Parem hilja kui mitte kunagi!

I am so very sorry. See nädal on olnud natukene hektiline ja eelmise nädala vlogipoiss ei tahtnud end kuidagi kokku saada. Kuid lõpuks! Siin see on. Kui ma teiega täiesti aus olen, siis päevad mööduvad nii nii ruttu ja ma isegi ei mäleta, mida kõike toredat ma eelmine nädal korda saatsin. Niiet – vaadake ise ja saage teada!


Tobias, mamagasintänakellapoole10niman


We had a trip and we have a vlog! Not kidding.

I survived the IKEA trip! Who am I kidding, I totally enjoyed it. The ferry ride was so much fun and IKEA itself was so much fun and everything, just funfunfun! In the end of the trip I was totally overtired, but I didn´t want to miss a thing so I fought so hard not to fall asleep. The sleep finally did conquer me, but I resisted hard! Ahh, no babbling about IKEA anymore, parents made a little vlog about our day, watch this instead!

Dad didn´t know that one estonian blogger has similar intro on her youtube vlogs, so next time we´ll make something different. But now, forgive us and enjoy! Btw, put the quality in the settings high, so you have a better quality!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Friday was fun too, went to Liisu´s birthday party, saw my cousin´s son after a long long time and had a fabulous time! My cousin gave Mom a huge bag of clothes, which are small for Carl (cousin´s son). That means, I have new clothes again! Big big thanks to you!! Can´t wait to wear all the stuff.

On Sunday, we were so tired with Dad, that we slept until midday. We would have been sleeping even longer, but Mom woke us up. Phhh. Ruined everything. But I understand, at 2 o´clock was the Red Bull event I talked to you last time. So we had to hurry!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Ate my lunch in my new feeding chair, it was so cool. I also got a very fancy robe to put on me while I´m eating, so I wouldn´t be all covered up with food. I looked so good! I think that I quite like my new eating stuff. Parents got me a peeing pot also. Yes! When I´m a bit bigger then Mom starts potty training me. Can´t wait for that to happen. I want to see, how I´m not peeing in the pot, instead on the floor or something. This is going to be awesome, hope that Mom films that!DFCEAF76-579A-4059-BE83-496AF56706E8

So, we participated at the Red Bull event, we weren´t running, we walked. Mom invited my uncle and his soon to be wife also with us. Had a lovely day with them! After a little walking, we drove to the old town, to get an ice cream from Gelato Ladies. Mom says, that they make the bestest ice cream ever!! It was totally delicious I have to say! And, I got to wear a jacket that parents bought for me when I was still in Moms belly. It is bright yellow and I am totally in love with it. I look like a little sunshine with it!

When our bellies were full of ice cream we drove back to Viimsi to my other uncles’ home. As we have a tiny tiny apartment then parents took some IKEA stuff we bought to their house. They have more room. And now we can move in our home again! So good. I can now maybe find all of my toys I have lost in the big mess we have.

Today we haven´t nothing much planned. Just a little walk and playing and cuddling! Sounds so nice. Chillax to the max!

What do you think of the vlog? Should they do more of these? Is it boring? What’s boring? What should they do differently?

Have a nice week everybody!

Kisses! And huggs. And kisses again!


Tobias, the funman



I’m sick, everybody!

Hey guys! What a long and tireing weekend I had! Long, but nice. Hope yours was good too!

Unfortunately, despite having a good time I managed to get sick. I´m coughing quite badly and my nose is running like, like a lot. Luckily I don´t have a fever, thank god. If I would have that then Mom would definitely go crazy! It´s my first time to be actually sick (more than a runny nose) and parents are a bit overwhelmed. Mom is. I think Dad is too, but he´s not showing it. A tough guy, you know. But I like that, Mom cuddles me and holds me all the time and doesn´t want to put on the floor to play. I actually understand her, the apartment where we live in is in an old house and the walls have holes in them. Basically, yes.

There’s one more „nice“ thing about living in an old house. Spiders. Yep, HUGE ONEs. This morning, in the sink, one tried to attack Mom. It was so horrible. Mom´s heart stopped when she saw it. She tried to flush it down the sink, but the massive thing resisted badly. Mom had nothing else to do than just kill it. Yes. A murderer. And what´s even better! He wasn´t alone, the bastard, there was two!!! Can´t wait to get our new home!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On the new home note. Mom went to the Design thing on Friday. She found a couch which suits parents demands and looks totally awesome!! Whooop! They are quite happy. I´m too, Mom told it´s very comfy and that I´m going to like playing on it! Even if I´m getting a baby brother or sister one day, we can both fit in there. So nice!

