Everything has not been fine lately!

Hey, my fellas! I want to say, that I´m happily okay and back, but the truth is, that I´m a bit sick again. I haven´t written so long, that I don´t even know where to start. Midsummer was fun! Unfortunately didn´t see the lighting bugs. Maybe because we went looking them with Mom when it was 9 pm. So, way too early. But went to hot tub and spent a good time! Also ate my first strawberry. It was so good! I didn´t have any spots the next day, so I can say that I´m not allergic to strawberries, which is a really good thing. Now I can take maximum from the summer. If you can say that it´s summer whats happening outside. The weather is horrible. Like totally. All the rain and wind and.. That´s the reason I´m sick again.

About my sickness. It all started on Saturday´s night. Mom felt, that I´m a bit hot. Okay, she thought and turned back to sleep. Then in the morning she discovered, that I have a fever. 39,2C. No fun. I have to say, that I felt myself quite good. Played and laughed, the only thing, I was so tired and wanted to sleep a lot.

But it got worse. The next night I once had a fever of 41,1C. It was horrible. I was piping hot and parents almost called 911. Luckily the paracetamol worked and fever went down. They were oh so worried. The first time I had a decent fever. Unfortunately the next night it all repeated. At least the fever wasn´t that high. Only 40,3C. Woohooo. Not. It was still bad. Mom was in contact with our family doctor all the time, so everything was under control. Luckily the fever went down and on Tuesday I had a normal body temperature again.

But what happened then. It turned out, that I have a new tooth coming. Paracetamol took away that pain. But as the fever went down and parents didn´t give me paracetamol anymore, the tooth pain kicked in. Like, I screamed the whole night. Nothing worked. Until it was almost morning and Dad couldn´t take it anymore. He put me in my safety crib and put that in their bed. And so I finally fell asleep. It was quite fun to watch. Me in my safety crib in parents bed, between them.

I was so so tired, and parents too, that they both slept in. We had a doctor´s appointment the next morning. Luckily Ella´s mom wrote to my Mom in messenger and that woke Mom up. It took only 13 minutes to get from our home to the doctor´s place. By that time my fever was totally gone and doctor lady couldn´t tell, what was wrong with me.

When we got back home, then Mom discovered that I was covered with dots. And then she knew, I had a 3 day fever. All symptoms were there. At least some knowledge what was wrong with me. As my teeth were still hurting then I got a bit paracetamol and everything turned okay again.

And then. Then I caught cold. I have a runny nose and I don´t have a normal voice. You can say, that I don´t have a voice. Mom thinks it´s cute. The sounds I make. Oh well, it shall pass and I have a mission to be totally back to health the next week! Because, to be honest, I don´t have the energy to be sick anymore. Parents are tired too.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I really hope, that you aren´t too mad for me for not writing too long. I try to be well now and be more active!

I wish you a really cozy weekend. Don´t go outside, sit near the fireplace and drink hot tea. Because it´s like autumn. Not summer.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Btw, I learned how to kiss! I put my tongue into Mom´s mouth. She told me, that it´s not the right way to give a kiss, but at least I try! Someday I can control my tongue and give a proper kiss toooo!

Sending you my wet kisses!

Tobias, the sickman




Sorry for the delay, saw a doctor.

I had an extraordinary doctor´s visit today! Don´t worry, I´m all okay. I just had a bad cough this night and Mom&Dad wanted to make sure that I´m all right, so Mom managed to get me a doctor´s appointment for today´s afternoon. The doctor lady was very sweet and told Mom that they have done everything right – used the inhaler and put the goose grease ointment on my chest and under my foot soles. My lunges are clean and the doctor lady told, that a few more days and then I should be healthy as a horse! Wohooo!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So today I have been outside quite a lot, and slept quite a lot. We woke up around 10 o´clock, then had a little playtime with Mom, had breakfast, some of us watched the Bold and the Beautiful and then we headed out for my midday nap. I slept until 14.20, then had a little bite, Mom changed my diapers, and then out again. Tooooo much fresh air! And too little chance to move myself. I was a bit moody and tried to throw my bunny outside the pram, I almost succeeded!

