I have an announcement!

Didn´t have the time to write a post yesterday. I was sleeping. A lot. But now I´m rested and full of life! Had the doctor´s appointment yesterday too. I weigh so little. I´m so disappointed. So.. what do you think? Am I over 10kg? No! I´m not. I´m only 8690g and 68cm. Quite little I have to say. Can eat as much as I want, no weight watching! Summer, here I come!

Now I´m eating meat too. I like it! I think. It had a weird texture, but I´m getting used to it. Mom made me a beef puree with carrots. The doctor lady told yesterday, that rabbit is also a good meat to eat. So hoping, that parents buy that too. Haaaa. Eating my little bunnies! Life is cruel I have to say. But baby needs its food. Sorry bunnies!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As we´re going to SPA on Sunday then Mom bought some store food for me to eat. So far I have only eaten a plum puree which was from the store. That was quite bitter, but I tried to eat it. Now Mom bought beef and vegetable puree and a porridge with blueberries. Hope they taste nice! Mom has a thing, she doesn´t buy HIPP products, don´t know why. Salvest and Ella´s Kitchen sounds more.. Clean? Although they might not be. Oh, who knows! I don´t. For me it´s important that it tastes nice. And fills my little chubby tummy!

Yesterday we had a little grill evening with my grandparents at my uncles place. They are babysitting my nieces. Unfortunately my sleeptime is so early that we came home with Mom. Dad came a bit later. He had some important stuff to do. Maybe someday I´ll tell you about it! Hint – it’s awesome!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Today I had my training session. And you know what, this time I went to the big boys class! Yes, I did! It was way more fun, although all the exercises were so hard. I´m still a few days older than 6 months you know. After that, I was so so tired. I slept all the way home and then we went for a walk with Mom and I slept like 2 hours or so more. And now, I have to say that I have been up for 45 minutes and I´m sleepy again. How come, I don´t know!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow we´re going to a kitchen salon with parents. To discuss some important stuff about our new kitchen. It sounds really fun and I can´t wait to see all the different colors and materials..

After that, you know what, my other grandparents are coming to visit me! As my other uncle turns 30 tomorrow, he´s celebrating his birthday in a winebar and as I´m a baby, I´m not invited. Someone has to babysit me. So my grandparents are doing that. It is the first time, when someone else is going to babysit me. I try to be a realllly good boy, but I can´t promise I won´t cry. Maybe I´m going to miss parents, don´t know. We´ll see it tomorrow, but finger´s crossed!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As tomorrow is quite a busy day then I´m not sure, that I have time to write to you. And it gets even worse. As starting tomorrow Dad has a vacation and we´re doing all sort of fun things next week, then I´m taking a week off. Yes, I´m sorrrry. A week off from bloging, but not vloging! Mom promised me to vlog all our fun things, so next Sunday hopefully my vacation vlog will be up! This week Mom has vloged too a bit, so maybe I´ll make you happy and put this weeks vlog up this Sunday too. Hope that in Saaremaa there is decent Internet. Should be, right? Oh, Mom, book me a massage, don´t forget!! Who goes to a SPA and doesn´t get a massage? Not me! I´m going to be one spoiled little brat someday, I know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

If I´m not going to write to you sooner then I hope you have a lovely weekend, a nice week and that you will be happy as a puppy! I know I am! Can´t imagine, a WHOLE week with Mom and Dad!! That sounds so awesoooome! Oh.. sounds too good to be true!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Okay now, kisses kisses kisses!

I heart you!

Tobias, the weekoffman










I’m baaaaaaaack!

Ciao! I´m in an Italian mood, Mom made pizza yesterday! Her computer was broken, so what else to do than to bake! Unfortunately that meant that I couldn´t write my post. But I hope you understand! Luckily Dad managed to get that old piece of crap back to work, so my posts shall continueee!!

