother will have a better life!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I’m actually waiting for the next weekend. Then my uncle turns 30 (old man already!), we’re going to celebrate that on 2 evenings in a row. Then, then my parents are celebrating their 1 year marriage anniversary, and then we’re going to a spaaaa! My last spa-trip was already like, 2 months ago or something. That´s too long. One third of my life! This time we´re going to GoSpa in Kuressaare. Parents told me, that it´s the bestest spa in Estonia where they have been. I hope they don´t lie to me! You better not. And I want a baby swimming lesson and a massage too, don´t forget that Mom!

So-so much fun is ahead! Oh, and yes, my birthday too. That´s in the beginning of the week, and then maybe some swimming and training lessons.. And on Wednesday my neighbours will maybe hold me. Parents want to go to a Red Bull party. Party animals, phh.. Nice parenting.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have such a hard life you know. But okay. I´ll end this babbling now! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sun and my warmest hugs!

Tobias, the sunman

Trip to a SPA!!

Hi everyone! I am back in action! I had a very nice and relaxing weekend. Friday was so busy that unfortunately I didn´t had time to write you. I hope you understand!

On Friday I visited Dad at work. My uncle and Dad work in the same place so I saw my uncle too! It had been so long since the last time. He has still gray hair. Nothing has changed! He was quite surprised to see me and Mom, but I hope it was a good surprise!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we arrived, Dad was at a meeting, so all the girls in the office had a chance to cuddle me. I think they liked me! I think that when I grow up I´m going to work with Dad quite often. He can work and all the girls can play with me! And Mom can do her own stuff, like yoga or something. Sounds like a plan!

After Dad was done with his meeting we started the trip to Kubija! My first SPA trip! The ride there was so long! It took like, forever. When we finally arrived, we checked in to our room, Dad changed my diapers and we hurried to have a dinner! Mom was starving. She was quite mad.

Two of my parents friends were staying at the hotel, so we had a lovely dinner, the five of us. My bedtime had already passed when we finally got back to our room. It was a tiring day so I fell asleep like a rock. Or the bed sheets were just so soft that my sleep came faster?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The next day we woke up early, had a quick breakfast and headed to Haanja. To Saare´s children Marathon. I fulfilled my dream and earned my third gold medal!! There are no words to describe how happy I am about that! Man, I am three and a half month old and I have three medals, how awesome is that!?!img_1126

The race was so tiring though that after that I fell asleep. Parents didn´t want to wake me so we drove around in Võru county, just chillin and driving. Was so relaxing. Dad practiced rallying and me, I practiced snoring.

After some time, we headed back to the hotel, pools were waiting! Had a little snack, Mom changed my diapers to swimming diapers and off we went! It was so much fun! When we swam in our swimming lessons with Ella, then Moms were holding us and we were doing different exercises. But this time I had a safety belt around my neck and I could swim myself! Like, yes, myself! I could move my hands and legs and everything, and feel myself freeee! I have to be honest, I really really loved that feeling!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the pool, there were two old ladies who were very fond of me. They smiled to me and wanted me to swim towards them all the time. They also agreed to babysit me in the evening. Luckily parents love me too much and they want to spend time with me so they had to turn the old ladies proposal down. I was happy about that.

I also visited a sauna the first time. It was called a steam sauna. I didn´t like that. It was so.. humid. I was not happy. Then we went back to the pool and I was happy again!

After some time, we went back to our room. Mom had her body care appointment. At first I fell asleep in our room, but when Mom left I wanted Dad to feel, how it is to be the two of us when I´m crying. He didn´t like that, I wonder why?

To be honest I actually had a massive gas pain and that was the reason of crying. I love my Dad and I don´t behave badly on purpose. Only with Mom.

In the evening, we were in bed, all the tree of us, between the soft-soft bedsheets and watched Estonian singing competition. It was so chill. We ate some chips and cake, like a real vacation! Parents thought of going to saunas also, but I was so tired, that they ditched the idea and to postpone it to morning. Or so they thought!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When Sunday arrived and we went to eat breakfast.. then I couldn´t resist and I fell asleep again. I was too exhausted! And there went my opportunity to have my last swim! I try not to be mad at myself. Parents told me, that on May we are going to Saaremaa to GoSpa, that made me feel a little better. Only two a half months to wait! Wait.. that´s too long! Almost half a lifetime! Can we go somewhere earlier?

On the way home, we stopped at my friends place to give back the safety belt that he borrowed me. Last time we saw each other with Aron I slept all the time, this time I pulled myself together and I stayed up the whole time! Was so good to see him! We played a little and chatted about what has happened since the last visit. He told me so much interesting stuff! But it was all baby things, so I´m not telling you about them!17124627_10212533405755061_865074927_n

In the evening, I had my usual Sunday bath and parents wanted me to fall asleep after that. At first I was okay with that idea, but then I got bored and I wanted to stay up with them! Was so fun to watch them to do different things to get me to sleep. Haa. They failed. Like totally. Finally, I gave them mercy and fell asleep. Such a good boy!

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! Today I´m going to spend the evening with Dad. Mom has a doctor´s appointment. And tomorrow I´m going to see Ella agaaaain!! So happy!

Have a good Monday and byyeeee!!

Tobias the swimguru