After the doctor´s visit we did a little grocery shopping. Parents are eating so much yoghurt, that they should do a maxi order from some retailer. I counted, they eat 13 yoghurts in a week. That´s a lot! Should change the morning yoghurt for a porridge. So much cheaper. Parents, where is your economical thinking!?

Oh, them. So, when we headed back home, the fresh air kicked in again, and yeees, I fell asleep. So today is all about sleep. Hope the evening is going to be better and actually have a chance to play! I received a lot of new toys on Sunday, they miss me and want me to play with them. Soon, darlings, soon!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Parents made me an ID card. It is ready, finally! Okay, it took like a week or so. Now we can actually go to Finland! I don´t know yet how pretty I look on it, but Mom was supposed to go and get it tomorrow, then we´ll see. I think I look the awesomest. There´s no other chance.

And now, now I hugggg you with my cutest chubby arms and wish you a nice evening! Ciaociao!

Tobias, the I´malmostwellmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

I’m sick, everybody!

Hey guys! What a long and tireing weekend I had! Long, but nice. Hope yours was good too!

Unfortunately, despite having a good time I managed to get sick. I´m coughing quite badly and my nose is running like, like a lot. Luckily I don´t have a fever, thank god. If I would have that then Mom would definitely go crazy! It´s my first time to be actually sick (more than a runny nose) and parents are a bit overwhelmed. Mom is. I think Dad is too, but he´s not showing it. A tough guy, you know. But I like that, Mom cuddles me and holds me all the time and doesn´t want to put on the floor to play. I actually understand her, the apartment where we live in is in an old house and the walls have holes in them. Basically, yes.

There’s one more „nice“ thing about living in an old house. Spiders. Yep, HUGE ONEs. This morning, in the sink, one tried to attack Mom. It was so horrible. Mom´s heart stopped when she saw it. She tried to flush it down the sink, but the massive thing resisted badly. Mom had nothing else to do than just kill it. Yes. A murderer. And what´s even better! He wasn´t alone, the bastard, there was two!!! Can´t wait to get our new home!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On the new home note. Mom went to the Design thing on Friday. She found a couch which suits parents demands and looks totally awesome!! Whooop! They are quite happy. I´m too, Mom told it´s very comfy and that I´m going to like playing on it! Even if I´m getting a baby brother or sister one day, we can both fit in there. So nice!

Weekend was fun, saw both my grandparents and many friends whom I haven´t seen a long time. I also had a birthday on Saturday! Yes, I´m 5 now. 5 months! So big already. I also received many gifts! One grandmother gave me a soft toy – a monkey, the other gave me a book and a friend gave me a set of three green frogs. I liked all my presents very very much! Thank you, my sweeties! Oh, I also got a cake! We stayed in the Alutaguse Sports Center and there is a little cafe, and they surprised me with a birthday cake. So sweet of them!

Unfortunately, Dad had to work all weekend so I saw him like a few hours, but I understand. I had a lot of girl time with Mom and girlfriends. I actually liked that. They all love me and want to hold me and it makes me feel cute!

I didn´t get to participate on the Marathon myself. Dad didn´t let me. He told, that I´m too little and that´s too dangerous. I don´t know. I really wanted to get another medal. But okay, I try to understand that bicycle is one thing and skiing that Dad has done his whole life is different and bicycles have to wait until I´m even bigger than I´m now. In the summer maybe? Dad?

As I´m sick then tomorrow´s swimming lesson isn´t going to happen. Trying to get back to health as soon as possible. For today I have also no special plans. After a little nap, I´m going to make carrot and beet purees with Mom. So tomorrow I have new things to eat! Btw, in the weekend was my first time to eat a cucumber! It was good. As it was a bit cold then it was so good to scratch my gums with it. Oooh, cucumber, want it now!

Aand we had a long chase for an inhaler. It took three cities but now I have my brand new my own inhaler! It has toys on it – a smiling bear and a happy bunny!

I wish you all a lovely week and don´t get sick yourself too! Sending you my love!

Tobias, the sickbutsweetashellmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset



We have seen better days…

This hasn´t happened for a long time. I made Mom cry. Yes, I did.