Today is supposed to be a good day, at least the weather is so nice and warm! It´s over 20 degrees here in Viimsi, it´s the warmest weather my eyes have seen and my skin has felt. Have to celebrate it. Maybe with some ice-cream.. have to think about it. Okay, thought and done. I think it´s a good plan. After the ice-cream and a little walk, we’re going to the east with parents! To visit my grandparents. And tomorrow we´re going to visit my great-grandmother, she has a birthday! She´s such a cool lady you know. I really fancy her!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On Sunday I invited some of my friends to a little hiking chill with me! As on Monday, it´s my 6th month birthday (yes, I can´t believe it, I´m already so old!!!!),  I thought I want to see my friends and do something with them. So we are going to hike in a bog and then grill sausages on the fire and drink lemonade! The weather is supposed to be all warm and sunny, so I think it´s going to be a good good day! Some of my friends can´t make it, but I know that they will make it up to me!

Mom is a bit confused how to dress me. The weather is warm, but the wind may still be cold.. Or isn´t it? She doesn’t want me to get ill, but she knows, that if I´m feeling hot, then I´ll whine and whine and won´t sleep. So she has to think carefully what to put on me. I´m a bit tetchy you know. She is also wondering how other moms protect their children´s eyes.. Do your babies wear sunglasses? Or you just won´t let the sun shine on their faces? That´s quite impossible? It´ so hard to be the first baby! Have to suffer from all the tests of which things work and which doesn´t. Ohhh. At least my baby brother will have a better life!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I’m actually waiting for the next weekend. Then my uncle turns 30 (old man already!), we’re going to celebrate that on 2 evenings in a row. Then, then my parents are celebrating their 1 year marriage anniversary, and then we’re going to a spaaaa! My last spa-trip was already like, 2 months ago or something. That´s too long. One third of my life! This time we´re going to GoSpa in Kuressaare. Parents told me, that it´s the bestest spa in Estonia where they have been. I hope they don´t lie to me! You better not. And I want a baby swimming lesson and a massage too, don´t forget that Mom!

So-so much fun is ahead! Oh, and yes, my birthday too. That´s in the beginning of the week, and then maybe some swimming and training lessons.. And on Wednesday my neighbours will maybe hold me. Parents want to go to a Red Bull party. Party animals, phh.. Nice parenting.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have such a hard life you know. But okay. I´ll end this babbling now! Hope you have a lovely weekend! Enjoy the sun and my warmest hugs!

Tobias, the sunman

We had a trip and we have a vlog! Not kidding.

I survived the IKEA trip! Who am I kidding, I totally enjoyed it. The ferry ride was so much fun and IKEA itself was so much fun and everything, just funfunfun! In the end of the trip I was totally overtired, but I didn´t want to miss a thing so I fought so hard not to fall asleep. The sleep finally did conquer me, but I resisted hard! Ahh, no babbling about IKEA anymore, parents made a little vlog about our day, watch this instead!

Dad didn´t know that one estonian blogger has similar intro on her youtube vlogs, so next time we´ll make something different. But now, forgive us and enjoy! Btw, put the quality in the settings high, so you have a better quality!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Friday was fun too, went to Liisu´s birthday party, saw my cousin´s son after a long long time and had a fabulous time! My cousin gave Mom a huge bag of clothes, which are small for Carl (cousin´s son). That means, I have new clothes again! Big big thanks to you!! Can´t wait to wear all the stuff.

On Sunday, we were so tired with Dad, that we slept until midday. We would have been sleeping even longer, but Mom woke us up. Phhh. Ruined everything. But I understand, at 2 o´clock was the Red Bull event I talked to you last time. So we had to hurry!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Ate my lunch in my new feeding chair, it was so cool. I also got a very fancy robe to put on me while I´m eating, so I wouldn´t be all covered up with food. I looked so good! I think that I quite like my new eating stuff. Parents got me a peeing pot also. Yes! When I´m a bit bigger then Mom starts potty training me. Can´t wait for that to happen. I want to see, how I´m not peeing in the pot, instead on the floor or something. This is going to be awesome, hope that Mom films that!DFCEAF76-579A-4059-BE83-496AF56706E8

So, we participated at the Red Bull event, we weren´t running, we walked. Mom invited my uncle and his soon to be wife also with us. Had a lovely day with them! After a little walking, we drove to the old town, to get an ice cream from Gelato Ladies. Mom says, that they make the bestest ice cream ever!! It was totally delicious I have to say! And, I got to wear a jacket that parents bought for me when I was still in Moms belly. It is bright yellow and I am totally in love with it. I look like a little sunshine with it!

