12 (un)useful things from Mom’s point of view

I decided to put together a “my opinion list” of the things we bought or didn’t. A list of things which we found to be useful or not for Tobias. Things are not listed by importance. Take note, that this is my opinion, not the gold, and only the first things that came to mind! Actually, I’m quite sure, that many mothers have a totally different opinion.

  1. Emmaljunga. A decent big pram, which is comfortable to use and what survives all weather conditions. This is one thing I don´t regret buying. We bought our Emmaljunga used, but it still fulfilled our hopes and it didn´t disappoint. I didn´t care, was it minus 10 or plus 2, windy, cold or sunny and warm, it was still comfortable for me and I believe Tobias too. When the weather was colder we used a warm blanket in the pram (plus a sheepskin in the bottom). When the weather was warmer, we removed the blanket and dressed Tobias also accordingly. I believe everyone knows the pros for having an Emmaljunga so I´m not going to list all these things in here, but believe me, if you want a pram which isn´t afraid of winter and has a decent suspension, then Emmaljunga is your go to!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  1. Changing mat (not a table). We don´t have a changing table, but a friend of mine gave us a changing mat.. We change Tobias´s diapers on the mat which is on the washing machine in the bathroom. For us, this solution works best. First, we have a small bedroom, so we just don´t have the space to have a changing table. Second, we found it a pointless thing to buy. You actually use this thing for 5-6 months, then your baby starts turning actively and basically you can change the diapers everywhere else, but not in the changing table. To be honest, if we would have had a big room for Tobias and his things we still wouldn´t have bought the table.
  1. Playmat. This thing is a god´s gift. Yes. We have quite a colorful playmat which has two arches where you can attach things for baby to stare. When we had our difficult times with Tobias then sometimes the playmat was the only thing where he was peaceful and quiet instead of our lap. He was a big fan of different things which hung from the arches. He had his conversations with these, he was mad at them and he laughed with his arch-toys. It was a thing, what he really enjoyed and to be honest, what also gave me some time to do my own things, think my own thoughts and just rest. So, thank god for playmats. Now, when he´s bigger and he also likes to be on his tummy the playmat has lost its magic, but at first, it was a must for us.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  1. Bouncing/yoga ball. When Tobias had his gas problems it was the only, yes, the only thing that kept us alive at nights. He cried and cried and cried and it was so sad and depressing to hear and to watch. What worked and made him stop crying – was the bouncing ball. I don´t know why, but it works. So, if you have a gassy or colic baby – buy a bouncing ball.
  1. Bed. Why did we buy this? To be honest, Tobias has slept in his bed for 3 nights, when he was about 3 months old. When I didn´t have a baby, I was sure that my kid is going to sleep in his own bed. When we arrived home with Tobias and the first time to put him to sleep arrived, I just couldn´t do it. I was afraid that something is going to happen, he suffocates from something or I don´t know what happens, so we put him to our bed. Just between us. No baby nest or anything. Just between our pillows under our blanket. And so has it been ever since. To be honest, I´m mostly okay with that sleeping arrangement. Dad is too. I think Tobias is too. What is not, is my back and my sleep quality. Our mission is to get Tobias to sleep in his own bed when his 4-month sleep regression is over. But now, I love having him near me. As Tobias is still suffering a lot of gas pain at nights and the only thing what comforts him are my breasts then to be honest, I just don´t have the energy to wake up every half an hour to feed him so he could relax and fall back asleep. It´s way more comfortable to have him near me. That keeps me sane and I can at least have a bit of sleep.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  1. Baby nest. We thought we should buy it but we didn’t. To look back – why on earth would you need this? Yes, it´s a trendy thing to have, but you actually don´t need this. How your parents and grandparents survived without this? It´s one of these nowadays trend things, which is good to have, but necessity? No. Of course it´s more comfortable for both – to you and to your baby for him/her to sleep in it, but you can very successfully survive without it. I´m happy that we didn´t waste our money. If we have bought it, maybe I would tell a different story, but now – we managed perfectly without it!
  1. Nursing pillow. Again, why? Yes, for some moms I´m sure it´s the best thing you can think of, but for me it wasn´t necessary. As Tobias is a good eater and we haven´t had any eating problems then for us it´s unnecessary.
  1. Sophie the giraffe. We have two Sophies. One smaller and the original one. The smaller one found some usage earlier. Now he sometimes plays with both of them. By playing, I mean puts into his mouth. I think that the bigger one is still actually a bit big for him to grab. I think that a month or something more and then it will find more usage. Any teething toy is good for a baby. But, I don´t know what it is, but Sophies are way more popular in our household than the other teething toys. Guess they have their own mystery magic!IMG_7015
  1. Thermometer, electronic one. We bought an electronic “no touch” thermometer that shows a different number every time, absolutely every time. According to this, Tobias has most of the time temperature over 37 Celsius. Actually, he doesn´t have a fever, this thing just shows what it likes. I don´t know if it´s broken or what´s wrong with it, but it´s not reliable. So, this is a thing we actually regret buying. It was about 40 euros and all it has done is given me some grey hair, because oh my, my baby has a 39 fever! Or wait. No, he´s totally okay. It sucks, the thermometer I mean. Actually I would like to own a thermometer which I can trust.
  1. Baby monitor. We have walkie-talkies which we bought from IKEA. They cost around 15 euros. Quite a good deal, I have to say. They work well and I have nothing bad to say about them. We use baby monitors when we are somewhere where we can put Tobias to sleep outside. As Tobias has a quiet cry and usually when he wakes up he´s totally calm and smiles to you then we wouldn´t have any idea when he´s awake and when asleep. So, these are a must for us.
  1. Safety crib and isofix. Isofix is a must. Yes, many parents say that it´s not hard to put a safety belt around the crib. I say that I´m too lazy for that. If you like comfort and to keep your nerves then buy the isofix. Our safety crib is Maxi Cosi and we bought it from Tobias´s uncle. I have nothing bad to say about it. The crib itself is not very heavy so carrying him around in it (when he now weighs almost 8 kg) is now getting harder for me. Earlier I could easily carry him quite a long distance. Okay, a kilometer was max, but still. And to take into account that I´m not a very strong or big woman.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
  1. Breasts pads. These are the things which you put inside your bra, so you wouldn´t leak and you could actually go to public spaces. The first months I had to sleep with them, otherwise I was swimming in my milk. Now, the situation is better and sometimes at home I don´t use them anymore. For me, these things were totally necessary. And still are. I have once made that mistake that I went outside without these in my bra and yes, I was covered with milk. Not very nice to look at.


I think that it´s enough for now. There are still many things about what I could talk about, but let´s keep it for another time! If you would like to know about some items, even if you don’t know if we have them, just ask. Or an in-depth review. Or any other questions.

And I repeat – this is my opinion and my experiences. Many things that work for me and what I find (un)useful may not work for you and the other way round!


Mom, the not so strong one




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