Weekend was fun, saw both my grandparents and many friends whom I haven´t seen a long time. I also had a birthday on Saturday! Yes, I´m 5 now. 5 months! So big already. I also received many gifts! One grandmother gave me a soft toy – a monkey, the other gave me a book and a friend gave me a set of three green frogs. I liked all my presents very very much! Thank you, my sweeties! Oh, I also got a cake! We stayed in the Alutaguse Sports Center and there is a little cafe, and they surprised me with a birthday cake. So sweet of them!

Unfortunately, Dad had to work all weekend so I saw him like a few hours, but I understand. I had a lot of girl time with Mom and girlfriends. I actually liked that. They all love me and want to hold me and it makes me feel cute!

I didn´t get to participate on the Marathon myself. Dad didn´t let me. He told, that I´m too little and that´s too dangerous. I don´t know. I really wanted to get another medal. But okay, I try to understand that bicycle is one thing and skiing that Dad has done his whole life is different and bicycles have to wait until I´m even bigger than I´m now. In the summer maybe? Dad?

As I´m sick then tomorrow´s swimming lesson isn´t going to happen. Trying to get back to health as soon as possible. For today I have also no special plans. After a little nap, I´m going to make carrot and beet purees with Mom. So tomorrow I have new things to eat! Btw, in the weekend was my first time to eat a cucumber! It was good. As it was a bit cold then it was so good to scratch my gums with it. Oooh, cucumber, want it now!

Aand we had a long chase for an inhaler. It took three cities but now I have my brand new my own inhaler! It has toys on it – a smiling bear and a happy bunny!

I wish you all a lovely week and don´t get sick yourself too! Sending you my love!

Tobias, the sickbutsweetashellmanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset



I’m tired of the old taste, new ones are waiting

Well hello there! Today is so warm! I was so surprised, when we went out with Mom. Like it´s spring again. I was very happy about that. So happy, that I almost immediately fell asleep. A good baby, I know, I am! My night was so-so, still haven´t totally got over my gas thing, but it´s getting better!

Yesterday was such a good night.

When Dad got home, I got to clean the house! This was SO awesome. I hope I get to clean the house with Dad again and when I’m older, i’m going to clean it all myself!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

As you know then we had a dinner date with our neighbours. Unfortunately, they brought me nothing, but Mom got an oven glove. I didn´t even knew that she collects those! When she visits a foreign country, she buys an oven glove which is characteristic to that place. I think it´s cool. Now she has a Porto one too!

Neighbours brought port wine too. I didn´t get to taste that. Yes, still baby. But parents thought it was very good. I think that neighbours like me. They played with me all night. It´s good when someone wants to play with you and you don´t have to play on your playmat alone! Yes, Mom, looking at you!

Today we have a cake night. Mom bought a big big carrot cake, she tries not to eat it all before Dad gets home. Dad has to visit neighbours too on his way home. They are so kind and are giving Mom some beet and carrot, which they have storaged in the freezer. So Mom can make me some other purees too beside the pumpkin one I´m having. To be honest, I really don´t like that anymore. Need some change! Can’t wait for the new stuff. Hope the new stuff is better than the pumpkin one!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tomorrow is already Friday and we´re going east again. Parents have to do some work. On Sunday, there is Alutaguse Bicycle Marathon and they are helping to organize it. That means I can see my grandparents again! Whooop! Don´t know if the bicycle marathon has children´s race too. If it is, then I want to participate! Think parents are okay with that.

As Mom wants to visit Design Trade Fair tomorrow afternoon then I´m not sure if I have the time to write a post. I hope I can find the time, but I´m not promising. As at 6 o´clock we have to be in Alutaguse Sports Centre for an important meeting, then I´m not sure. But we´ll see! Everything is possible. Maybe I can talk parents into vloging our little trip, have to discuss it with them. Think that Mom agrees but Dad is a bit against it, he´s the one who has to edit all the material.

Anyhow, hope you have a nice day and enjoy it!