When our bellies were full of ice cream we drove back to Viimsi to my other uncles’ home. As we have a tiny tiny apartment then parents took some IKEA stuff we bought to their house. They have more room. And now we can move in our home again! So good. I can now maybe find all of my toys I have lost in the big mess we have.

Today we haven´t nothing much planned. Just a little walk and playing and cuddling! Sounds so nice. Chillax to the max!

What do you think of the vlog? Should they do more of these? Is it boring? What’s boring? What should they do differently?

Have a nice week everybody!

Kisses! And huggs. And kisses again!


Tobias, the funman



I have NOT seen that much sun, ever! And you can give my blog a vote on bloggers awards!

You know what? Finally, finally the weather is warm and sun is out! I wish all the weekend would have been like this. But no. The first two days of the weekend were crappy. Like a lot of crap from the sky and the temperature was.. not acceptable, I must say.

A few things I had planned for the weekend didn´t happen. Like, parents refused to go out on Saturday. I missed the basketball game I was so excited about. Luckily the friends from Tartu didn´t get lost on the way, in the storm, and I saw them! No presents this time, but I understand.

On Saturday, the weather was a bit better but still crappy. So our little trip with Ella and her parents got cancelled. I was so-so sad about that! Next time, they promised! Parents decided to still have a bit of outside time, so we went to the Kakerdaja bog. When we drove there, the weather was nice, sun and everything. When we arrived, there was a massive rain. It lasted like 5 minutes and the sun came out again. We went outside and after 5 minutes, some small icecubes came down the sky. First I thought they were frozen meatballs, but Dad told me that was hail. Okay then. Hail, then hail. Packed ourselves back together and out of the terrible weather.

Luckily, in Pedaspea, where we spent our night, the weather was nice. Cold and windy, but at least we saw a little sun. We had a lovely evening, barbeque and some of the guys went to the sauna. Had a few beers and enjoyed the night. I didn´t have a single beer, but I had fun! At midnight we discovered that Hunger games are on TV, watched that and everything.

And then, then the Monday and a free day and the first of May happened, with a sun! With a warm weather! It was like a dream. I have to say that it was the warmest weather my eyes have ever seen. So we had a 5 hour long chillax time on the terrace. We ate breakfast outside, with short clothes and everything. Nice, I have to say. Mom also discovered, that she hasn´t bought me a sunscreen. As I´m still a baby and I have a very soft skin (believe me, it´s the softest, come and see!), I need to have a correct sun protection. Not to mention, that my skin hasn´t seen sun before. So we need to have a little shopping trip. Again. Bhhhh.

Oh well. Think I can manage one more shopping day.

Today I had a very good day again! As I was ill last week then the last time I went swimming was like ages ago. But that fact didn´t stop me diving many many times! It was so much fun! A few times I pulled a bit water to my throat but I must say, that the skill is becoming quite good. Saw Ella after a long time. She´s still the sweetest! This time we even went to sauna together. It was a bit hot, but I tried to act cool and not show.

After the swimming lesson moms wanted to eat, as usual. This time we ate in Trühvel and it was the first time we ate outside! Or, some of us ate and some of us slept. We did the second thing with Ella. I must say that sleeping outside is way better than inside. I even dreamt about summer and our vacation together with Ella. Maybe we can sleep in the same bed. Man, that would be awesome!

When moms were full of ice cream, we drove back home. Unfortunately, just me and Mom. Ella and her Mom went to their home. But since the weather was so nice, Mom wanted to go outside for a walk. As we were supposed to go back to the city in the evening anyhow, she decided that we go for a walk there. So, after being at home for an hour, we headed back to the car and off to the city, to Kalamaja. We had a lovely walk and Mom showed me where they used to live with Dad. She told, that she´s so happy that we don´t live in that apartment anymore. I am too. When Mom is happy, I am happy!