And the reason – I cried. Or I cry. Lately a lot. And Mom just didn´t know what to do and how to help me. And so we just cried, the two of us.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have to admit that besides all the fun stuff I do I still have my baby problems. Lately the gas thing is back. That jerk. Mom feels guilty, she tried to eat an apple yesterday. Think she´s not going to do that again in a while!

And my teeth still make a killer pain. I dribble like I have rabies or something. When I´m on my tummy, all the floor and the toys are wet. Oh, today they weren´t wet because of my dribbling. I had my naked time. Yes, sometimes I´m naked because my butt has a lovely diaper rash. And then I peed on my play mat. And on my toys. Hope they aren´t mad at me. Mom wasn´t. She laughed. And gave me a kiss! At least I wasn´t crying at that moment. She was happy.

As my sleeping patterns are changing, I can´t assure you that all my blogposts are going to be up in daytime. Maybe some of them are going to be up in the evenings. I hope you understand and still come to read how I´m doing. I like writing to you! You are all my virtual friends and I´m very grateful to you, that you are interested in how I´m doing!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

To make her mood better and my food richer Mom bought an ice-cream. That´s one more concern she has. That I don´t get enough food. Although I don´t think that´s the case. We tested today, I´m already 7440g. That´s enough I think! But I can let you still have that ice-cream, Mom. Sometimes stress eating makes the mood better. Teaser – in Selver the LaMuu salted caramel ice-cream and brownie ice-cream are on sale. So, off you go! To the store!

Hope to have a better evening than the day has been. And wish all to you a peaceful evening and go buy that ice-cream! Sending you big huggs!

Tobias, the peeman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I can almost taste the next medal!

Tobias the bunman is back!

I got a puzzle mat! And I turned myself over for the first time on purpose! It was the wrong way (from tummy to the back), but still! Yes, I am so proud of myself. I think that all the hard swimming lessons are paying off. I´m getting stronger!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

It´s so fun, that Dad is sick. The last time he was at home so much was when I was born. It was like, 3 months ago! Whoa, how the time flies! Soon I´ll crawl already! Mom is a bit afraid of that time, cause then she has to remove all the stuff from the bottom shelves. I think it´s okay that she tidies up a bit more. Would like to have a bit cleaner floor, Mom!

Btw, those, who live in Viimsi, do you have any good suggestions about some cleaning company/cleaning lady? Parents are looking for someone to come and clean a bit at our house, maybe you have a good experience with someone? If you do, please let me know!

Mom was a bit mad this morning because she got one spoonful less coffee from the coffee machine than usual! And she couldn’t watch the Bold and the Beautiful, since TV was messed up.

She belongs in a facebook group called – no drama, just mamas. Dad told her, that she is in a wrong group, that she is the drama mama!

Sometimes I agree with Dad. Mom needs to chillax. That´s the reason we´re going to Kubija Spa this weekend! Mom can have a relaxing massage and I can go swimming. Even Dad gets to relax for the first time in the last 3 months, saunas and other stuff (beers, yes, you guessed correctly).

Haanja Marathon was supposed to be in the weekend, but since the weather is so shitty (sorry, but it is), it is going to be not a marathon but just friendly skiing with no timing. I haven´t still buried the hope to get my third gold medal! The Saare Childrens race is still on! Can´t wait for the weekend and the medal and the saunas and the soft hotel sheets! Those are my favorites!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Todays weather is also quite depressing. That´s why Dad was so sweet and brought Mom some buns early in the morning. No, he didn´t go to shop to buy some milk, he went there to make Mom happy! I think I have the best Dad!

Now I´m trying to have a beauty sleep to have energy for practicing the rolling over thing in the evening. And to play on my new puzzle mat! If you ask me, life is quite beautiful I have to say!

Hope you have a beautiful start of the new month and see you tomorrow!

Tobias, the swimming guru! And bunman!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Bun intended.

Happy bunday to you all! I’m full of buns, how many have you had? Teaser – the BEST BUNS ever are in cafe Ristikheina! My Mom and Ella’s mom ordered like.. 7 buns! Yes, they like to eat. Okay, maybe some of them were meant to our dads, but still. These were so good!

Yesterday the lovely massage lady visited me. She told that I have strained muscles. Don´t know why! Mom has to rub me now. I like massage so I´m happy about that! Otherwise, my body is quite okay, I´m almost ready to cringe! Can´t wait. I have so big plans for the time I can move myself properly!