Tobias, the pureemanProcessed with VSCO with t1 preset

A small bite for man, a giant leap for Tobias.

Ciao bellas! New week! New start! New experiences! Yes, yes. You know what? Today was a really special day for me. I tried real food for the very first time. It wasn´t milk. It had a texture, you know! It´s kind of a big deal for me, you know. YOU KNOW! Mom was so cool and filmed it. Have a look!

As you can see it was delicious! I really liked that. And now, let´s hope that my digestive system goes – yiiippee! And voila, all my tummy problems will disappear! Fingers crossed.

I hope that all of you went outdoors yesterday. It was so warm. The warmest weather my eyes have ever seen. Like spring! We had a lovely long walk with parents. Had my first outdoor eating experience too! Was quite nice not to be stuck in the car and trying to eat there.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Hope that the weather is going warmer and warmer each day. I reallly like that. I´m quite tired of that gray and sticky weather. Okay, today the weather is ugly too but it shall pass, I must hope! Then it´s so much nicer. Mom told, that we´re going to have longer walks and eat some ice-cream while we´re at it and do other fun stuff too that you can only do outside. Like sit on a bench. I haven´t done that! Okay, I´m not really good at sitting yet, but I’ll get to it. The skill I mean. Soon my bellas, soon! Ohh, then I can have outdoor play dates tooooo! Who wants to come to a playground with me?!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

BTW, yesterday I went out in my big-boys stroller and slept in it! It’s BLUE-ish! And damn, is it comfortable.


Saturday was fun too. We visited some thrift stores and furniture shops and parents found a new couch again. They have found 3 so far. Now they have to decide which one to choose. We´re going to IKEA too in the beginning of May, I´m quite sure that Mom finds some couches there too. Hope not! The main reason we´re going there is to buy me a feeding chair. And to have a fun day!

It´s going to be my first foreign country visit.

On that note, parents have to make me an ID card! Good that I´m writing about that, now Mom remembers to take a photo of me. Hope she dresses me nicely for the photo. Did you know that toddlers ID card lasts for 5 years? Like, how´s that logical? After 4 months, I look totally different. And when I´m 2 years old? No one could tell who that baby on that photo is! Whoa, it got me all excited and stuff! Must calm down.

Back to Saturday. We visited the Design Market. Mom saw her old friend, who is now designing some cool stuff, take a look – I think these things are cool, if I´m older and have a girlfriend then I´m buying her something from this collection! Now all the baby girls are all freaked out and afraid to be friends with me? No? Hope not!

Unfortunately, this time we bought nothing. Even not for me! Although there was some cool stuff besides xaos design. Some cool clothes and toys.

No, I´m lying. Mom bought ice-cream. No surprise! LaMuu has a special collection ice-creams for Tallinn Music week. Tasted nice! Better than the salted caramel one they have. It has too big caramel chunks in there. Mom almost broke her teeth!

Tomorrow is the swimming day again and in the evening, we´re going to a B-day. My lovely cousin turned two yesterday. Happy B-Day Susanna! Tomorrow I´ll give you a big big hug!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Now I´m going to take my nap and then have a massive playdate with Mom. Because she is so awesome and I know, that she doesn´t want to do anything more than to play with me! You don´t have to do the dishes or clean the house or epilate your feet or something. No, you don´t. I told Dad in the morning that today is a play day and not „I´m a good wife day”.

I hope that Mom doesn´t read this before the evening but Dad also told me in the morning that he´s going to bring some flowers to Mom today! Just because she´s there for me and Dad. And because she´s the bestest too!

Have a happy week my bellas!

Tobias, the realfoodman

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Rock ‘n’ rollover

I fulfilled my promise! I told last Thursday to Mom that I will start turning myself in a week. I did it! My first turn was on Sunday, after a VERY long trying period. I tried all day long, it made me so mad but finally I managed to turn myself. Yesterday I rested, didn´t want to ruin the good memory. But then, today, when we arrived back home from swimming. I did it again and again! It just happened. I don´t know. I think that swimming mitigated the stiffness in my muscles or something. Anyhow, Mom, I promised it and I did it! Will I get my Xbox now?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

For parents, it isn´t very good news though. Now they can´t put me on the washing machine to change my diapers and do some other stuff on the same time. Like pee. Or wash their teeth. Or hang clothes to dry. But I don´t care! I´m quite satisfied you know.