When we had walked for a while we headed to Dad´s office. And then, then we went to see a hairdresser. At first I thought that the lovely lady is going to cut my hair. But no. My haircut is the prettiest! Mom was the one whose hair got chopped. I think she looked so nice after the cut! A bit strange, but still nice! Sad thing is, that now she has less hair I can pull and play with, but I hope I can survive.

Finally, around 8 o´clock we got back at home. So good. Got to play with my toys and cuddle with Dad. I love Dad.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I hope you had a lovely long weekend and you enjoyed the sun as much as I did!

And I love you tooooo! Yes, you, my lovely reader! XO!

By the way, my blog is on the Estonian Bloggers Awards, give your vote – eba.marimell.eu


Tobias, the sunman


It’s gonna be one hell of a weekend

I had a day off yesterday! Just like that. And not even feeling guilty about that. A posh baby, you know.

I got my ID-card, I´m so sweeeet on the photo! Just look! Handsome little fella. Mom also got some new pants and her watch back. Repairing the clock costed almost as much as a new watch. Phh. At least she doesn´t wear Dad´s watch anymore.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Yesterday I had quite a bad sleep in the daytime. Maybe that´s the reason I slept so long today. I woke up before 6 o´clock in the morning. Then Mom played with me like half an hour and then we fell back asleep. The next time I woke up was 11.54. Like whaaat? Where did the time go? At least now I´m rested and ready to play!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The weekend is going to be a long one again. Monday is a free day! Free day – yeey day! Dad can be at home toooo! I like having him around. He´s one cool guy, I have to say. He makes so funny faces when he plays with me and he´s way more interesting than Mom. Like, he has so long arm-hair, which I like to pull. And her cheeks are way chubbier and more grabable. And his voice doesn´t make my ears hurt. So yes, he´s my favourite!

Tomorrow is going to be the first time for me to go to a basketball game. How awesome is that! Friends from Tartu are visiting us this weekend and one of them has to play tomorrow. Of course I´m going to cheer him! He´s gonna win, I know. Not his team, bu he. He´s just that awesome. In the evening, we´re going to make.. I don´t even know what! We haven´t made any strict plans. Mom is a bit overwhelmed by that fact, but I hope she survives. She always has to have a plan.

On Sunday when the weather is nice then we´re going to a roadtrip with Ella, Platon and their parents. Think it´s going to be a good good day! We´re going to have a picnic and everything, that´s also a first for me! Haven´t seen Ella already.. way too long! Can´t even count how many days. So the weather better be nice on Sunday!

As Sunday is also a holiday, then in the evening we´re going to my uncles soon to be wife´s parents summerhouse. We´re going to make a little fire (grilling does count as a fire, no?) and just have a fabulous time! Haven´t chilled with them so long. Hope they are going to cuddle me all night and the next day also. Yes, we´re going to stay overnight. Parents have their own couch at the summer house, how cool is that! Maybe I´m even going to eat some yummy meat, we´ll see!

So, to sum up – my weekend is going to be great! So many friends and so many fun things. Hope you have a good time too and I´ll see you again on Tuesday!

Until then – the biggest and cutest smiles from me to you!

Tobias, the friendman

That was a long one.

Knock-knock! Who´s there? Tobiaaaas, the bunnyman! Or eggman. Or I started cringeing man! Yes, I did! I decided it´s too boring to be on the same exact place all the time, thought and done. I haven´t mastered the skill totally, but in parents bed, I can move quite freely. Yes, if you ask, I am very proud of myself!