I´m not a jealous boy and I can share info about my masseuse. Her name is Marion and you can find information about her in here.

(To be clear – this is not an ad, I just like her!)IMG_0499.JPG

Today was a weird day. Dad didn´t go to work again! He´s sick or something. So he´s in a home office. I think that I want to work also in a home office someday. This sounds nice. Wake up, drink coffee, work, eat, work.. Sounds like a perfect plan! Mom told that I´m going to be a chef, but I like my plan much better! Home officer. Or I can be a chef at home office? Home office chef dude. Bake buns whenever I want! Coolio!

Oh, dreams!

Today I saw Ella again! Tuesdays are our swimming days. So many other babies were with us this time! Like 8 or something. They were all so cute! There was so much chatting in the changing room, you gossip girls! We were both quite tired with Ella after the long training so yes, we fell asleep again. It’s like a curse. Every time we see, we sleep, which means we basically don’t see! One day we will pull ourselves together and actually play.img_0442

And we are going to have a movie date! I don´t know exactly when, but Mom said soon! So much fun!

After the swim thing we went to Ristikheina cafe as I mentioned earlier. It was so funny. All the people who entered the cafe wanted to buy some buns. But the buns were sold out. And people were so sad. We were also sad at first, but then the next patch of buns arrived and we got ours! Like really, if you haven´t had yours already, then go straight to Ristikheina! Your evening will be so much nicer, trust me!Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Dad was also very thankful for the lovely buns we brought. I can not get over the bun thing as you can see. Bunbunbun! It’s bunny. Buntastic! Bunjour! If I was a super hero’s I’d belong to the Buntastic four! Or If a bun bit me, I’d become a sbunderman.

Our home store in Viimsi, Violia, sells also quite good buns. Mom is thinking about buying a few more. Just in case. There can never be too many buns, right?

On the side note – I have a doctors visit on Friday. I have trouble with digesting stuffs.

I´ll end this post now, or I´m going to tell you more about buns. Do you like your buns with or without jam? My favorites are with jam. A lot of jam! Other ones are so… blah! Like fake buns. Who likes fake buns? Phhhh.

Have a lovely evening with lots of buns my little and big friends!

Bun you later!

Tobias the Bunman


The illness isn´t an excuse

Hey hey hey my beloved readers! So, it happened. Mom is ill. She looks so cute. With a red nose and everything. Like a Rudolph! Yes, I know who Rudolph is, I already existed when Christmastime was!

I tried to behave nicely at night. I didn´t manage to pull an all-nighter, but at least I tried! Good enough. My birthdays evening was chill, had finally some cake at my friend´s place and cried a few hours before going to bed. Nice!16923997_10212557844890014_1182833956_n

Today we are going to Tartu. Now Mom has to do some work. Dad is also at work.

I have boring parents. Who wants to come to play with me? I´m really cute. And I smile if I like you. Anyone?

When Mom gets her work done then she has to pack. And shower. Don´t forget that Mom. You stink a little. The illness isn´t an excuse.

I have not decided which toys I´m going to take with me. And how many pijamas. Have hard decisions to make. Hope that Chai is waiting for me. I definitely can´t wait to see her! Maybe we can even sleep together? Or, I don´t know. She snores a lot. Even louder than Dad does.

Mom told that tomorrow is Estonian´s Independence Day. We are going to have a fancy-pancy dinner at Chai´s parents place, watch President´s reception and criticize all the pretty and not so pretty dresses. I think, that´s going to be my favorite part of the night. During the day we´re going to some hiking tracks or just to the woods. Dad doesn´t know that yet. I hope he agrees!

How about you? What are your plans for tomorrow? Waiting for my new post I am sure! Admit it, you like me!

But yes, hope you all enjoy your long weekend and maybe I´m going to see some of you on Tartu marathon?!?



Happy birthday to meee!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee. I am 3 months old! I am a big boy now! Yesterday I wasn´t, but now I am. What a difference a day makes!