Today´s swimming was fun, did some diving and other cool exercises. Had a long chat with Ella about what we both have been up to recently. Two weeks with no communication, takes time to talk all the talks! She is more skilled than I am. She can turn to her tummy and back tooo! Hope I master that other skill soon. Then we can have a turning competition or something! Can´t wait for that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the swim, as usual, we went out to eat. As Mom is still a bit ill she ordered a smoothie bowl which included po*loads of healthy stuff, so she´s supposed to be back to her health tomorrow! I don´t like when she´s ill, then she´s all dizzy and forgets stuffs. And to maximize getting well she´s making ramson pesto-pasta tonight. I believe that ramsons will do the trick!

Tonight we´re going to change the cars tires with Dad. I´m so excited for that! I´m still a man and very interested in all the things which relate to cars. And other machines. Think it´s going to be fun. Can´t wait for the first time when I can change a tire myself too. This sounds so awesome! Think it´s going to take a few years though. Like two or eighteen or something.

Now I´m having a little rest and then start that turning thingy again! Giving Mom a chance to relax a bit. And then, we roll!


Tobias, the rolloverman

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I like big couches and I cannot lie!

Again, a new week and I´m getting bigger and bigger every day! Parents are too, they are eating way too much sweets. At least Dad does some sports, not like Mom. Okay, she´s a bit ill, so apology accepted. She´s going to run Maijooks with Ella´s mom, so she actually needs to start training. Or it would be very funny to watch her running, all tired and everything. I want her to take me also with her to run. But I don´t know if it´s allowed. Have to look that up somewhere. Yesterday, we already started training with Dad. Had a long refreshing run. Felt myself so good after that!

My weekend was quite chill. On Saturday we went to the flea market. Parents made like 60 euros, which is quite good I think. They also gave away lots of stuff to charity. So proud of them! Now we have a bit more room too at home, which is good. I also saw my uncle, his soon to be wife and few friends. Thanks guys for visiting us! And for buying a few things!IMG_5182.JPG

After the flea market, we visited some furniture shops. Parents wanted to see and try different couches. They found a few which could suit our new home, but nothing isn´t sure yet. Hope they´ll buy a realllly big couch, where I have a lot of space to play! And watch cartoons. And play Xbox!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we arrived back home, it was already time to go see our neighbours. We had a lovely evening, ate some noodles and donuts. Njom! Donuts! They were so-so good! Hope that Mom is going to make donuts at home too. She would have liked donuts on Friday. When she woke up on Friday after the night out with Ella´s Mom her first words to Dad where – I want to eat only fat today. So yes, these would have been nice.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Unfortunately, a bit whiny me took over at our neighbours place (as happens way too much lately) and so we had to come home sooner than parents hoped for. Sad. But that meant, that Dad could do some laundry! 10 o´clock on Saturday night is okay to do laundry. Family life, you know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

A fun fact – Mom told me this morning, that a year ago, she had already known two days that I´m going to exist! Couldn´t imagine my parents life without me. I think that I´m the best thing that´s ever happened to them! Yes-yes, I am. Mom confirmed!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Btw, parents have a 10th month wedding anniversary toooo! Have to make a party or something. So important day!IMG_4928

Hope that Mom is feeling herself better tomorrow, because tomorrow is the swimmmmming day!! Haven´t seen Ella for two weeks! That is way too long. So, Mom, get your s*it together, drink more tea and rest, I want to go swimming tomorrow! Okay, I want to see Ella tomorrow!

Wishing you a sunny week and sending you my cutest smile!

Tobias, the donutman

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I have some news!

I woke up early today, well rested and ready to start the day. And parents, what did they do? They slept. It was way passed 7 a.m., I don´t understand them! I try to be an early bird, to have time for all the important baby things! To play and eat and poo and play and poo and eat and sleep. And poo.

Today was a busy day. Parents finally woke up, Dad hurried to work and Mom did all the usual morning stuff. I knew that today was going to be the swimming day so I had mercy on Mom. I didn´t cry a lot, didn´t poop on her, didn´t threw up on her and even let her have a warm cup of coffee! I behaved like an angel (which I actually am, parents don´t realize it just yet).