My long weekend was very fun. On Wednesday, we stayed at my Dad´s parents. My uncle was there too with his family. I played with grandparents and Sofia and Susanna and Porgand, the cat. Porgand is actually my parents cat. Or he was. Now he lives with my grandparents. Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On Friday, we went to Narva. There was a tour to the Kreenholm factory and the rapids, that exist only when the Russians open their water gates to lower the water in Narva catchment. It was so cool! Although I slept most of the time. Okay, all the time. But Mom showed me pictures afterwards! After that, we went shopping to Narva Prisma. It had a children’s playhouse inside the shop. How come other Prisma´s don´t have that? I like Prisma, every time we go there I get a free fruit. This time I got a banana. Banana. Bananaaaa! Minions in my head, yours too?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the long shopping trip, we went to my Mom´s parents house. We stayed there for two nights. Grandma bought me a lottery ticket, my first. And guess what, I won!!! Yes! Two euros! I can get 7 diapers for that money. Okay, I´m not going to spend it. Mom told, that they are going to buy me a piggy bank, where I´m going to put all my money. So, when I´m big-big boy I can buy myself something beautiful. Or useful. Or food. Don´t know yet. We´ll see.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Got also two new books and a bunny. If you follow me on Instagram then you already have seen the bunny. I think that I´m going to call it bunny number two. I think the bunny number two likes that name!

In the evening, great-grandad visited us, was good to see him too! He hasn´t got older a day since the last time. Still grey and funny! My other uncle and his girlfriend were also at home, I´m seeing them so rarely. Think they don´t like me. Maybe I stink.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Saturday was a quiet day. Dad had to work and I chilled with Mom and grandparents. We did a grocery shopping and had a lovely long walk. When Dad got back home, we dyed some eggs. Again, my first! My egg was the prettiest. It was green. Like Shrek. I´m so skilled. Others did some fancy-pancy cut and glue thing with their eggs, don´t know why bother! Mine was still the prettiest!

On Sunday, the other grandma brought me an Easter gift – a little chicken (unfortunately not a real one) and many chocolates. Parents, the hungry people, had to eat my chocolates of course, was a bit sad that they did so. But I try to forgive them.

We had planned coming back home in the middle of the day, when my naptime is, so I wouldn´t cry and could sleep in the car. Haaah. How stupid are they. Parents I mean. Yes, I slept the first 45 minutes, but then, then the sleep went away! Just went. I don´t know how or where. I cried a bit. And then a bit more. And then parents decided to turn off the highway and we drove on the shore. There was the road more bumpier and it had many holes in it. Parents are clever, I have to say. The sleep came back and I managed to sleep until we arrived home. Rested baby!

Then a little grocery shopping and a quiet evening at home.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the night, I had a massive gas pain. I don´t know where it came from. Parents had quite a bad night. Sorry. I try to be better tonight! Mom hasn´t had decent sleep in four nights, have to give her an opportunity to rest, so she would have the energy to play and cuddle with me. Go team Mom!

Today parents are hoping to get Mom´s watch back from watchmaker. The battery died or something. If this happens then we´re going to visit my auntie and her family too. Fingers crossed! Haven´t seen them quite a long time and they have a really cool beagle. The dog I mean. Her name is Donna and she is so cute!

Okay for now. Hope you all had a great long weekend and you are full of energy to handle this new one! Fortunately, there will be a long weekend again soon!

Big kisses to you!

Tobias, the eggman



A really busy weekend

Hello my lovely friends! A new week again, what a joy!

Unfortunately, I didn´t make it to the post on Friday. We had a city day with Mom. Dad had a part-time home office and Mom had a dentist appointment in lunch-time. After these, we all went to the city, Dad to work and we went shopping with Mom. Dad needed a few bits and we also needed to do some grocery shopping for Saturday´s Italian themed dinner date.

It was my first experience in these crazy things called Osturalli and Hullud Päevad. Was mad! So many people everywhere. But I survived. Was a bit afraid, but big boy as I am, I managed to handle all the crowd. When Dad was ready with his work we went to Ülemiste. Mom had ordered me a really cool dinnerware set from Zara Home. So, I now have my very own dining set. Like a mug, two spoons, a bowl, a plate. How cool! Soon I´ll have my own chair too and then it´s all settled with my eating things. So happy about that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the evening, we had a lovely time at home with parents. Dad made Mom a very jummy pasta dish and after some playing and a long bath it was time for me to go to bed. I was passed out.

And then, then it was Saturday! Long chill morning with cuddles and Mom let me wear my new hat all morning long. It has a Mickey Mouse on it. I´m a fan you know!