My birthday didn´t actually start very well. I felt myself quite badly at night and so I cried a lot. I didn´t want to sleep in my bed. I just wanted Mom to hold me. Only then could I feel well. So maybe I am not quite that big yet? Sorry Mom, that I didn´t let you sleep very well. I know that you are feeling yourself a bit ill, but I am a baby. I hope you understand! I´ll make it up to you! I promise to be a good boy tonight and sleep like a baby! Wait. Oh, okay. I´ll do my best! Is that enough?16899944_10212549633244728_1478998061_n

I had my doctor’s appointment in the morning. She was so nice this time! Last time I was a bit bad and didn´t lift my head nor reacted to different noises. So she was mean to Mom because she didn´t do enough things with me. Actually she did, I was just sneaky. This time I held my head like way too long! The doctor was very satisfied with me. I also got an injection. That hurt. I cried a bit. But only a bit! Big boy, remember? I am also in a healthy weight (not chubby, Mom!) and all the other stuff was okay also.

After the doctor´s visit we went for a walk with my new friend Evan. We both slept the whole time. Typical, I would say! It was cold and windy outside! Not the best walking weather. Hope that Mom didn´t catch a cold and is still healthy enough to go to Tartu tomorrow!

Have I already mentioned that we are going to have a long weekend in Tartu? Can´t recall that. But yes. We are going to Tartu tomorrow and we are staying there until Sunday. I am going to see Chai! Chai is the best babysitter ever! Btw, she is a dog. I like her so much! And on Saturday I am having my third ski-marathon. Whooop! What a busy weekend ahead. Hope that Mom really isn´t that ill and we can do all these fun things. Dad on the other hand is busy again. He is working at the marathon with some french dude. Probably doing something important. Don’t know entirely, didn’t get myself involved.

Tonight I am hoping to get my cake and spend awesome time at my friends place. Mom and Dad also have to pack. We have so many things to take with us tomorrow! We need a bigger car. Or Mom has to sell some of her clothes. Or not take so many of them with us? Decisions – decisions.

Thank you all who have wished me happy birthday! Love you all! Hugs!









I felt like Ott Tänak, or a farmer with a tractor

I have a confession to make. I love my Dad. Yes, I said it.

Mom is also quite awesome, but Dad. He is the best! Let me explain a little.

In the mornings, about 8 o´clock, Dad has to wake up and go to work. Even though he wants to sleep as long as possible. But Mom, who can sleep as long as she wants (unless I don´t let her) is like a broken clock – honey, wake up, you have to go to work. Honey, please change baby’s diapers. Honey, please wake up. Honey, you are going to be late to work. Do you remember that you have to change the diapers? Honey?

Dad wakes up, takes me into his warm arms and to the bathroom.  Risking to be totally late for work! This is almost the best part of the day. Dad looks so cute when he is still half asleep. He changes my diapers, talks to me softly and gives me big- big kisses, so I could survive the day with Mom. And then he leaves.

The hours pass and then about six thirty in the evening comes THE BEST part of the day. Dad comes back! I give him a big smile and behave very nicely. Because I know he had a hard day and I can make the evening much happier when I am a good kid. Sometimes I don´t do that. But that happens only when he doesn´t change my diaper in the mornings. It’s called payback.

Yesterday was especially fun. When Dad arrived he took the stroller and we went out for groceries. Unfortunately he invited Mom with us. I tried to accept that. Sometimes I like her also. After getting back home we played with Dad and then he finally cut my nails. At first I was not happy about that, but now I am. Now I look cute.

Then he took me to the bath, that was so much fun! I like taking a bath. It makes me sleep a lot better.

After the bath Dad made an awesome thing. He put a weird thingy on my face. He said that it is called an inhaler. It was so much fun! Wet air came out of it which made my awesome mustache all wet and sparkly.  Mom laughed about it, but I think I looked cool! Women, you know. They don´t know anything about style and class. Oh, and the sound, that was awesome! Like an engine. I felt like Ott Tänak, or a farmer with a tractor.fullsizerender

I think I like that thing, the inhaler.

After that it was again time to go to bed. Unfortunately Mom is the one with who I have to go to bed at nights, but I understand. Dad needs some alone time also. To do some serious Dad stuff. Like watch the Bing Bang Theory, make all the big-big decisions and figure out lots of new stuff. I totally understand you Dad! And I still love you!

P.S. This post was not sponsored by Dad.