Swimming wasn´t that good today. We did all sort of new stuff which I´m not good at and then I cried a lot. All the other babies cried too, so it´s not my fault. I´m not the only whiny baby. Even Ella cried! Mom and Dad thought that it may be a bit too early for me and Ella to start dating. I discussed that with Ella and we decided that we are just best friends! Let the life make its corrections and we´ll see what happens in the future!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

After the swim, the moms were hungry again. As usual. How come you two can eat all the time? Today we visited cafe Nop in Kadriorg. I liked that place. Like a lot! Mom said, that someday we´ll go there in the weekend and take Dad with us. And some more friends. And have a lovely long brunch! If you would like to join me and my parents, then let me know in the comments. Or you can just tell Mom or Dad. I´m okay with that!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we started the ride home, it turned out that we´re not going home. We drove to Dad´s work instead! What a surprise! I already hoped that all the cool office girls can play with me, but instead of that, we picked up Dad and drove home. Why, I thought?

It turned out that we went to see our new home!!! Yes, parents bought a new apartment. I´m going to get my own room! I am so exciteeeeed! I already started to visualize how everything would look like and where I´m going to put my toys and how I´m going to play with all my new friends, who live in the same house! I cannnnot wait!!

Parents are quite happy. They have some big decisions to make. Like what kind of sofa to buy and what kind of kitchen they want and when to buy me the Xbox and so on and on and on. The only downside is that they don´t have the money. Buckwheat, remember? I told them, that they can use my monthly support to make at least my room pretty-pretty!

But yes, now you know! Soon there will be some moving happening. Or not that soon, the house where we move will be ready in the end of summer. So, half a year to go? Maybe parents will win a lottery by this time! Holding my little chubby thumbs!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

On that bombshell I´m calling it a night. Having a little walk with Dad to do some grocery shopping and then watch Mom peel potatoes. What fun! Huggg!!

Tobias the ihavesoonmyownroomman!

Playdates and fleamarket

Hello my lovely people! Tobias has survived the weekend! Was quite a good one, I have to admit.

I had a playdate with Ella and Aron and their Moms on Friday. It was so fun! We all behaved very nicely, cried only a little and no one except me fell asleep! I had a little powernap which lasted like 5 minutes, so it actually doesn´t count as a sleep. Ella´s Mom was holding me and it was just so nice to be in her lap that I didn´t even notice when I passed out. But as I said, I pulled myself together and woke up quickly! So, I´m very proud of all of us. We held hands, looked into each other eyes and yes, put our fingers into these beautiful eyes too. We have to discover everything you know.Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

At first I was a bit sad, that Ella had her eyes only for Aron. I felt myself so abandoned! Like a little puppy. Luckily, that passed and I hope I didn´t lose my girlfriend! Oh, is she my girlfriend? I don´t know! I haven´t asked, if she´s okay with that. I think that tomorrow when we´re going swimming, I´ll man up and ask her. Hope she says yes! Then it´s official. Whoa, I´m excited now! But when she says no? What I´m going to do then? My life would be over. Totes. Have to discuss with Mom and Dad.

Next week, I´m going to see Aron again, can´t wait! Her Mom has to give some beauty stuff for my Mom, hope we can go for a walk together. His Mom is so cute and I like her and their company! On next week is my mini-mini birthday too, don´t you all forget that!

On Saturday, it was my first flea market. That went quite well. Mom didn´t sell me. I´m happy about that! I have finally grown on Mom and I like to spend time with her as much as she does with me. So, Mom, I dare you to try this again!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Flea market itself was quiet. I saw many of my friends and even 2 readers came to see meeeee! No, 3, they had their baby also with them. I was so happy that someone actually wanted to meet me. Made my day so much nicer! They were so cool that we decided to have a playdate this week. So much fun!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The fact that some of my friends came to visit us meant that Mom actually earned a bit money. Most of the stuff she sold, was bought by my friends, so, you have to thank me, Mom! And maybe buy me some new toys? Oooooor, Xbox? I haven´t forgotten that!

Rest of the weekend was chillax to the max. Had a few long walks with parents, went for a run with Dad and pooped on Mom. To punish her for trying to sell me. I liked that weekend. Soon we´re going to have more this kind of weekends when we can just chill and rest. Parents are almost done with their Estoloppet season, finally!IMG_2995

Hope you had a nice weekend too! Sending you my fanciest smile!!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Tobias the poopman!

Trip to a SPA!!