When breakfast was finally done, we had a little walk and then it was time to visit our friends. And you know what, we used public transport for that! My first! We drove with a bus, with a tram and with a train! I think I liked the train the most. Or the bus. It made me sleep so deeply. Certainly going to ride with bus again!

Finally, after some long tripping, we arrived to Ella´s parents place. Was so good to see Platon and Ella and her Mom again! It was the first time for me to meet Ella´s dad. Was a bit afraid at the beginning, still, maybe the future father in law. Hope I left a good impression! We had a very lovely evening, played with Ella and slept in Ella´s pram. It was nice. Like sleeping next to her! Oh, unfortunately I didn´t managed to fall into my night-sleep there, so I had quite a long evening and I was quite overtired when we finally started our way home. So, I cried all the way. Think the taxi driver was quite happy when we finally arrived to Viimsi. But blah, I´m a baby. Babies cry!

On Sunday, we slept quite long. I was so so tired! After a long breakfast and a little powernap we went to a walk with parents. And I fell asleep again. So deeply that I slept like 4 hours. I haven´t slept that long quite a long time. Parents didn´t want to wake me up and so they walked all the time. 19 389 steps to be accurate. That long walked also included two ice-creams, a little cheeseburger and 3 pies. Hungry parents.

Finally, when it was almost evening, I woke up, had a little play at home and then off to my uncle´s place. A little relaxing sauna night to end the long weekend. Played with my nieces and had so good time!

Today has been fun too. Played with Mom, had a long walk and then we took pictures of my old clothes. We don´t have enough room in the closet so Mom has to sell things which are too small for me. I hope they find a cool new baby, who enjoys wearing them as much as I did!

And now. Now I wish to you a fun new week! Mine is going to be full of swimming, doctor´s appointment, dinner-date with wine-club and then off to the countryside to see my grandparents!


Sending you my love!

Tobias, the restedmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset



The exhausted guy

Whoa, don´t know where to start! Last time I wrote on Monday, right? Yes, yes.

So, yesterday I had my swimming lessons, went quite okay. My mood wasn´t the bestest, so I didn´t enjoy it as much as I´m used to, but next time will be better! This time I had a swimming lesson with two of my friends! Marta was also swimming with her mom. Was good to see her, the last time was already like a month ago! We had a private lesson, the three of us – me, Ella and Marta. I like these kind of lessons, then the coach can teach us individually. So nice!

After the swim, Ella and her mom invited us over to their house, to have a little playdate and to go for a walk. I didn´t have to think twice, I agreed! The only downside was, I didn’t have time to write to you. But you understand, I know you do!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So, we spent our afternoon in Nõmme, walking in pinewoods and eating ice-cream. The weather was warm and the birds were singing and everything were very chill. After the walk, we had a little play with Ella and Platon (he is the most awesomest big dog I have seen!) and suddenly it was already time for me and Mom to leave.

Off to another party! As I mentioned, my cousin turned two on Sunday, so yesterday was the party. It took place in Laura´s Kitchen, it´s a cool partyplace in Kalamaja. If I´m older, then I´m going to have so much fun in these playrooms! This time I had to settle with just watching and cheering the others. Saw many of my relatives and spent a lovely time! The cake was also njom!

When we finally arrived home in the evening, I was so overwhelmed of the day that I just couldn´t fall asleep! So, I spent quite some time chatting with my bunnies before finally the sleep fairy came and put me to sleep. Mom was also very tired. We haven´t had that kind of a day before that we leave home at 9 am and will be back at 9 pm. Was tiring!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Our hopes that we can sleep the next morning nice and long weren´t meant to happen though. It was time for another playdate! And as funny as it is, again in Laura´s Kitchen! Mom laughed, that we should have stayed there for the night. Would have been less driving back and forth. This playdate was with Dad´s workmates and their children. Or with workmates wives and their children. Anyhow, saw a few already old friends and met many new ones. Had a lovely time!

And now, now we´re finally back at home. Mom said that she refuses to do anything today. The only thing we have to do is go grocery shopping. I think we´re going to do that when Dad is back at home from work. Until then we´re going to rest with Mom and play a little. But mostly, rest.

Oh, tired but happy! Have had two very good days! Mom told, that tomorrow is rest day and we´re going to have a nice long walk in the afternoon. And that´s the only thing we have planned. Other than that, having cuddles and laugh and play! Me likes that plan!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope you forgive me about yesterday! Just didn´t have the time!

Big big huggs to you all!


Tobias, the tiredman

A small bite for man, a giant leap for Tobias.

Ciao bellas! New week! New start! New experiences! Yes, yes. You know what? Today was a really special day for me. I tried real food for the very first time. It wasn´t milk. It had a texture, you know! It´s kind of a big deal for me, you know. YOU KNOW! Mom was so cool and filmed it. Have a look!

As you can see it was delicious! I really liked that. And now, let´s hope that my digestive system goes – yiiippee! And voila, all my tummy problems will disappear! Fingers crossed.

I hope that all of you went outdoors yesterday. It was so warm. The warmest weather my eyes have ever seen. Like spring! We had a lovely long walk with parents. Had my first outdoor eating experience too! Was quite nice not to be stuck in the car and trying to eat there.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope that the weather is going warmer and warmer each day. I reallly like that. I´m quite tired of that gray and sticky weather. Okay, today the weather is ugly too but it shall pass, I must hope! Then it´s so much nicer. Mom told, that we´re going to have longer walks and eat some ice-cream while we´re at it and do other fun stuff too that you can only do outside. Like sit on a bench. I haven´t done that! Okay, I´m not really good at sitting yet, but I’ll get to it. The skill I mean. Soon my bellas, soon! Ohh, then I can have outdoor play dates tooooo! Who wants to come to a playground with me?!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

BTW, yesterday I went out in my big-boys stroller and slept in it! It’s BLUE-ish! And damn, is it comfortable.


Saturday was fun too. We visited some thrift stores and furniture shops and parents found a new couch again. They have found 3 so far. Now they have to decide which one to choose. We´re going to IKEA too in the beginning of May, I´m quite sure that Mom finds some couches there too. Hope not! The main reason we´re going there is to buy me a feeding chair. And to have a fun day!

It´s going to be my first foreign country visit.

On that note, parents have to make me an ID card! Good that I´m writing about that, now Mom remembers to take a photo of me. Hope she dresses me nicely for the photo. Did you know that toddlers ID card lasts for 5 years? Like, how´s that logical? After 4 months, I look totally different. And when I´m 2 years old? No one could tell who that baby on that photo is! Whoa, it got me all excited and stuff! Must calm down.

Back to Saturday. We visited the Design Market. Mom saw her old friend, who is now designing some cool stuff, take a look – http://xaos-design.com/. I think these things are cool, if I´m older and have a girlfriend then I´m buying her something from this collection! Now all the baby girls are all freaked out and afraid to be friends with me? No? Hope not!

Unfortunately, this time we bought nothing. Even not for me! Although there was some cool stuff besides xaos design. Some cool clothes and toys.

No, I´m lying. Mom bought ice-cream. No surprise! LaMuu has a special collection ice-creams for Tallinn Music week. Tasted nice! Better than the salted caramel one they have. It has too big caramel chunks in there. Mom almost broke her teeth!

Tomorrow is the swimming day again and in the evening, we´re going to a B-day. My lovely cousin turned two yesterday. Happy B-Day Susanna! Tomorrow I´ll give you a big big hug!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Now I´m going to take my nap and then have a massive playdate with Mom. Because she is so awesome and I know, that she doesn´t want to do anything more than to play with me! You don´t have to do the dishes or clean the house or epilate your feet or something. No, you don´t. I told Dad in the morning that today is a play day and not „I´m a good wife day”.

I hope that Mom doesn´t read this before the evening but Dad also told me in the morning that he´s going to bring some flowers to Mom today! Just because she´s there for me and Dad. And because she´s the bestest too!

Have a happy week my bellas!

Tobias, the realfoodman

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