Hi everyone! I am back in action! I had a very nice and relaxing weekend. Friday was so busy that unfortunately I didn´t had time to write you. I hope you understand!

On Friday I visited Dad at work. My uncle and Dad work in the same place so I saw my uncle too! It had been so long since the last time. He has still gray hair. Nothing has changed! He was quite surprised to see me and Mom, but I hope it was a good surprise!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When we arrived, Dad was at a meeting, so all the girls in the office had a chance to cuddle me. I think they liked me! I think that when I grow up I´m going to work with Dad quite often. He can work and all the girls can play with me! And Mom can do her own stuff, like yoga or something. Sounds like a plan!

After Dad was done with his meeting we started the trip to Kubija! My first SPA trip! The ride there was so long! It took like, forever. When we finally arrived, we checked in to our room, Dad changed my diapers and we hurried to have a dinner! Mom was starving. She was quite mad.

Two of my parents friends were staying at the hotel, so we had a lovely dinner, the five of us. My bedtime had already passed when we finally got back to our room. It was a tiring day so I fell asleep like a rock. Or the bed sheets were just so soft that my sleep came faster?Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The next day we woke up early, had a quick breakfast and headed to Haanja. To Saare´s children Marathon. I fulfilled my dream and earned my third gold medal!! There are no words to describe how happy I am about that! Man, I am three and a half month old and I have three medals, how awesome is that!?!img_1126

The race was so tiring though that after that I fell asleep. Parents didn´t want to wake me so we drove around in Võru county, just chillin and driving. Was so relaxing. Dad practiced rallying and me, I practiced snoring.

After some time, we headed back to the hotel, pools were waiting! Had a little snack, Mom changed my diapers to swimming diapers and off we went! It was so much fun! When we swam in our swimming lessons with Ella, then Moms were holding us and we were doing different exercises. But this time I had a safety belt around my neck and I could swim myself! Like, yes, myself! I could move my hands and legs and everything, and feel myself freeee! I have to be honest, I really really loved that feeling!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

In the pool, there were two old ladies who were very fond of me. They smiled to me and wanted me to swim towards them all the time. They also agreed to babysit me in the evening. Luckily parents love me too much and they want to spend time with me so they had to turn the old ladies proposal down. I was happy about that.

I also visited a sauna the first time. It was called a steam sauna. I didn´t like that. It was so.. humid. I was not happy. Then we went back to the pool and I was happy again!

After some time, we went back to our room. Mom had her body care appointment. At first I fell asleep in our room, but when Mom left I wanted Dad to feel, how it is to be the two of us when I´m crying. He didn´t like that, I wonder why?

To be honest I actually had a massive gas pain and that was the reason of crying. I love my Dad and I don´t behave badly on purpose. Only with Mom.

In the evening, we were in bed, all the tree of us, between the soft-soft bedsheets and watched Estonian singing competition. It was so chill. We ate some chips and cake, like a real vacation! Parents thought of going to saunas also, but I was so tired, that they ditched the idea and to postpone it to morning. Or so they thought!Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

When Sunday arrived and we went to eat breakfast.. then I couldn´t resist and I fell asleep again. I was too exhausted! And there went my opportunity to have my last swim! I try not to be mad at myself. Parents told me, that on May we are going to Saaremaa to GoSpa, that made me feel a little better. Only two a half months to wait! Wait.. that´s too long! Almost half a lifetime! Can we go somewhere earlier?

On the way home, we stopped at my friends place to give back the safety belt that he borrowed me. Last time we saw each other with Aron I slept all the time, this time I pulled myself together and I stayed up the whole time! Was so good to see him! We played a little and chatted about what has happened since the last visit. He told me so much interesting stuff! But it was all baby things, so I´m not telling you about them!17124627_10212533405755061_865074927_n

In the evening, I had my usual Sunday bath and parents wanted me to fall asleep after that. At first I was okay with that idea, but then I got bored and I wanted to stay up with them! Was so fun to watch them to do different things to get me to sleep. Haa. They failed. Like totally. Finally, I gave them mercy and fell asleep. Such a good boy!

How was your weekend? I hope it was great! Today I´m going to spend the evening with Dad. Mom has a doctor´s appointment. And tomorrow I´m going to see Ella agaaaain!! So happy!

Have a good Monday and byyeeee!!

Tobias the swimguru